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Episode 304: NEVER AGAIN



    1. Vera Sharav must have been on the bulbul or morino which were sailing with the mefkure to Istanbul and it was the mefkure that was attacked and sunk by German gunboats with 80 of the 300 on board being orphans.

  1. Let’s be cleat about several things:

    1. The Jews are not the only religious group that has been targeted in the course of human events. And, the results have been disastrous in nearly every case.

    2. Internment camps were established in the United States for all US citizens who could trace their roots back to a belligerent power. Japanese, Germans, and Italians were all sent to internment camps in the US. Their property was confiscated, and many livelihoods were destroyed.

    What distinguished the US camps from the German camps was the overall wealth available to sustain them. One has only to look at the way prisoners were treated in Japan during World War II and in the United States during Lincoln’s War of Consolidation to understand that in times of economic hardship, the first to go are those who are viewed as potential threats to the nation. World War II devastated both Germany and Japan economically. Many Germans starved to death while Jews were being slaughtered in an effort to close the camps that were no longer sustainable.

    3. Jews were not the only ones who were interned under the Third Reich. Communists were met with a similar fate. The most important leaders of the communist movement in Germany were Jews. Like many European nation’s at the time, the Germans were horrified by the events that were taking place in the Soviet Union. They did not want the communist political element in their own nation, and indeed, many Jews were communist.

    4. Not only were Jews the top German communist leaders, but Jewish Zionists were also among those who played a leading role in the unfair treatment that the Germans received at the Treaty of Versailles during which Germany was used as a scape goat to cover for British imperial aggression.

    5. Not only has the holocaust been, historically speaking, blown way out of proportion, but it has been used as a cover for Israeli atrocities against Arab Palestinians while they built the Israeli nation on the land of those whom they drove from their homes after they evicted the British.

    6. Finally, I believe that the Nürnberg Code is correct, but it arose out of a show trial that was very similar to what occurred in Japan in the aftermath of World War II. It was the Allied victors washing their hands of their own wartime atrocities and throwing the dirty water at the feet of the Germans.

    In the end, it is not the Holocaust that I find repugnant, although it surely was; rather, it is the way it has been used by the Israelis and their American and European Jewish counterparts as a cover for Israeli aggression against the Arabs.

    It is the hypocrisy against which I rebel when it comes to any discussion of the German internment camps both before and during World War II.

    Roddy A. Stegemann, First Hill, Seattle 98104

    p.s. You and your viewership might just like to watch the following video to help understand the hyperbole of the so-called Jewish Holocaust. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BixZwKpfcD0

    1. Yes, you have to remember that the SS Nazis first used the Jews against the Poles to separate these two nations that had been together for 1000 years. First, they told Jews to hang Poles in front of Poles, and then they told Jews that Poles wanted to murder them as revenge! Then the Jews came under the protection of the SS men against the imaginary hostility of the Poles! – unbelievable manipulations! Poles always called the Germans “Schwabs” and whenever Poles were attacked from the west, they always called the attackers Schwabs! It was the Schwabs who were the Teutonic Knights (Ordo domus Sanctae Mariae Theutonicorum), i.e. Hospital Knights who committed monstrous crimes against the Polish population. Then they changed their uniforms to SS uniforms but it’s also Schwabs! And now all humanity globally sees “KL AuSchwab” syndrome which tries to incite Investors to the Global Crime of Genocide! 70 years ago there was KL Auschwitz! and 70 years later, the global KL Auschwab? Wake up people! After all, Schwab’s Pandora’s Box has been reopened! It’s the same thing again but on a larger global scale! The Schwabs spotted Opportunity again!

  2. Unsubscribed just now from Alex Berensen. Very disappointed in him and many others — agree with Del’s comment — “Forgive them for they know not what they do”. Angelia and Dr. Kory, I support you and keep up the good fight — you continue to set an example for humanity.

  3. This is why Dr. Peter Breggin is so correct to challenge Robert Malone and Prof. Desmet about holding vax victims responsible for their own suffering with their theory of “mass formation psychosis”. Malone and Desmet have done the vax victims a disservice — because look how easy it is to say vax injuries are just some kind of imagined or psychological group response. Plus., parties responsible for the vaccines probably knew they could find an ‘excuse’ like this to muddy the waters on covid19 vax injuries. I say this because 25 years ago I suffered a work injury that led to major swelling which then morphed into full body inflammation — an autoimmune response. My employer’s insurance company used just this tactic to try to avoid providing me with worker compensation — requiring me to be examined by their chosen psychiatrist who predictably said it was all in my head. So, this is not a new tactic. Luckily in the case of the vax injuries, many will have the VAERS data to back them up as Dell points out. But be prepared for more of this mistreatment at the hands of the Establishment, their industry bagmen and those people who prefer obedience to the Establishment to thinking for themselves. I think they are going by their long-used playbook!

    1. The Committee of 300 may fire/retire Klaus Schwab, but his WEF successes are locked in if people don’t rise up and kick out every single one of the WEF “Young Leaders” Schwab groomed and seeded into governments around the world. Schwab himself described this as “penetrating”/infiltrating sovereign nations and the WEF MODUS OPERANDI is treason because the goal of the Young Leaders has been to undo national sovereignty so that it can be replaced with the Globalists’ One World Government/New World Order/One World Order. People should not allow these treasonous WEF graduates to continue to operate in their nations and fulfill the Globalists’ plan to undermine and remove national sovereignty. Klaus Schwab, like Anthony Fauci, may step aside, but their “legacies” MUST BE DISMANTLED in order for us to escape their despicable endgames.

  4. I was i a few of those Twitter conversations, where people were claiming the shaking videos are fake and just done for attention. It’s sickening that people, even if they suspect people are lying about their adverse reactions, they should reserve judgment or at least write their skepticism in a more reserved way. Humanity can be cruel.

  5. Another amazing show! My heart breaks for Angelina. I pray she stays strong through it all. These bullies are just that. A few compared to the many others that stand next to her. That needs to be her focus.

    Several years ago we had another holocaust survivor speak in our area. Author of Four Perfect Pebbles. Her statement to us was to carry the message. What becomes unspoken gets repeated. This conversation is being removed from public school history curriculums. Parents…. be alert to ur kids curriculum. What’s being said and taught in the classroom. Better yet homeschool or find a school that will continue to carry this message.

    Del and team… can we address in more detail how mRNA will be used in animal injections. Will the spike protein be ingestible?

    Thank you for your great reporting.

  6. There doesn’t seem to be a way to edit comment? I forgot to add, just as things were slowly starting to open up again, we took a trip to Florida. Where I understood FL to be wide open (masks) that wasn’t the case.

    We were going to go to the Holocaust exhibit there, but they were going to make us wear masks. My comment to them was, do you realize what an oxymoron this is? I received no reply.

  7. Vera Sherav literally said It is another Jewish group along with a newspaper agency housed in the very building where the most vicious Nazi publication was housed during the holocaust, and they are trying to criminalize Vera Sherav (A holocaust surviving Jew) for exposing what really happened. Very similar to what happened during the holocaust. What are the odds! No one can say I didn’t call this out earlier if they’ve seen my past posts. Vera Sherav confirms it happening currently. These things don’t repeat themselves out of nowhere. It was never that Black and white. It was always a mixed up agenda with players from many places and some very close to home or the next blood over from Judah. This is where history and geneology shines a light on reality. Every war started with a family relation gone sour!

  8. One way of understanding it is its like having a chess board where someone colored some dark pieces lighter and dyed some lighter pieces dark and you have to have either the intuition or ability to spot the little subtlties of which ones are they are in the game!

  9. Christians should know from Lord God what these tests are about! I shouldn’t say that. Therefore, this is a TEST to see if you know Lord God or not! And even though you see with your own eyes and hear that: They lie, lie and lie endlessly, yet you still follow their orders, allow yourself to stick some sticks up your nose, or sign hellish Cyrographs of permission to “inject” substances of unknown composition! Meanwhile, God personally warned me many times by giving me the right orders! So I see it all from behind two or more restraining orders against these Idiots! But it actually brings tears to my eyes whenever I see you pushing your loved ones into the abyss (suicides or deaths) just out of pure Hatred for Lord God “applied to you earlier” as part of deliberate cultural corruption! That’s why Harari says you’re “Hackable”. He considers Himself as the greatest evidence of the “Hacked Entity” and therefore sets Himself up as the Spokesperson of All Hacked. And who is hacked? Everyone who had that Stick in their Nose and those who signed the hellish pact! – (that’s why it doesn’t matter if PCR works or not; or what’s in those bottles – didn’t you notice that “IT DOESN’T MATTER”? – they told you that “it doesn’t matter if the pcr test is positive or negative , and that it doesn’t matter what’s in the vial!”) The entire TEST was a Census like the one in Bethlehem accompanied by the Massacre of the Innocents! So the so-called Historians screamed that “there was no census” at that time. And it’s just like today! There is no Census and there is NO Massacre of the Innocents either! Here is NY Harari and His “Scientific History” which deals with nothing other than “Erasing the Traces” of previous Catastrophes of Humanity!

    It is in God’s opinion that there is a Nightmare among humanity here on earth. And it is Your duty as Humans to Clean It Up, not to pray to Christ Himself to do it for you, while you hide it all from God by singing devotional Songs to get out of Working for God and with God.

    Because the Lord God in the year 2000 gave a “Humanity Repair Program” that you don’t know about and don’t even want to hear about! And even 23 years later, even No Curiosity What Program it is! Nothing! Do you see your “global lack of Reaction” to God’s Initiative? It’s like “talking to a corpse”! Meanwhile, the death toll is rising! And look for yourself how many victims there were in the year 2000!
    Sum up all those sacrifices from 2000 to 2023! And think what the churches and all the institutions have been doing all these years! Who Governs You! Infernal Demons, whose thought patterns do not contain the concept of God, because then they would be deprived of hellish diplomas and power over you!

  10. Making fun of Angelia is no different than making fun of a person with Parkinson’s, epilepsy or any other ailment which affects them physically. It speaks to the person’s total lack of empathy or compassion. I like this quote by Georgia O’Keefe. “I have already settled it for myself that flattery & criticism go down the same drain & I am quite free.” I would say to Angelia that none of those people matter, truly. They are pitiful, representing darkness. Your Light would blind them all. ☮️

  11. What happened to Angelia is horrible. I am saddened and disheartened over the way she is being treated and gaslit about her own experience.
    one other reaction that no one every wants to hear or acknowledge is people who have reactions to LED lighting, yet the government is working to ban all other forms of lighting as we speak. there are between 2-10% of the population that has severe reactions to this lighting and we are not being heard or believed either.

  12. I sent this through her Tweeter account to Conor Murray at Forbes:
    Shame on you regarding Angelia Desselle’s article. Watch Del Bigtree’s show for a lesson on journalism and humanity. You should watch the whole show weekly for your education but the section regarding Angelia is from 6’ to 36’: https://thehighwire.com/watch/

    Thank you for your amazing contribution to Truth and Justice to prevent further harm. I am proud to be a supporter of The Highwire.

    Best to you and your team, Del.
    Kindest regards
    Jean Labbé, a Quebecer in Paris

  13. Could you please add Full Episode to Rumble. For whatever reason I can never watching on this website, buffering issues. Right now on Rumble just the small video captions. Thanks.

  14. Instead of injecting and operating on 12-year olds for being obese, they should encourage healthy eating and exercise. In regards to obesity, fat inside the muscle cells is the culprit. That is why whole foods (whole grains, legumes, fruits, vegetables, nuts and seeds) is recommended while eliminating all animal products, (these are high in saturated fat and cholesterol), keeping oils to a minimum, and opting for low glycemic foods. Thousands of people have been able to prevent and even reverse type 2 diabetes on this clean whole foods plant-based diet. But there’s money being made injecting animals and people with pharmaceuticals, and slaughtering innocent animals.

  15. Why if Jeffery reporting (only now as if it’s new news) that Pfizer removed it’s application for authorisation in India.
    This was known about shortly after the jabs were released. I remember it well because I recall all the negative press surrounding AstraZeneca, whilst Pfizer was getting a free pass everywhere, except India!
    Here’s one such article from nearly 2 years ago:

  16. Why is the so-called “Holocaust” brought into this conversation? I thought you preach to ignore the narrative and look at the evidence. Your credibility is now in a death spiral. Are you now choosing to go down the same road as Allex Jones? To be a shill for Israel (or-so they say)? There is ABSOLUTELY no reason to bring up the so-called “Holocaust”. But now that you have, and “truly” want to be fair, you need to bring someone on that will spell out the facts about Zionism and Jewish Supremacy. You can start with bringing on a scholar to talk about the 50,000,000 + that were killed under the Jewish Bolsheviks. There were a multitude of more deaths that occurred under them than the so-called Holocaust. Now you have a chance to redeem yourselves and prove that you are not just another Allex Jones (or-so they say).

  17. Please keep up the great work. Here in Australia, we’ve just had our P.M. talking to Bill Gates about injections for our cattle. What a disaster.How to poison perfectly healthy animals on the say so of someone with absolutely no medical or veterinary background. Oh Dear!

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