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  1. That was the best interview!!!
    Fantastic stuff Del and Aaron Siri.
    It is so incredible hearing this information coming out of the states … we just need to duplicate you both now for Australian citizens…

      1. Why resort to name calling? Trump morons? I think it speaks to a person’s character and any real strength of their political stance when their main point is to bash people. We may disagree, but I will respect your opinion…your right to believe what you believe and at the end of the day respect you as a person.

        1. You are one of a kind on this website my man, most are like ravenous wolves, who attack me on a daily basis, and many of them are self-proclaimed Trump cult members.

          Trump is a traitor and only a moron can’t see that. If that offends you then the shoe fits.

          1. Haha…my man….look in the mirror. Wow…signing off…can’t waste my breath with people like you.

      2. What’s Trump got to do with it? Psychotic people still resort to the Trump claim as if he is so powerful that he controls everything in this world. Please don’t be so childish. make a legitimate argument. For example, the Politicians in Black Robes were voting, with Roberts also, to support an all powerful Federal Government entirely in contradiction to the Constitution. That is a supportable argument. Trump is the former POTUS. He was just as statist as everyone else and yet he is called out by ignorant people as some sort of exception. Nothing he proposed was anything the Democrats’ congress disagreed with.. What Trump did do that was so exceptional, was drain enough scum out of the swamp to expose the disgusting filth underneath the surface/ Quit spe3aking like an idiot and provide an actual statement and support it. I’ll applaud you if you can teach me something. I’ll ridicule you if you post stupid sentences that all in the world is Trump’s fault.

      3. People who believe in bodily autonomy is a much larger group than Trump supporters. So your comment is factually incorrect.

        Plus, your comment calling Trump supporters a name is beyond disrespectful.

        I’m not a Trump supporter, but I can see the inaccuracy and disrepectfulness in your comment.

        1. Thank you Del for introducing us to this phenomenal man. I am amazed at how Attorney Siri can pick up the bottom line scientific arguments while not possessing the background originally. Not many people can accomplish this. I support ICAN and we are blessed to have him on our team.

        2. How can we stop the use of aborted fetuses in research or medications? My understanding is that MANY drugs are tested this way. Not just vaccines. How can we be ethically consistent knowing this? How do we compile this list? Can we mobilize to lobby for ethical stem cell lines?

      4. Fantastic Interview! I want to be part of the resistance! Big Pharma/Big Gov’t are one and their coming for out young ones with their unsafe injections!

      5. Interesting for sure. I’m not sure why everybody has to get vaccinated. I did get vaccinated but what I do know is I can still give covid to somebody else and I can still get it the only benefit I can see at all would be for a person with comorbidities perhaps I would not die if I got it which is the only reason I got it in the first place. But the more I hear the more concerns me that they’re pushing everyone to get it. Even if every single person had the vaccine I think the covid would still be bouncing all around the place I am people that are just too sick with comorbidities could still die. But I’m glad there are sites like this that show us the other side of the coin. As I find my facts can be addressed more so on a site like this than anywhere else. Keep up the good work

      6. How can we stop the use of aborted fetuses in research or medications? My understanding is that MANY drugs are tested this way. Not just vaccines. How can we be ethically consistent knowing this? How do we compile this list? Can we mobilize to lobby for ethical stem cell lines?

    1. Give this information to Sharri Markson and watch her run with it! She surely must have connections to qualified legal sources in OZ . She seems to have the persistence to stick with it!

    2. Excellent piece! Thank you all for everything you do. As a mother of a child and grandmother of several grandchildren with issues that I always believed were vaccine related, I feel better knowing you are trying so hard to save our future generations from the same fate. Thank you to everyone involved and may God Bless all of you and may He help you end these atrocious
      practices and may justice be served. ? for all of you always.

    3. Yes we do we need this in Australia. I’m out of work due to no jab no job . 10 years in this job with disabilities. So sad. And so many friends in the same boat.

    4. Amazing Interview! Amazing Men! Thank you both for your efforts to stand up for those already affected and those who need protected! My Family and I are grateful! ? ~Susan Love

  2. I have a question: My understanding is that Biden’s mandate is verbal and there is no written mandate yet in order to avoid any legal challenges. Is this a correct assessment? Thanks Del and Aaron you guys are great.
    May the Holy Spirit be with you both…

  3. Thank you, Del and Aaron! Grateful to you both. The deposition bits were exactly what we needed to see. See, Libs, WE are following the science, not a handful of psychopath Athiest scientists more than willing to harm Americans in order to advance their poison vaccines.

  4. Fabulous! How would these incredible revelations ever be visible to even the most discerning members of the public, without the work & commitment of Highwire, ICANN and of course Aaron Siri. Very disturbing, yet encouraging interview. Thank you, again & again.

  5. Practically every lawyer in America is guilty of “playing the game” for personal gain, under color of law, which results in innumerable wrongful deaths every year, for which many of these lawyers and judges are subject to the death penalty under federal law.

    The legal system in America is a ruthless criminal racket, which needs to undergo a fundamental transformation to an extent that is almost incomprehensible to most of the brain-washed/brain-dead ‘American Freak Show.’


      1. “For The Love Of Money”

        Money, money, money, money, money [6x]
        Some people got to have it
        Some people really need it
        Listen to me y’all, do things
        Do things, do bad things with it
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        For the love of money
        People will steal from their mother
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        People will rob their own brother
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        People can’t even walk the street
        Because they never know
        Who in the world they’re gonna beat
        For that lean, mean, mean green
        Almighty dollar, money

        For the love of money
        People will lie, Lord, they will cheat
        For the love of money
        People don’t care who they hurt or beat
        For the love of money
        A woman will sell her precious body
        For a small piece of paper
        It carries a lot of weight
        Call it lean, mean, mean green

        Almighty dollar

        I know money is the root of all evil
        Do funny things to some people
        Give me a nickel, brother can you spare a dime
        Money can drive some people out of their minds

  6. This conversation reinforces my long held belief that Public Health agencies have utterly and completely failed humanity – again.
    Great back and forth conversation.

    Thanks Del and Aaron.

    1. “This conversation reinforces my long held belief that Public Health agencies have utterly and completely failed humanity – again.”

      The vast majority of people who work in “Public Health Agencies” are privileged, white females and homosexuals, with a politically correct mixture of Black and Hispanic women.

      That’s not racist and sexist hayt spaych, it’s called reality.

  7. THANK YOU Aaron Siri and Del for your persistence in standing up for our rights. I have more faith in the legal profession after hearing this interview with Mr. Siri! God bless you and your teams!!!

    1. (the techniques used in modern brainwashing) are not like the medieval torture of the rack and the thumb-screw. They are subtler, more prolonged, and intended to be more terrible in their effect. They are calculated to disintegrate the mind of an intelligent victim, to distort his sense of values, to a point where he will not simply cry out “I did it!” but will become a seemingly willing accomplice to the complete disintegration of his integrity and the production of an elaborate fiction.

      — Dr. Charla W. Mayo, The Rape of the Mind

  8. “Mr. Siri has also been involved in various pro-bono matters, including representation of asylum applicants, housing discrimination victims, and non-profit organizations in tenant-landlord disputes, as well as being chosen as a Frank C. Newman delegate to present a paper he authored before the United Nations Human Rights Sub-Commission.”

    This Berkeley trained lawyer brags about doing pro bono work on his website, but he scoffs at doing it for people who are being systematically exterminated with these kill shots.

    That should tell you something about Aaron Siri.

  9. They can say that these vaccines don’t cause autism, based on the fact that they don’t have to prove anything to people, who don’t understand that jet fuel can’t bring down nearly indestructible skyscrapers at freefall speed, whether hit by an aircraft or not.

    If Aaron doesn’t understand that, he’s either a moron, or he insists on remaining willfully ignorant, and that in the case of 9/11/2001 amounts to aiding and abetting terrorism.

  10. Great interview! I’m so grateful for all your work, Aaron and Del. Question: What is the result of winning these lawsuits? Does the gov at least pay legal fees? Do they pay damages to anyone? Do they actually change their ways? What is the actual consequence for them for losing these suits? Thank you!!!

  11. Bravo Aaron and Del! Great interview! As I sit back I think of the book I read the virus and the vaccine many years ago about the SV40 virus in the polio vaccine. Change is finally in the air.

  12. At one point Aaron Siri said the misinformation from the CDC about natural vs vaccine immunity wouldn’t be an issue if it wasn’t for the mandates!
    I’m saying it’s a big issue! In fact, that is exactly how they brainwash society, and that is how the CDC ends up being supported by the public! Because people don’t know that what the CDC is lying as misinterpreting the truth about safety and efficacy. Not only on the COVID shot, but I’m pretty much any other shot.
    Society has been conditioned to just take the shot voluntarily, because they trust the CDC. That is not OK! It is an issue!

  13. The real issue is that no virus in history has been isolated much less proven to be the cause of any illness. Therefore all vaccines are useless agents of poisoning and have no health benefits at ALL. Have you ever stopped to ask yourself why having the antibody for one virus can mean immunity for life while having the antibody for another means you are infected for life? Viruses do not exist, they are exosomes (the leftover nucleic acid from cell death). They do not cause illness.

  14. Aaron Siri, I need to express my humble respect and gratitude for your luminous intelligence and questioning technique. I am immensely glad you are on the Truth side. Aaron Siri, I love you for your work for humanity. I hope to hug and shake your hand one day. Cliff

  15. The Supreme Court of the US written during an Emergency of WWII: More AMMO-

    Emergency does not create power. Emergency does not
    increase granted power or remove or diminish the restrictions
    imposed upon power granted or reserved. The Constitution was
    adopted in a period of grave emergency. Its grants of power to
    the Federal Government and its limitations of the power of the
    States were determined in the light of emergency, and they are
    not altered by emergency. What power was thus granted and
    what limitations were thus imposed are questions which have
    always been, and always will be, the subject of close
    examination under our constitutional system. While emergency
    does not create power, emergency may furnish the occasion for
    the exercise of power.

    1. Yes yes! He’s been informing people that what’s been going on is racketeering, a felony, and this will void the exemptions if the pharma companies are convicted!

  16. Plotkin uses Leprosy as a deflection for his deception / lie that he tells parents that the DTaP is safe.

    Leprosy, seriously???

    What an obvious deflection technique.

    And what a liar Plotkin is.

  17. I was absolutely pushed into getting the Hep B shot for my newborn son in 1999. He has a lot of sleep problems now. I questioned it with my pediatrician then. And it floored me when my daughter, born two years later, was not required to get that vaccine–by that time it had been discontinued. ALSO, around the year 2009, 2010, my pediatrician’s office made sure to “offer” my husband and me “free” flu vaccinations as part of the routine pediatrics visit for our kids. I still wonder whether the two flu shots I rec’d in the pediatrician’s office had a connection to my two miscarriages.

    .(ie. canadian casev and others on Goggle)

  19. Dr. Ardis refused to give his newborn the HepB vaccine. that is for adults who have sex. he had asked the nurse, do you expect my infant to have sex up till the age of 11 years old which is how long the vaccine’s duration is. are they sick people or what??? seriously? they need to give hepB to a new born infant. they are seriously disturbed.

  20. From a UK and European perspective its so frustrating that we suffer the dubious/corrupt practises of US government agencies. Can’t you guys use Guantanamo more ethically and stick Fauci and the other cronies there for good?
    Great work Aaron and Del. Its massive work breaking through the medical cartel culture that ripples across the world. Bless you 🙂

  21. Truth tellers! Thank you, Aaron and Del. Why is the media suppressing this information? Why not a Town Hall? I’ve watched and weighed every interview. My conclusion is mass Genocide. Gates said himself we need to do population control. The mask didn’t work, the Vax is not working so why the boosters. Also, too many Vax injured people are being told they are fakers and liars,. WHERE THERE IS SMOKE THERE IS FIRE!!! Get the government out of our personal business!

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Meet the brilliant mind behind one of the most successful and active Legal Teams in the world of Vaccine and Civil Rights. Aaron provides legal insight on Covid vaccine mandates, shocking childhood vaccines, the Plotkin Deposition, and more.