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    If it is, it’s only in the people stupid enough to get the cull shot.

    I’d listen to this guy …

    Michael “Mike” Anthony Granata February 21, 1965 – November 1, 2021

    Michael, a longtime resident of Gilroy, passed away on November 1, 2021.  Never a kinder more gentle man did I know than my husband, Michael.

    Mike was adamant that people know what happened to him that caused his early and unexpected death.  Message from Mike: “Many nurses and non-nursing staff begged me and my wife to get the truth out to the public about the Covid-19 vaccines because the truth of deaths from the vaccine was being hidden within the medical profession.

    I promised I would get the message out.  So, here is my message: I was afraid of getting the vaccine for fear that I might die. At the insistence of my doctor, I gave in to pressure to get vaccinated. 

    On August 17th I received the Moderna vaccine and starting feeling ill three days later. I never recovered but continued to get worse. I developed multisystem inflammation and multisystem failure that medical professionals could not stop. My muscles disappeared as if to disintegrate. I was in ICU for several weeks and stabbed with needles up to 24 times a day for those several weeks, while also receiving 6 or 7 IVs at the same time (continuously).

    It was constant torture that I cannot describe. I was no longer treated as a human with feelings and a life. I was nothing more than a covid vaccine human guinea pig and the doctors excited to participate in my fascinating progression unto death. If you want to know more, please ask my wife. 

    I wished I would have never gotten vaccinated. If you are not vaccinated, don’t do it unless you are ready to suffer and die.”

      1. Em info on science studies showing dangers to people. Some here in the summary:
        U cud get e.ail hunter tech from Atomic Park, to collect Ems from online, then rent a .ass mailing system, used by spamming firms, learn how to use this legally via YouTube videos from experts, build up Nos sent gradually over a month (warming up) , start sending out a prepared message in bulk warning people. Iv collected some info onstudies you could use in the summary above. Any other 8nfo u can find. Don’t make Ems too long tho.

    1. Thank you for your message and to your wife please accept my condolences. I also would like to warn people about the EXPERIMENTAL m RNA vaccine. I have studied Biochemistry to masters level, occupational and environmental for anything, and my reading of the covid crises, all conspire to lead me to refuse to be part of this I’ll advised experiment. My medical training in 1970 to 1973 at Wits taught me not to vaccinate in the face of a epidemic, if possible first control then once it is under control then vaccination is used to prevent re-emmergence and eradication.
      I cringe at the pride of authoritarian people who have been blinkered and do not know what they are doing but blindly follow the vaccine narrative, taking all with them including our children.
      Here’s hoping that the world will come to its senses soon.
      Kind Regards
      Kevin Renton

  2. I have always believed this to be a major part of the jab, I want call it a vaccine because it isn’t if it was people wouldn’t be still contracting Covid an dying and suffering major health issues prayers to all the people of the world.

      1. Yes. You will find the scientific literature referencing the dangers of “SARS-COV2” are interchanging that term with “spike protein” PubMed is full of papers explaining how the inflammatory “spike protein” attaches to an enzyme in the cardiovascular (and other) systems (the angiotensin converting enzyme 2). If only the general public would read and not listen to legacy propaganda!

      2. The spike is what gives the coronavirus its name. The all make the shape of a crown. However, with the normal virus, your immune system attacks all parts of the exposed spikes and destroys them and keeps them from entering your cells where they can replicate. The vaccine is more specific, which is not a good thing. In fact, it can cause your immune system to actually carry the virus into your cells where is replicates. Your natural immune system is always better.

    So does this mean that shedding from the vaccinated is a real threat to those not vaccinated and still get spike protein exposure and suffer the same consequences as if vaccinated??!!
    Is there protection from this??!!

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Leave a Reply

A new study from Sweden has the potential to upend what we know about COVID vaccine spike protein, including where they end up in human cells. As science plays catch up, shocking findings hint at major disruptions in the cell’s DNA repair mechanisms.