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  1. Hi Del,
    Congratulations on all your good work but why don’t you take a look at the flawed studies that claim to have identified viruses. If you are really brave that’s where you should go. That’s, in my view, as big a story as any of the others. Or is that the one place you can’t go? In any case gratitude for all the wonderful work done by you and your super team.

    1. It makes no sense to go after whether viruses exist or not. Right now they are beating the global predators on their own ground. That must be the main focus. The distraction of are there viruses would kill the current success trend in fighting the global predators. Maybe in the future it might be worth discussion.


    3. what studies? this sounds like insane asylum loonacy, but then again weirder things have been proven right….
      either way, right now the focus should be on the vaccine fight and on informed consent. when public health policy becomes a right to deny based on informed consent, and we start acknowledging as a country that public health policy should not dictate what they want you to put in your body and for the protections to not only end, but be banned from ever becoming a thing at the CONSTITUTIONAL level, then we can start fighting for such things.

  2. IF Cuomo apologized for what he did, I might feel differently, but he blames others, did not do his research, and ruined lives ad contributed to scores of deaths. I hope he suffers mightily from his “vaccine: injury and he deserves prison IMO.

    1. He cannot, and will not apologize. He can scream from the rooftops that he didn’t know when he knows darned well he did. How can he have a counter narrative if he didn’t know what the so called anti-vaxxers were saying. Not to mention, he was part of the game full stop. He went to the gym without a mask, and did not look like he was scared of any virus. If we didn’t trust him before, then why would we trust him now? He hasn’t reversed, he’s doing what he is being paid to do, even if it means he has to claim he was injured or has “Long Covid” which isn’t a thing and certainly is not a medical term. They ridiculed us, beat us down, kept us away from the folks we loved, and now they want to backtrack, nope, I don’t believe it at all! Apologize and I might take him seriously.

  3. ‘Should-ing’ on other people is not a mature or healthy approach to communication. I wish others would express their wishes as such, rather than trying to tell other people what they “should” or worse, should not do. Brave? Children use the threat of accusations like that (scaredy-cat) to attempt to control the behaviors of others.

    1. I was just thinking that. That manner of communication is done by bullies, not mature adults, mature adults reason, give you facts, then let you decided, they do not coerce you with threats and ill tempered tantrums. That’s the kind of stuff that happens in the school yard, and all I can say is that they showed us that they see us as children who needed to be scolded and shamed into doing what they wanted, yet they did not follow their own dictates. Hypocrisy boils my blood, I can barely listen to him.

  4. You should go to Rumble and look up The Fall Of The Cabal. It’s a series of short vidoes that are extremely interesting, and cover alot of the “they” that are running things.

  5. of course the electricity use has gone up as so many people are now working from home or lost their jobs so they are home on the couch with all their appliances running.

  6. One can only hope that and commission looking into the whole mess is better than the one in Australia where any Royal Commission we have had has been useless and only made the leaders richer

  7. NOPE – the GOP letter asks biden to give them the treaty to vote on it. They will PASS it.
    The states also made legislation that the WHO treaty must be voted on. NO ONE has banned jack sh*t. This is NOT GOOD NEWS.

  8. Re the WHO treaty – we’re being tricked and gaslit. Re vaccine injury, it’s what Ron Johnson said, a limited hangout. Most people don’t want to admit vaccine injury, they can’t un-jab themselves or their kids if they got them jabbed.

  9. Anything repugnant to the Constitution can not be law, it’s automatically null and void. It is our duty as Americans to not obey Unconstitutional laws or rules. We will need to take it to the Supreme Court.

    1. AMEN! This “Treaty” is unLAWFUL on its face since it violates our Constitution.
      Learn the constitutions (federal and your state) people… use Common Law Notices and sworn Affidavits to demand your public servants get back in their cages and on their leashes.
      Highwire team, thank you for being brave and unstoppable! We all MUST do our part to hold our public servants accountable… it’s OUR responsibility!!

  10. I love and support what you are doing. But…I have never felt such disagreement with what you have done until today. I wish you had been harder in the treasonous criminal, “dr” Deborah Birx, than you were on Chris Cuomo. She is trying to pretend she supports a scientific approach now… in an effort to save herself. She hid evidence from President Trump when she worked in the White House. She pushed her corrupt agenda even to the point of admitting treason in her book. She behaved despicably for at least the past four years, and she is proud of it. She is now scrambling to pretend that she wants scientific study? That is outrageous. So much worse than Cuomo , who at least seems to be trying to be humble and honest. He still has a ways to go, but it’s a start.


    1. I couldn’t agree more. He got his marching orders just like all the others, you can tell it’s coordinated when they all start coming out at the same time. We remember and we won’t forget what they did to us. MSM was the worst in my estimation as they did not even question the so called medical experts but simply went along with them. But hey, big pharma pays their pay check. They can’t help but be complicit with their bosses.

  12. I’ve understood Dels reluctance to get into the Germ vs Terrain theory conversation over the past few years. But, I do believe the time has now come to start discussing it. As things now stand there is every opportunity for power to use another ‘virus’ to cause more carnage to our economies and remove more of our freedoms to tyranny. If there is any truth to the notion that there is ZERO evidence for the existence of ANY ‘virus’ then we have to make that known. If proven true then it will pull the rug out from ANY effort to use pandemics to forward the efforts of the collectivists. At the very least Del, you would do well to host a live debate between proponents of each side.

  13. So, my take on this “down hill” turn, exposing the horrors of the Global COVID Plandemic, AND they can NOT hide this anymore from people now. They, the Evil Elitists, that are 100% behind this Global Depopulation, in the name of Global Health Measures, NOW they will be soon be “pulling out” their next Card in their Medical Tyranny Stack, (drum roll) ……. the implementation of the WHO Health Treaty, which will STOP everything, everybody, anything, from getting in their way. They will have full control over all government bodies around the world. ONLY a bloody war will STOP the evil aggression that will unleashed against those of us the WILL NOT SUBMIT to ANY of their damn Mandate Enforcement Operation. Be prepared for that bloody mess, folks. That new Death Treaty will have TEETH in it, NOT like back in 2020.

  14. good, its about damn time these bureaucrats and their big pharma lackeys openly admit that vaccines cause harm. they’ve denied vax injuries existed, they’ve denied the links between vaccines and neurological harm, they’ve denied links between vaccines and the digestive harm.
    we the people deserve a right to informed consent, that should be a 28th amendment to the constitution of the United States of America!

  15. I just donated a 2nd time for the 500k match. I see it as a WISE Investment. ICAN is literally fighting for out future. If we want a bright future, lets all throw money at ICAN!

  16. These WEF sociopaths think we evolved from neanderthals and that is totally wrong, science
    knows we were put here over 200 thousand years ago and our ancestors bred with them, they are not are ancestry origins. Go to Gregg Braden’s website and learn something about our origins. Our bodies can handle any sickness as long as we are healthy but the powers that be have been poisoning us for decades.

  17. It’s about double dipping, the WHO WEF CDC etc made us sick by poisoning us and made a huge profit, then Big Pharma drugs Chemo etc and now GMO humans,’s more profits.

  18. i strength trained with my dumbbells and i walked up and down the road.
    i got some double mocha and some naked blue machine smoothie juice.
    all you need is some outdoors, and a healthy lifestyle. meat and side dishes in the morning, and for dinner time, seafood and sides. you don’t need a vaccine, you never did. just a good nutritious meal, a simple walk outside, and some strength training. fuck klaus schwab, and fuck the WEF and WHO for wanting to enforce inhuman measures produced by unelected fucks and big corporations.

  19. Agree and don’t understand why Del glossed over all the lies Birx has told. She was a huge part of the problem. I read she was the one who actually wrote all the talking points (lies) about Covid for the governors. Fauci was mostly a figurehead.

    So now she comes out half-heartedly acknowledge a small number of people have been injured and we need to investigate? What has she been saying and doing the past 3 years? Too little, too late! Unless she comes out and says, “I was dead wrong. I misled people. The CDC has made major mistakes” or something like this, I have no use for her.

    I give wormwood to my beagle to prevent heartworm. I don’t have her on any of the chemical treatments due to her seizures. I adopted her and believe she may have been vaccine injured, so she’s not getting anymore shots either. Same for my other two dogs! The next puppy I get will not be vaxxed at all.

    I ordered Ivermectin from India awhile back (when I couldn’t find it in U.S.). Never believed what the media said about it. In fact, the more they talked about how dangerous it was, the more inclined I was to think the opposite thanks to shows like this one and others I’ve seen on Children’s Health Defense TV.

  20. Del,
    When a soldier leaves the enemy camp (Cuomo), it is not the time to pile on. I get the righteous indignation, but there are tens of millions who need to leave the other camp. He seems to have left, save the ammunition for those who are still in the enemy camp.

  21. If a 911 Commission is anything like the last 911 Commission, I’d say forget about that. We need independent, non-governmental, non-pharma, non-FDA commission. Cause seriously, it would be a travesty if it’s anything like the last 911 Commission.

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The Fight Against WHO Pandemic Treaty Amendments Faces New Pushback; Jefferey Jaxen Reports on Chris Cuomo’s Unexpected Reversal on the COVID Vaccine and Ivermectin, and Explosive Revelations About Lithium Batteries; Del’s Message to Chris Cuomo and How Del Bigtree “Knew” Before He Did; Unpacking Transhumanism and Preparing For the Age of the Technocrat.

Guests: US Senator Ron Johnson, Patrick Wood

AIRDATE: May 9, 2024