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    1. This country’s coinage has “In God We Trust” as the official motto of the United States.
      I don’t think so!
      Although it’s stamped on our coins, you cannot use it as a genuine objection to forced experimentation.
      As Spock would say, “Fascinating”.

  1. Last spring I was getting ready to leave Arequipa and return to Canada. As I talked to our laundry lady, she asked “Can you buy zinc in Canada?” I’ve checked, we can now buy zinc in Peru again, but for how long?

  2. Another amazing show. I screen shot some of the slides from your presentation with Aaron last week. We attend our States medical rally at our Capitol and always make poster boards. This year I will be providing those stats on our posters.

    I use to follow Dr Nepute when all things were going down. At 1st his vids would just pop up, then I purposely would have to look for them. Then he seemed to fall of the face of the earth. Hearing his story, which is mind blowing, his videos disappearing….. I’m sure went hand in hand.

    These people, these Drs that have been targeted are true heroes. Without God they would not have endured. So many people. So many careers destroyed for taking a stance against government dictates. I will be including a link to this story in my Christmas letter. Yes some of us still write one 😆 I included a gentle conversation in my letter last year. Am doing it again this year. We will see how many greetings are returned.

    I’m out here fighting for you docs. I’m out here fighting for ALL who took a stance. I’m the only idiot driving around with a statement on the back window of my car. Imagine if we all did! As my eldest daughter said, “OH, you are one of THOSE people. I said to her, “do you know why the holocaust happened?” No one dared say anything.” My conscience won’t let me stay silent.

    I wish I could hug every single one of those who have endured the worst! I thank God every day for people like you. It’s exciting to see this conversation gain traction but it isn’t over yet.

  3. I do not know where those headlines came from but I’m a Portuguese citizen and I was not vaccinated and I know some people that did not either. And I heard that millions of doses here in Portugal went to the garbage because people would not take them.

  4. How much does it cost to sue someone?
    Because the unlawful part about all of this, is the Government was not using their own money/resources to take an individual to trial. No, they use American citizens own money (via the inflation tax system) to attack other American citizens.
    The Government needs to be dismantled and replaced with a lawful one.
    If American taxpayers sued the Government for their unlawful practices, would this help solve the matter?

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X (Twitter) Challenges HighWire Facts in Viral Post; New Studies Show just how Wrong They Were About COVID Lockdowns and Mandates; Moderna’s Vast Spy Network; The 500 Billion Dollar Man

Guest: Eric Nepute, DC, DNM

AIRDATE: November 30, 2023