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Episode 341: SEA OF CHANGE



  1. JJ report today talks about Caroline Dinenage. A very quick search shows that she is a contributor to AI governance documents for the WEF. As they say, ‘all roads lead to Rome’…..
    Or in this case, the puppet masters.
    BAD NEWS!!!

  2. What if hospital food actually cured a patient? OH MY GOD. What would happen to medicines, if foods were allowed to cure? The problem is simply that most medicines make no attempt to cure and cannot cure any disease. The only solution (for the medical industry) is to ban cures – and that means health foods as well.
    to your health, tracy
    Author: A New Theory of Cure

  3. Let’s be frank. Skeptic magazine is a joke. The definition of SKEPTIC, according to Skeptic magazine is someone who opposes the bureaucracies that rule us. They are truly skeptical about skeptics – and little else.

  4. We Cannot vaccinate against autoimmune, we can only cause autoimmune through vaccination! Get it? Vaccinations are the primary cause of the majority of autoimmune.

  5. The big question is,how do we THROW OUT the
    1986 National Childrens Vaccine Injury Act when these vaccine manufacturers were no longer held liable.?It’s unbelievable in the wake of these mass injuries that this insane piece of legislation is still active.These manufacturers need to go down in financial ruin and the crimes they have committed never would have happened if they were held accountable in the first place for the injuries and deaths they created

  6. We here in Australia just went against the government’s idea of the Voice, which no one here wanted. Every nationality, as we prefer to be united, not split said our piece. Now we have to keep our eyes peeled as they are likely to sign up to the UN pandemic treaty. We don’t want or need this either, so will have to keep working hard together in order to stay free and have our medical freedoms restored.

  7. I want to start out by saying I LOVE the Highwire and everything it stands for! I started watching shortly after “pandemic ” began and it has truly helped not just in being one of, if not the most positively positive and informative news/information/education programs in the world, but also in helping me keep my sanity and hopes alive, in a crazy, diystopian world, we sadly live in now.

    Not to take away from any other part of show but my ABSOLUTE FAVORITE segment of the show is The JAXEN REPORT!! Jeffrey’s work sheds light on all aspects of current, past and possible future issues surrounding our health, liberty and over all well-being. All of this is possible to his and obviously, Del’s amazing hard work and dedication to bringing us the Truth. I have nothing but respect and admiration for Del and wish him the best of luck for all he has done!

    With that being said i know the different roles they have in the program and how they go about presenting the info in a way that all people can truly understand and appreciate. Jeffrey always has a bit of a softer more composed way of laying it all out, where as Del has a bit more emotional driven emphasis way of getting his point across. I truly like and appreciate both for being unique in their own way!

    My only issue is that I would love for Jeffrey to be able to completely finish and articulate his message to the last word without being interrupted! I know it’s not done maliciously or with any kind of disrespect whatsoever but I can’t help but be bothered by it every time it happens. So much so, that I paused half way through The Jaxen Report to comment on this issue. I just want Jeffrey to be allotted the same opportunity to speak his mind, as Del is given, without being Interrupted. The Jaxen Report is generally just a small portion of the program, and I know there is more of his work on the programs website, but most people probably don’t utilize it to it’s fullest potential, and that is why I believe it’s that more important to allow Jeffrey his fair respect to finish everyone of his thoughts thoroughly!

    I want to finish by giving praise to not just Jeffrey but to Del as well, because I know none of this would even be possible without Del. He’s been at it way before most people even had a clue as to what has been going on in government regulatory agencies and for bringing it to light.. I know and hope Del will continue to be a leader and a Beacon of Light! For all seeking the truth. I will continue to watch and support the Highwire and ICAN as much as possible and appreciate everything they have fought for thus far!

  8. Isn’t it great that anonymous physicians(chicken shits) make complaints about doctors who put their name on their work(discoveries).
    Those who wish to remain anonymous, I say you are a disgrace to the profession of healers!

  9. WAIT, WAIT, WAIT, please……That guy from the UK? This is not a win!! He is telling us they are going to STILL do everything they intend to do, but since there was revolt, they are just going to do it in such a way as to be more a more tolerable process to the people. AND my very distrusting mind when it comes to the government tells me that all those things he says are “gone”, just means “gone for now”. This is NOT an official promise as in it is not illegal YET to NOT do all those things they say they are not going to do. IOW – to me, he is telling us exactly what they ARE going to do….later. This is my sense about that.

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Episode 341: SEA OF CHANGE

Firebrand California Dr. Jeffrey Barke, who filed a lawsuit against CA’s AB2098 which sought to target doctors not towing the Pharma line, joins Del to celebrate the Repeal of the Draconian Law; Jefferey Jaxen Reports on Russell Brand Allegations and its ties to Push to Censor Online Speech, Globalists Signal Their Retreat From Extreme ‘Green Economy’ Push, and CDC’s Mandy Cohen Gets Fact-Checked; ICAN Funds a Major Lawsuit Targeting PREP Act Immunity and the CICP.

Guests: Jeffrey Barke, M.D., Aseem Malhotra, M.D., Aaron Siri, Esq.

AIRDATE: October 12, 2023