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Episode 295: MIND GAMES



  1. “It must strike the reflective observer as rather singular that all the recent smallpox outbreaks have made their appearance among populations where the laws enforcing vaccination have been rigorously and systematically carried out. 96% of births in London are protected by vaccination. May I venture to ask whether medical men who have defended and fostered a system of medical procedure which eighty years’ experience has demonstrated a disastrous and humiliating failure ought not to feel honourably bound on public grounds to retrace their steps and confess that vaccination, like other once popular prescriptions of inoculation, bleeding and mecurization, is a serious and mischievous blunder.” -《Mercury》Leicester, England July 3rd, 1884

    1. I have been thinking this for while now, but you say things much more eloquently than I ever could. I have been just telling people that it looks to me like vaccines are old technology that we should just stop using. Very nicely written piece here.

      1. That’s what the ‘vaccine’ makers decided, too. So they give you mRNA or some nefarious technology that should not be injected into the human body….but could be a mainline way to brain control.

  2. What is the significance of UBO(Unidentified Bright Objects) seen on a brain MRI? This person had received two Hepatitis B injections as an adult within the past 2 years. The same person, a 32 y/o female also had brain atrophy. Could aluminum be the cause of these two findings?

  3. Is Geert Vanden Bossche controlled opposition? The criminals know their time is running out. Big Pharma knows they are going to lose billions and they will go bankrupt and lose their exorbitant income. They are pretending to care about aluminum being a poison. They will come up with an alternative poison that kills. Making it necessary to do new studeis for years on the new poison. Then they can continue to poison and rob children and adults of their lives. Vaccines are completely unnecessary. There are hundreds of natural healing methods that do NO harm. Pharma needs to be shutdown completely. They are murdering thieves.

    1. Yes, come to find out, medical industry has been murdering thieves for over two hundred years. Big pharma is a recent phenomenon, started by the elitist tycoon John d. Rockefeller. Ran the naturopaths off and founded the Rockefeller foundation to profit by making people sick and then selling the cure. System is corrupt to be the core. This is biblical. What we are witnessing is justification by God to intervene and bring wrath upon those who so arrogantly and wickedly defile the human race. While I appreciate what the Highwire/ICAN does, no way this ends until God intervenes.

  4. I knew about Exley roughly 10 years ago when I tested my then 4 year old’s hair for heavy metals who has autism. Her metals were almost all within the normal range except aluminum was all the way into the red. She was selectively vaxxed and got 13 vaccines 8 of which contained aluminum. She got roughly 1/3 of the schedule until age 2 and I finally fully waked up. My uncle now has Alzheimer’s (first one in the family to have it) and I see the connection we obviously have some sort of predisposition to storing aluminum. I find it very interesting how the aluminum gets into the brain through the white blood cells in autism. I so appreciate the work of Exley and hope he knows he has a special place in the afterlife for doing what is right. Thank you!

  5. Good Lord Del…Geert Vanden Boshe?… the guy is a dirtbag…He keeps telling you exactly what you want to hear…You’re like a kid in the candy store…Just sucking it up…Please stop giving this scumbag a platform…You want to talk about someone who speaks from the heart?…Then bring bring Dr. Mike Yeadon back on your show

  6. I was looking forward to this episode because I was very interested in listening to the interview with Dr. Exley. However, I wished the interview would have also included answering the question about whether there is a way to detox from aluminum. Isn’t that the most important question? Does Dr. Exley believe that once aluminum is on our body there is anything we can do to get it out? Has he done any research in this area? I have heard silica rich water may help in this regard, but I wish we could have learned more about solutions. Also something else I would like to share – my daughter was born prematurely and while she wasn’t vaccinated, she was over 4 months on Total Parenteral Nutrition (TPN), which is routinely given to many NICU babies, especially those born very early. This IV nutrition contains aluminum as well. Premature babies who receive TPN for weeks or months possibly receive more aluminum injected into them than fully vaccinated children. So unfortunately, when it comes to premature babies’ exposure to injected aluminum, the source isn’t just vaccines.

  7. Cilantro extract is one I believe. Geert Vanden Boshe worked in the W.H.O.for a number of years, I think after Bill Gates with his GAVI infiltrated the W.H.O. So , perhaps he is trying to redeem himself for prior “Sins” ? The part of the show that is about Aluminum is interesting. Why is the facet of Chem-trails and weather warfare not even mentioned? The chem-trial aerosol drops are loaded with Aluminum ! Getting into our soils, water and every where, on commercial and organic farms, etc. If your still a skeptic on this, please inform yourself and go to Dane Wigington’s site” http://www.geoengineeringwatch.org He has plenty of highly documented information and his documentary “The Dimming” is free to watch there. Take care everyone and be strong and be compassion and be the light that can help save humanity and all the other beautiful species on this planet!

  8. I wonder if more people, like me, who are sick to death of hearing Del harp on endlessly about donating and saying The Highwire is the ONLY one reporting the truth and suing. We’ll, it’s just not true. There are lots of others doing it too, which is great, but he is the only one droning on like a spoiled child about it, and if you are, donate more. I donate as much as I can and want to, as well as to multiple other sites who also need support. His whining doesnt make me want to donate more, in fact, it almost makes me want to stop donating and give it to others who appreciate it!
    On a side note. I do love The Highwire and appreciate Del, Jeffrey and their team as well as all those who accept his invitation to go on the show. I also appreciate the hundreds of others sites who do likewise in their own special way. Yet none are as annoying as Del about donating. I hope he stops or I will stop donating to TheHighwire!

  9. I dont mind his regular reminders that TheHighwire/ICAN depends on donations.
    Too many viewers are brand new and so they need to be educated/reminded. ( It took over 5 episodes here before I send in any donation.)
    But what I reject is Del’s occasional GLOATING via insipid chants like “We are WINNING…!”
    Such a graceless/tasteless comments are really counter productive.
    Consider past thought leaders (like Gandhi, MLK, Einstein, etc) and how they behaved against adversity with self-secured humility, Instead of petty chants that reduce achievements to small minded spectator sports.

  10. Love the episode! I love Chris Exley. He is among many hero scientists who are bold enough to follow their curious hearts into deep truths in the world that are dear to me. I hope someday I can generate enough wealth with my creative artistic abilities to become the philanthropist you guys all need. I want to start those independent institutions for you and I plan to be successful enough and bold enough and brave enough to become that someday. It is not too late to change the world and never is too late to be brave enough to do so.

  11. I appreciate your advice re filters, Del, but I haven’t been able to find one that removes fluoride, which is my primary concern. If you have a suggestion, I’m open to it!

    Our water comes from Hetch Hetchy Reservoir in CA and is some of the best tasting water on the planet! With the exception of fluoride (added), it doesn’t need a thing.

    Thank you for all you do. Best, Debbie

    1. Debbie you can remove fluoride from your water with bone char filters. If you go to the website promo life and look up their water filtration systems they can set you up with a four filter system that will remove fluoride I can get my water from the Hetch Hetchy and it’s not as good as you think it is not only does it have fluoride in it but you’re also getting chloramine I would recommend getting a filter that removes chlorine as well the last time I spoke to someone at promo life they said that the filters also filter out the radiation that you’d be getting from the Fukushima radiation leaks it is now in our water. The water travels from the Hetch Hetchy in all kinds of nasty pipes so you’re also getting potentially asbestos and whatever is in your own water pipe system where there be too much copper/lead or galvanize steel. Also people interested in detoxing heavy metals and aluminum from their system should look into cilantro mixed with Chlorela. cilantro is a natural chelator that breaks the blood Brain barrier but it will not remove it from your blood that is what the chlorella does basically the cilantro goes into the deep tissue pulls the mercury and other heavy metals out of your system or the tissue and now it’s free floating in the bloodstream and has the grabbed by the chlorella to remove it from your bloodstream very dangerous to just take cilantro without using chlorella as well because the removed heavy metals will just re-distribute elsewhere in the body. Do an Internet search on how to use cilantro and Chlorella as a Natural chelation

  12. This is the closest this publication has ever come to growing a set of balls in a backbone and putting life befor profit. I almost thought for a second that they were gonna talk about Twain theory and have the expert doctor young come in to discuss it but no pharmaceutical pays too much.

  13. For those asking”how do I get this junk out of me?”, Chelation therapy is the answer. I used liquid iodide derived from kelp ($20) and a bottle of liquid chlorella ($17) once or twice a day, plus herbap tinctures to help strengthen and detox the liver, such as dandelion root or liver herbal tonic, plus liposomal vit. C to assist with detoxification. It takes six months on average, with severe poisoning taking a year or more. Test to get your initial levels, then retest minthly. Drink plenty of spring water with this regimen.

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Episode 295: MIND GAMES

Del’s Thanksgiving Wish; Caught Over Paraquat; The Disaster At Camp Lejeune; Mr. Aluminum Details Decades-long Alzheimer’s Fraud, and a Great Hope for Science – Have a Happy Thanksgiving!

Guest: Christopher Exley, PhD, FRSB