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Episode 280: RIGGED



  1. I’ll bet Maddie’s parents now recognize every last characteristic that any Cult employs, not just religious? Always scan for Red Flags first, with religion, science, politics, any monopoly or attempt at it, “for your protection!” Are they censoring, gaslighting, moving the target, telling you what to think, say, do and wear? Telling you whom to shame, shun, bully? HUGE Cults (religious or non) historically have the worst record of worst Mass Formation.
    Perhaps science and politics claiming the crown? The Orthodox Atheiocracy points out cult tacics in religions with ease but is blind to their own, and far worse. The Orthodox Atheiocracy (Chosen Ones) cling to their dogmatic science and politics which must be blindly obeyed and never be questioned, or ELSE! Discussion over! The Covid-1984 and Climate Cults are not alone in $aving you with these same tactics. The Galileo Affair revisited. Nothing new under the sun. Real progress (including clean free energy and NO disease with NO pHARMa…) is prohibited by Monopoly (AKA Cult) tactics including mantras of Faith and blind obedience to Authority/”Experts” who will surely lead us to $alvation, but only IF we chose to be “The Chosen Ones” which means forcing $alvashun onto everyone – Group-$alvation (Jim Jones on $teroids). Deadly cocktail with Chosen Ones and DickTraitors wielding FEAR to $ave you through blind obedience. Eyes to see? Roots n Fruits. The blind following the blind into the ditch. Only Truth sets us free. Looks like somebody hijacked that wise Jesus and Paganized him too, just like the Pagan WEF (infinite blood $acrifice and $alvation…), Royalty and their cousin bankers and media are too? Blood lines of Chosen Ones which they all claim, right back to Judeo-Paganism and the Tribe of Dan. RED FLAGS number One, Two, Three…!

    1. Sex is determined at birth. In some cases it can be determined before birth with Ultrasound, so I’ve read. … Sex is not a preference, behavior and damage & mutilation to the body are actions of the mind, a deranged mind perhaps, but a mind non the less.

  2. Patrick and Stephanie De Garay – Your story breaks my heart. No parent should have to go through what you have gone through. As I was listening to the show I couldn’t help to think of Anthony Williams the Medical Medium. Anthony has many books with healing information for people suffering with chronic illness. If I could send you a book of his I would. I have healed my own chronic illness with the healing info as well as millions around the world. The medical medium community is so supportive as well. Here is the Medical Medium website: https://www.medicalmedium.com/ . Please look into this info more! It could really help your daughter! Much love and many blessings

  3. The P is silent in Pharmaceuticals not the H. It’s harmaceuticals , harma, harmacist . They harm. That’s why the P is silent in Pfizer because the P is actually silent in Pharma .

  4. The physical parts may be ordained at birth but the sexual characteristics are expressed under hormonal control. We are being inundated with endocrine disruptors that modify how are sexual characteristics expressed.

  5. Again, thank you, Del Bigtree, for another excellent and informative show. I look forward to each week’s Highwire Shows. It’s like watching the News, as it should be. And, I’m happy to continue to support ICAN, and the excellent work that your Team is doing. BTW I really enjoyed your previous show with your beautiful family. I’m sorry that we were not as fortunate to have such natural and loving and intelligent parents. My life would probably have turned out better than it has.

  6. Del, why do you continue to push “variants”? Unless you can prove they exist…Everyone here who has 2 brain cells to rub together, knows that “variants” are a cover story for “COVID vaccine” injury.

    1. So WILL.I.AM, you’re one of those people who deny that viruses exist, right? Explain this. When the live rabies virus vaccine was developed and feral dogs in India were mass vaccinated, the incidence of rabies dropped like a rock.

  7. OMG!…Del…you are propagating FEAR PORN!…seriously…your diatribe about the”monkeypox outbreak” is, well…naive…You are in a sense, regurgitating MSM propaganda…You are instilling a belief that there is in fact a NEW “plandemic”…WHERE IS THE SCIENCE?…Why is it that you do not discuss “vaccine’ injury as a possible outcome for this so called outbreak?

  8. Hmmmm, yet the insurance industry said…they would not accept insurance claims of those who had the COVID “vaccine”…as it was an experimental drug.

  9. Jefferey and Del,

    Thanks so much for your unbiased reporting. I am a 65 year old fringe gay male in a long term monogamous relationship with my partner.

    We don’t identify as LGBTQ+. Like the terminology “Hispanic” LGBTQ+ is a catch all phrase for kitchen sink demographics of a community of people the government has coopted and exploited for their own benefit.

    Scott Weiner nor Human Rights Campaign, Equality CA, LGBTQ+ centers, corporate Pride, 1% Gay Inc, DNC, et al speak for me nor my community. These are all corrupt non-profit organization that has sold out our movement and our people, exploiting our community and lifestyle for their own personal gain.

    The stereotypes being portrayed is not who my partner and I are and it is very frustrating to have people like Scott Weiner acting as if he is the spokesperson for all gay men. He is NOT! He is a garbage human being that is a neoliberal politician who just happens to be gay from what I gather.

    I lived through the HIV/AIDS biowarfare attack on my community and was an activist for ACT UP!, AIDS advocacy group fighting a president who refused to acknowledge or murmur the word AIDS for six years of his administration. HIV/AIDS is yet another biowarfare agent unleashed on the gay community for obvious reasons.

    Early on, James Roguski, put out a piece on Monkeypox back in May 2022 that revealed that what Fauci and big pharma are calling Monkeypox is a side effect of the C19 jabs called autoimmune blistering disease, i.e, shingles. I have not seen anyone else explore this hypothesis.

    Dr. McCullough said anyone 50 years old and older who have received their small pox “vaccine” have nothing to worry about. But here we are with yet another fake crisis attempting to rule our lives.

    I have one request of the independent media. If you are going to scrutinize a particular community, please consult a qualified representative of that community to speak to the allegations and exploitation being thrust upon our community.

    If I were to reverse the circumstances and stereotyped every heterosexual as a promiscuous infidel or some shit, I am sure there would be many heterosexuals very upset with that representation.

    The accounting that monkeypox is a gay disease is ludicrous, irresponsible, and damaging to a whole community who like the black community are used to being exploited and discarded. This was to perpetuate the deep rooted divisions in our society.

    1. Stop being a liar, its NOT ludicrus. God keeps plaguing you people and you people keep forcing the rest of the world to change its values so you can live any filthy way you want. You have 94% of the cases because what you do is filthy and you don’t care about society because JUST LIKE you did with aids, you will make sure its transferred to straight people if thats what it takes. I know about your blood bank raids when you people donated blood and infected decent humans so govt would have to help and you animals could benefit from it. Heck, I say animals, but even animals know to mate with the OPPOSITE sex, you are just fiends.

  10. That is homosexuals, rules for thee but not for me. He have to be inclusive and tolerant, they don’t. We have to lock down and change our lives to protect them, they don’t have to do crap to protect is. God wasn’t wrong, Romans 1 clearly shows homosexuals are implacable and unmerciful, unfit for society, and as it is with all civilizations in the past, embracing them will be our downfall.

  11. Also, please be logically consistent. You do NOT support people being able to live their lives how they want without govt interference, no one does. We want pedophiles locked up, murderers, rapists, or anyone else that can through vile affections destroy the fabric of society, you just forgot homosexuals are part of that group because societies morals changed. I assure you Gods morals did NOT change, read the book of Jude where God says he destroyed Sodom and Gommorah as an example to US. God set the example we are supposed to follow in the second to last book of the Bible.

  12. I’m especially impressed with Maddie’s father.
    His sense of restraint is amazing. I’d be ready to hit somebody for doing this to my daughter.

  13. I can tell you how you go to an ER and then they send you home.

    My son in law (38) who died (9/1/21) with an autopsy finding of Myocarditis went to the ER on 8/30/21. He presented with chest pressure. Irregular heart beat. Sweaty. Shortness of breath. His blood pressure was so high they gave him an injection to bring it down, his EKG showed irregularities, his troponin level was only taken once with slight elevation. Xray showed slight shadowing on his lung. Even though everything else leaned towards heart they sent him out the door with a diagnoses of Pneumonia with a prescription of Zpak. (Look up the use of Zpak with heart condition) and told there were no rooms available. My mom had been in the same hospital for months up to her death on 8/24/21 she could have picked any room she wanted. Where I know in fact what they told him was a lie, they could have referred him some where there was room. They didn’t.

    He had told his employer he had gotten the jab. We asked in ER as he lay on the gurney dead if his vaxx record was in the system. They said his account had been locked. Say what?

    I completely relate to what this family has gone through. I will die at home before I step foot in a medical facility ever again. No longer are Drs there to make you better. They are now completely controlled.

  14. Maddie’s story is so horrific!!! I’m crying watching this episode. What is happening to our medical system?!? I always thought doctors and nurses wanted to help people. ???OMG that poor child!

  15. Why do you let your children become Guinea pig and lab rats for Pharma??? I don’t understand… poor child, it’s heartbreaking watching her suffering… those F’ng evil bastards that created these poison must go to prison until the end of time…

    1. Mrs. Garay said she thought the worst side-effect would be anaphylactic shock, cured by an EpiPen. This is a bad assumption, it was not based on informed consent, it was blind trust without personal research. The medical establishment can do positive things, but like any organization, there should not be blind trust. Over the decades I’ve come to not trust them for long term diseases based on my research. … Decades ago, I was in ER after an accident with a broken hip from the seat belt crushing it. The nurse said she was going to give me a tetanus shot. I said no. She said she would give it. I said no again. She gave it and violated my will. Thank God I did not have an adverse reaction. Prior to that I was suspect of the medical establishment based on my research, and that didn’t do it any good. On the positive side, the doctors did a good job mending the bones, still good today.

  16. What happened to Maddie and the Garay’s is horrible. I pray Maddie recovers by cure or naturally, good someway. Del Bigtree, thanks putting a face on this apparent criminal act. These personal stories put faces to it, but lest other viewers think this this an isolated incident, what are the statistics? How many people are like Maddie? For example, 1 in 1000 is an unacceptable risk. Compare it to flying and driving which are much less. For example, show the solid proof of animals dying in early trials as part of an effort to prevent human trials. … Stop man-made disease. Vaccinations are the worst because it is in the medical establishment that many people trust. This is why I donate regularly to ICanDecide and and donated to http://www.lifefunder.com/Maddie. Thanks again Del Bigtree.

  17. Maddies case is a classic example of the criminal institutions trying to have it both ways.
    On the one hand they heavily push the idea that these injuries are purely psychological (and Maddie is def not the only case). This in effect is admitting that the perceptions/mental beliefs an individual holds can cause physical harm to the body (this is of course true) but then at the same time, the institutions involved are happy to push fear campaigns, as if to suggest that the psychological impact of the fear has zero effect on physical health (or that at least the physical detrimental effects do not outweigh the positive that can come from it).

  18. Here is Dr. Frenck’s email address at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital. Send him (and also the hospital) email of complaints. Be calm but firm in your message. They need to hear from us. [email protected]
    The phone number for the hospital:1-800-344-2462 to find out where you can send a formal complaint.

  19. I have so many questions. Why didn’t the family seek second opinions? Why didn’t they obtain legal representation at the first sign of injury or indeed at any point during what appeared to them as highly suspicious and questionable treatment from the hospital and it’s staff? Those are the main questions. I also have questions regarding the diagnosis of an hysterical condition. Why hasn’t the report outlined how this diagnosis is arrived at, what parameters are tested? Why didn’t the family, who is well versed in medical systems and practice not even hire a medical representative for their case? Why did they never ask for diagnostic tests based upon their research of the potential conditions? Why did they not seek specialists outside the hospital to test 8n those areas? Why did they not find a different GP to acquire those referrals? The story shows them to be so extremely passive as regards their rights and the actions and options that have been open to them all the along the way that it beggars belief they could be this passive. Either the determination of a psychological condition is correct (which seems unlikely but we just don’t know) or they lay down 9n the tracks and let this train run over them. Either WAY, WE MIST ALL BE MUCH BETTER ADVOCATES FOR OUR CARE UNDER THIS CRIMINAL PROFIT DRIVEN SYSTEM.

    1. I’m asking the same questions! While my heart goes out to Maddie’s parents, I also feel they were exceptionally passive.. I would have raised the freakin roof if that was my child or anyone I loved! Promises/statements made at the beginning of the test period regarding what to expect, what he’s responsible for and the provision of after care by that corrupt Dr. F should have been clearly in writing so it could stand up in a court of law. How they could subject their children to an experimental drug is also beyond me despite extremely modest financial compensation. Anaphylactic shock is no joke either, it can be deadly and as people working in the medical field they should know that. i also have issue with the allowance of their daughter essentially going to a rehab/ institution when they KNEW she wasn’t psychologically impaired. They should have taken her out immediately but ‘allowed’ her to stay despite Maddie’s restrictions, isolation, etc. Staff didn’t want her to socialize so she wouldn’t talk about why she was there, vax injury. At least she didn’t end up in complete lock down. Again, I’m sorry for their pain, but the more I listen to them, the less respect I have for them for putting her in the program to begin with.. but maybe I should give them latitude as apparently they were dumbed down along the way and fell victim to mass formation hypnosis.

  20. News that started October 2021 and ends April 2022…. There must be no actual anti-vaxx news. There are so many variables. Shasta county has little influence if any. Most public schools require a vaccination record. There are even exemptions.

  21. Why is there an Editorial link in the header? Isn’t The Highwire purely editorial? Yes, it is. Good job trying to seem like you are anywhere near NPR. That is utterly laughable.

  22. Del…please look into this man’s work on statistical analysis and vaccine studies!

    “The CDC’s failure to use proper statistical tools (multivariate analysis and beyond) is a threat to national security. But the reason why the CDC relies upon crude bivariate analysis (that is categorically rejected by all fields of scholarly endeavor except vaccine safety studies) is because rigging these studies is the only way to hide the fact that these shots do not work and cause catastrophic harms. If the CDC ever used proper statistical methods, the national vaccine program would come to a screeching halt because the entire program is based on fraud.“


  23. Regarding ICAN and the FDA…so is that it? Turn the other cheek?…Where is the LAWSUIT?…The FDA should be sued and charged with…Malfeasance…Dereliction of Duty and Criminal Negligence…just to get started.

  24. This is why I have used homeopathy, herbs, acupuncture, massage, and other alternative medicines for decades. The Western medical models is barbaric.

  25. Maddie’s story is so upsetting. My mother has been having neurological issues (numbness, dizzy, nausea, bed ridden, body pain, fatigue and weakness etc etc) since this past December. She’s done every test and scan under the sun and been to the ER 7+ times. Zero diagnosis. Zero acknowledgement that it could even POSSIBLY be the vaccine (only new thing she’s done in the last 1.5 years). Zero treatment plans from the traditional medical community. Upon my coaxing she started seeing a naturopath and has been on a clean eating diet and supplement plan (Wahls protocol). It has helped heal 75% of her symptoms over the last 7 months! I’m sharing because so many are being left behind by our medical system and not being given any support and many have unfortunately been left to fend for ourselves. I hope we can all take our power back and work to heal ourselves while we wait for the medical system to catch up.

    Del please do an episode on ways to support and help ourselves w

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Episode 280: RIGGED

Vaxxed or UnVaxxed, It’s Back To School; HHS Escalates MonkeyPox ; HighWire Premiers New Series, ‘Rigged’, with the Tragic Account of Maddie De Garay; ICAN Obtains New Insurance Data

Guests: Stephanie & Patrick de Garay, Aaron Siri, Esq.