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    1. It’s sad how google ,youtube andr any sites associated that are paid by rthe media to keep people on the dark. Why can” t people see what is wrong. It’s a mess in canada too.

    2. “THEY” all must be taken down by charges, indictments and convictions if guilty then = appropriate sentences from some prison to life to execution depending on the zeverity of what they did or knowingly allowed….!!!!!

      “I was just following orders…!!!” is just not gonna cut it…!!!!!!!!!

  1. If anyone wants to know the truth, we haven’t had a legal, legitimate President since November 22 1963, when the President was assassinated by essentially, by the same people who did 9/11, and are now trying to murder us with “vaccines”.

    100% of everything they do is 100% illegal.

    1. Boy, it sure gets quite around here when someone makes a truthful comment, almost makes you think that people don’t have access to this page for some reason.

      1. Hello Rita,

        That may or may not be the case, depending on your point of view, but he was the last legitimate President, that point can’t be argued by anyone with a conscience, who really believes in following the science.

        He was murdered by essentially the same psychopaths who perpetrated 9/11 and who are trying to murder and /or enslave billions of people around the globe with this plandemic.

        Sane people understand that.

        Just dealing with this plandemic is an exercise in futility that we shouldn’t let anyone con us into when it’s painfully clear that we MUST deal with all the lies of at least the last 100 years to turn this around.

        Take Care

    2. Just IF the truth be known the “money changers” that owned King George III [ie = Globalist cabal] had George Washington bled to death because his word was next to God to the American people and had figured out that the Euro Central Bankers were trying to “re·acquire North America from within” so he had to be killed….

      MOREOVER the Globalist cabal has bought, blackmailed, threatened +/or murdered many POTUS over the last TWO +CENTURY’S tho finally did re·acquire America in 1913 = after the 1776 – 1812 + 1861 military attempts failed…

      These Luciferians set up “every major war” in the last 5-6 century’s financed to equip all sides, determined whom will win and financed the reconstruction of them all as they got to pluck the losers for what they wanted for penny’s on the dollar…

      “They” now are worth over $3-Quadrillion U.S. dollares((their fiat system)) and own this world many times over and every nation on it…

      Only the Judeo/Christian WEST esp America has stood in their way for having a Faith in God and will not submit with the American people being the last true holdout with those ~
      ” STILL CLINGING to THEIR BIBLES and GUNS ” as the “last man standing” in their way standing on the Founding Peoples format of ~
      “unalienable Rights from the Creator God of Life, Liberty and pursuit of Happiness” AND all that goes with it…

      Atheist Marxism was their tool of choice in 1913 in illegally setting up their fiat system over America’s Constitutional monetary system thanks to (D)Woodrow+Congress to use the American peoples labor- now owned via their FED/IRS structure -to 4yrs later finance their Lenin/Stalinist genocide of Judeo/Christian Russia(60million murdered in 36yrs) as the chosen tool to take all of Europe then the world at large…

      Ushering in their NWO using their puppet FDR handing all East Europe to “his friend” Genocidist STALIN to pillage, torture, rape and slaughter for Communism(killing Gen.Patton); then PLAN-B handing all China to Mao(now fully in effect); their UN on U.S. soil to order a divided Korea yeilding a Korean War/Vietnam/Cuba/Venzuala with millions murdered across Asia, Africa + S. America in the attempt to install Marxism worldwide with only vary’d success…..

      To now just CULLING humanity into submission for “WE the People” are catching on too fast = ESPECIALLY Christians in knowing the Scriptural prophesy’s of “the Last Days – with – Mark of the Beast” etc…

      1. However there are a few good people in the government and this man is proof. He blew the whistle on the pedophiles in congress and the White House *LONG BEFORE* anyone ever heard about Qanon.

        In his professional estimation, (based on a long career in the FBI, culminating as a chief of the LA division, with 700 people in his command) over 90% of the congress are practicing pedophiles, who operate in a network that helps other *LIKE MINDED* people get elected to office. The country is literally run by pedophiles, drug smugglers and child trafficker’s of all kinds. If you haven’t seen his testimony, you better watch it before YT disappears it forever. God Bless him for telling us the truth.


  2. CEO Gary Kelly (and the Executive Staff/Board) October 17, 2021
    Southwest Airlines
    P.O. Box 36647-1CR
    Dallas, TX 75235

    Re: SW Shifting Baseline Syndrome or How to be a Boiling Frog…

    Dear Southwest Executive Team:

    Written for the Southwest website at the heavily restricted and hidden “Feedback” portal:

    “:)))))))))))))) Southwest executives want my input so badly it took over 15 clicks to get to THIS screen…:)))))))) What a hoot.

    * *First, SW employees are fantastic.* * Couldn’t be better people. I have NEVER had a bad flight w/SW. The mood was always great and the plans were clean.

    I just wanted to let Gary Kelly and the other worthless POS murderous executive team know something. I will NEVER fly again. NEVER. I know we’re supposed to ‘never say never…’ but OMFG, until all your vaccinated staff die (expected within the next 2-3 years if not sooner) YOUR AIRLINE ISN’T SAFE TO FLY.

    And even after that, we’ll still be exposed to other passenger sheep who are shedding Spike Proteins on us… and on top of all that, the microwatt levels of electromagnetic exposure in the airplanes and airports – is way past carcinogenic now. TSA employees have been injured and dying for YEARS…and now the passengers coming in are damaged by the 5G system in their towns… so a trip to an airport is going to trash their DNA completely.

    Did you hear about that Delta pilot who died during the flight last week? The whistleblower said that he was fine, said some weird things and died. Whistleblowers from SW also said that it is now common for ambulances to come to the layover hotels and take airline employees having adverse events away at night.

    Consider that BLOOD on your executive hands and may you rot in hell for what you are doing.”

    You get the picture. Americans are furious when they realize that they are being murdered by their very own government, corporate employers, etc.

    Welcome to the disgust and anger the criminal genocide your immoral actions are perpetuating.



    1. “Written for the Southwest website at the heavily restricted and hidden “Feedback” portal:”

      Del must have designed this website after their model, there’s no way for most people to have any idea how censored this website is. Just because you get a few responses to your comments doesn’t mean anything. He can let Haywire trolls see your comments and no one else, or any combination in-between. He can post the comments he thinks will make you look bad and delete any that show you’re being honest and sincere. It’s the Devil’s playground and Del seems to relish that fact.

      1. “Consider that BLOOD on your executive hands and may you rot in hell for what you are doing.”

        Consider the blood on Del’s hands if he has nefarious intent, and is leading his followers down the garden path for the love of money.

        Most every Tyrant in history was seen by people as some sort of savior, just look at the huge crowds Hitler memorized with his sick mind, he was good at deceiving people, most of his followers truly loved the mental case, and he still has a large following today, by people you might never suspect.

    1. Start arresting their superiors. I’m not kidding, if that’s what takes. Get a large group of supporters behind you and start making arrests.

      We need people in the military with a backbone and conscience to do the same. Someone in the military with a high rank, needs to take charge and start arresting people and they need to ask the American people who care about America to stand with them. If enough people make a stand, I believe it can be achieved without a single shot being fired in anger.

      What we do in the coming months is going to determine the future of mankind and planet earth. It’s time to be bold, it’s time for us to put our John Handcock on the future of America; not throw money at a group of scumbag lawyers, who need to be in prison for helping to destroy America. Those rat-bastards are a huge part of the reason this has happened.

      1. If those treasonous rats want to help Americans, they need to go after the sociopath judges who allow thousands of convictions on ‘jailhouse snitch testimony’. Every one of those scumbags needs to face the death penalty under federal law for allowing that when many of these men end up dead as a result. Every lawyer in America is a treasonous rat that needs to be held accountable with their lives if they qualify, and most of them do.

        People are too ignorant to realize that most of the treasonous rats in congress are lawyers, (In addition to being pedophiles and worse) and they are all culpable for what’s happening in America.

  3. Dear family, there is an unvaccinated Washington trooper who lost his job for not taking the vaccine because he feared God! This is my comment on this video, please like it! Here the link and my comment! https://youtu.be/i_RoGZHx0Ik

    Amen!! The fear of God is the beginning of wisdom and the knowledge of the Holy One is understanding!! I think that some government officials who are required to take the Covid vaccine take a fake one to not get the resulting harmful or deadly affect of the Covid vaccine while the population who they desire to reduce is wrongly forced to take the poisonous vaccine which has caused 13,000+ deaths in the US alone and doesn’t have the ten years of required testing to prove its reliable and healthy!!

  4. Under US Code of Federal Regulations Title 21, section 50, no one can be forced or coerced into a clinical trial of an experimental medical product, even if it’s a pandemic countermeasure.

    1. There you go, get a copy of that and as many followers as you can to make an arrest, get the Sherriff to help, if he refuses to help, arrest him too.

      That may sound funny to you, but how bad do you want to live? If we don’t start putting the fear of God in these people, it’s not going to end well.

      “When the people fear the government, there is tyranny. When the government fears the people, there is liberty.”

      ~ Thomas Jefferson

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OSHA experts, Tammy Clark and Kristen Meghan, spell out the number of reasons why Biden’s vaccine mandates are illegal and what you can do to help fight back.