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  1. the criminal propaganda news networks are just re branding themselves, and giving themselves new masks, and some folks will fall for it, and others will see through it…

  2. The “health” label is just being use to force their medical rape on mankind… invasion of countries is the old war; the new war is invasion of mankind mind…

  3. The question is… why forcing injecting poisons in mankind… who made them god or give them the power to force it… who gave them the power to control mankind like animals…

  4. how come none of these criminals go to prison for mass murdering of mankind on earth; instead they get to retired and live a good life for murdering people…

    1. It was all downhill after the passing of the The National Vaccine Injury Act of 1986,which made it impossible to sue vaccine manufacturers ,giving them absolutely no responsibility or accountability over their product.No wonder they stopped all placebo safety testing after that!Why should they pay for expensive safety testing,when they can no longer be held liable for YOUR CHILDRENS INJURIES! Ironically,the job of the CDC is to oversee and monitor all safety testing to make sure it’s getting done.That is what regulatory agencies are for,to make sure the public is not exposed to dangerous drugs or vaccines which have not been adequately tested.These regulatory agencies have been CAPTURED by the very corporations that they are supposed to regulate

  5. Thank you for addressing the issue of mobile devices. If you have an analog line, don’t drop it. Phone companies like AT&T are no longer offering analog service to customers once they let their analog line go. For a land line it can only be digital, which means dependence on the Internet and electricity, both of which facilitate easy control. We already know we’re voluntarily carrying the very device that is surveilling us, but are we aware of the push that has been happening to be certain we adopt this technology? Can’t afford a mobile phone? No problem. In the U.S. the LifeLine plan ensures everyone will have a phone. Want to do without a phone? Well, you can’t access your accounts online if you don’t have one for two-factor authentication. As these devices become coupled with social credit systems, digital currency, and identity “security,” and AI that interprets our behaviors in real time, our lives will be locked down by them. Sacrifice the convenience and the security blanket and ditch the cell phone.

  6. The world’s Elitist Overlords are now moving their COLONIALISM into a new form: Public Health Vaccine Passport Colonialism where they can control control control us, make us do what they want to do, live where they tell us to live, eat what we are told to eat, and COMPLY with all their drug/vaccine mandates We will be not only slaves, but also BRANDED like cattle with I.D.s like the Quantum Dot Tattoo and/or your cellphone identifier. The New World Order is not “new” at all. It is just repurposed FEUDALISM, where every feudal serf was tied to the land unless given permission to move and had to do EXACTLY what the landholder demanded. It might look like our governments are turning on us, but it is the WEF et al infiltrators who have taken over bureaucracies and officialdom.

  7. This is one of the best episodes of the Highwire I’ve ever seen. Last week’s video with RFK was awesome, and you’ve actually managed to come up with another bombshell video this week that’s just as good! What an incredible presentation by Aaron Siri. I keep wondering, what actor is going to portray him, Del, and RFK Jr. in the movie that will inevitably be made about these heroes!! So thankful therese guys are fighting for us all. Thank you to ICAN, the Highwire, and Aaron Siri’s law firm for all that you do!

  8. Seriously mate..”these people should just go back to spraying mosquitoes in Africa, and leave the rest of us alone”. And just to be clear, I do not consider myself as “woke”, I live in Europe, am black, have donoted to your organisation (though not a recurring donor. But, is this really how you want to dismiss that organisation, that has caused so much pain, desease, death on a GLOBAL scale…all under the “woke” guise of humanitarinism. I am sorry, I do not intend or mean to be petty, but something about that off-the-cuff statement struck me as very naive, and insensitive to the people everwhere who have been “sprayed”. I just finnished Turtles all the way down, and came to the conclusion that “spraying” toxic stuff anywhere in world produces the same result. Thank you.

    1. MSM is DYING because the PEOPLE do not want to watch FAKE NEWS anymore!MSM has treated the viewer like idiots that can not discern the difference between deceptive censored yellow journalism and high integrity
      News that stimulates the viewers critical thinking capabilities.The people want the Truth and that’s what MSM is missing.The ship is sinking.

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Jefferey Jaxen reports on the fall of Mainstream Media, and the push for Digital IDs in the US and abroad takes a new turn we predicted years ago!; Then, ICAN Lead Attorney, Aaron Siri, Esq., presents the damning facts of America’s systematic failure to uphold its federally mandated duty to the public to assure vaccine safety, in a presentation you’ll never forget.

Guest: Aaron Siri, Esq.

AIRDATE: June 29, 2023