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  1. With all your evidence…go to Supreme Court to shut down PCR tests and vaccines…and give injured persons the right to sue Governments, Congress, drug companies/investors/profit entities for vaccine njuries/deaths …

    1. eat as many different variety of fermented raw food. from the farm ..raw goat milk, raw cheese ..etc …
      .and variety of mushrooms…we want to get as many different bacterias as possible …pills are not food. I have learned the hard way. .$$$$$

    2. A friend of mine is an expert on microbiome. You have to get rid of the crap in your diet then add in the PRE-biotics to your diet. THEN you can make progress on the microbiome and most of the pro-biotics are a waste of money.

  2. I have never had anti-biotics and eat very well no fast food. But I had Covid 3 times. Dec2019, Feb 2020 and 3 weeks ago. The first two were really bad and last one not good but better than first 2. I dont smoke or drink. So interesting about the microbiome, I wonder if covid kills the bacteria rather than lack of the bacteria allows covid. but will take bifidobacterium

  3. Del, I know you just touched on the ADHD topic, and I know you have done more segments recently on the gut brain connection, but there are so many parents being pushed to put their children on medication for this (my son included) you should look into adhd thrive institute! They talk about how the gut affects a lot of adhd behaviors and how important testing and diet changes can be for children with adhd. I feel that there are so many parents out there that could benefit from this information! I thank you for all that you and your team at The Highwire do and look forward to watching your show every week!

  4. Is it possible to be on the offensive with the pharmaceutical companies? Can we pressure the govts to put the liability back on the pharm companies? I would be very scared if i was a dr or pharmacist or nurse because the liability may be passed on to them. They injected without an information insert, how could they possibly have informed patients to get consent? It is all of us against the pharma they need to produce great products, period.

  5. we must eat as many different variety of fermented raw food. from the farm ..raw goat milk, raw cheese ..etc ..real food..no sugar…maybe a treat 2 x a year…no fast food…no box or process food…

    .and variety of mushrooms…we want to get as many different bacterias as possible …pills are not food. I have learned the hard way. .$$$$$

  6. He lies. Every time he says he doesn’t take money from Pharma everything he does is to preserve the myth of germ theory. They actually did purify it injected into mice, and the only symptom was lack of hunger. I keep hoping that dill hole will stop being such a coward stand up to big Pharma an interview Dr. Young about terrain theory and what a virus is in reality. https://www.bitchute.com/video/jqD5tbQO1WUT/

    1. Scientists debate this question. Del is not a scientist. So lay off of the vitriol. He is doing the best he can with the various scientific views on this issue. Obviously you have made up your mind but other scientists would disagree.

  7. “Remember this.. nothing worth doing ever.. ever.. ever came easy. Following your convictions means you must be willing to face criticism from those who lack the same courage to do what’s right. Relish the opportunity to be an outsider. Embrace that label. Being an outsider is fine. Embrace the label. Because it’s the outsiders that change the world. Who make a real & lasting difference.”

    Donald J Trump

    Love him or hate him. Doesn’t matter. These words couldn’t be more accurate. Are you an outsider or one who lacks courage?

    Congrats to ICAN/Aaron Siri and team and ALL the warriors in Mississippi who fought long and hard in winning the right that should have been there all along. Proof that outsiders make a difference!!! Way to go

  8. I’m not huge on “viruses don’t exist” but I also don’t dismiss it. The interview with the lovely woman here, and how they assume there is a virus present, doesn’t give me much fodder to disprove the “no virus” theory.

  9. Dr. Hazan: Sounds like a lotta Bull fecal mixed in with some truths. 300 clinical trials for Big Pharma. ALL BIG PHARMA ARE EVIL. Who owns her?
    I am very sure that I would not let her stuff a capsule.of “fecal” material up my arse.
    Dell, what are you doing?

    1. Well, you havent paid attention to what is going on with this issue. Many miraculous cures have been observed with microbiome replacement. I have a friend who was a painter for decades. All the chemicals left him chemically sensitive to everything. Change his microbiome and complete recovery.

  10. Wow! Jefferey Jaxen, thanks for the great reporting on the fallacy of antidepressants. Full disclosure: I’ve taken them many times in the past. I haven’t been on them in years, because they didn’t help me and I always doubted the science (non-science) around the chemical imbalance theory. I discussed it with several of my prescribing doctors, but most of them just wanted to write me a prescription.

    These kinds of reports are the reason I love The Highwire and am a regular contributor. Most everyone else just goes with the flow. There is so much false information out there about so many drugs.

    And Del, you are right. I can’t go 10 minutes watching TV without seeing a freaking drug company ad! I don’t remember them being this prevalent even 10 years ago. It’s sickening!

  11. BINGO! Vaccines with Aluminum, Round Up, Mercury, etc…, kill the microbiome, thus the Autism gut symptoms, from the “Second Brain”…

  12. Doctors practice “medicine”…hmmm…Not once have I heard a doctor referenced as practicing health.
    Btw…at anytime during this “plandemic” did any “expert” suggest or imply healthy considerations?

  13. Big Pharma their “useful idiots” and their liars.
    Keep in mind…Big Pharma isn’t in the business to cure disease…that would be antithetical…They want consumers…customers for life.
    “Stakeholders will signup when they see the “profit”
    “Vaccines are great, with a 20% return on investment – Kill Gates

  14. Re: religious exemptions Del commented that CT is ‘hanging”. Really???? Because he was there the day CT voted the religious exemption out in 2021. CT does not have a religious exemption, except for those granfathered in.

  15. It’s all about safety and effectiveness for anybody.
    I still do not feel like converting into any organised religion for the sake of avoiding the shots. Somehow I perceive that’s equally limiting.

  16. Not only did the vaccines not work in New Zealand they most likely provoked the pandemic since the Pfizer studies revealed that Covid was the third most adverse effects for the ones who received the vaccines.
    That is without mentioning the deaths that they caused along with the lowering of the birth rate and the increase of all causes mortality.

    I also want to point out to you, Del, that Dr. Cole was not right in the end because the Pfizer documents released recently confirmed that graphene oxide comes into the composition of vaccines to stabilize the lipid nano particles.

    Looking forward for you to discuss that issue again because it is most likely linked to the nanogel of DARPA with the self assembling micro-circuits in the bodies of the vaccinated people acting as microchips and/or antennas able to receive and transmit biological datas.

    It would also be interesting to invite Dr. Beverly Rubik who was interviewed by Tess Lawrie about 5G and 4G’s effects on human health and how a very short exposure alters dramatically the quality of the blood.

    Thanks for all you do with Jefferey and your fabulous team. I am often moved by your interviews and your beautiful sensitivity and humanity aside from your amazing sharpness of mind and critical thinking.


  17. I’ll tell you this. I was put on all the popular drugs for depression back in the 90’s. I wasn’t depressed…I had a shitty living situation. Those drugs landed me in the hospital over and over. Top it with the depo provera birth control shot and my mind was done. I didn’t know the effects on my brain of the depo shot until I received it after my son was born. I had been off all medications through the entire pregnancy and only took prenatals and I had never been mentally and physically healthier in my entire life. They gave me that birth control shot and I felt the head change. I fought through it for the entire 3 months it was in my system. I lost so many important times in my adolescence to grow and now live off disability. Thank GOD my son is hella smart and has a world of opportunities ahead of him. But like so many other boys he has adhd and autism. However, he is self-sufficient and has a mom who won’t let ANYONE harm him with anymore vaccines, DRUGS, or anything else this government tries to throw at us. I OWE DEL and everyone at the highwire this awakening. And I’m really trying to stay on the donations list each month! Some months are harder but I can assure you it’s not going to coffees when I can’t donate!!

  18. It’s a shame that your organization wants my support, but you can’t get the downloadable (mp3) version of the latest episode posted. Those of us who don’t want to be tethered to a screen or can’t stream are left with just the clips. This has been the case for weeks now. Your work is appreciated and incredible, but I have missed out on several episodes now because of someone’s inability, or poor business decision, to post the entire show in a timely manner. What a shame.

  19. I wish you guys would fight for WV. Us and California are the only two states that will only exempt for medical. And even then, it’s almost impossible. I’m currently fighting right now for the medical exemption for my children to attend a private school. Sending the papers to Charleston this week. Will update on the news! I’m trying to be the change, but we still need your help ICAN!

  20. Speaking of fecal testing and the colon etc. The Highwire NEEDS to have Dr. Brian Ardis on and look into this recent validation where a recent study found Snake venom peptides from vipers, and cobra’s etc. as well as conotoxins from venomous snails in the stool of people suffering from “long covid”!. I believe this Hazan woman found “covid” but I do not believe it’s a “virus”, but rather a bio weapon, and may be linked to these snake venom and conotoxin peptides in some way. I believe what she calls “viruses” are in fact bacteria, and toxins, or a bio lab created bio weapon. Check out this video on confirmation of what Dr. Ardis has been saying about snake venom peptides and possible contamination of the water supply etc. https://vokalnow.com/video/5815?utm_source=Klaviyo&utm_medium=campaign&_kx=gVRDKM5vFJcE2_cjIfyJjvKvlkUBQ_lB6WIMg9Llg4nRwj7LfksWFYfcbnIxFgx5.SwvL6p

  21. I was with Dr. Sabine until she tried to explain the modern solution to isolating a virus! ?
    The Chinese provided the world with the genetic sequence for covid-19 and NO ONE IN ANY COUNTRY actually verified that this genetic sequence BELONGS TO THE VIRUS THEY CLAIM CAUSED THIS PLANDEMIC!
    It’s like getting the DNA for a murder suspect and being told, that’s the guy you’re looking for, without actually verifying if his DNA is found anywhere at the crime scene!
    It’s ludicrous! The whole friggin virology department is pure horse crap!

    Viruses cannot be responsible for causing these diseases because if that were true, everyone would be dead from the 380 TRILLION viruses currently living symbiotically in all of us!
    Enough with this industry sponsored FAKE NEWS!

    God did not create man to be susceptible to viruses so much so that he requires a man made commercial medical product to survive it’s existence! Have faith in the Lord your God who created you, perfect in his image!

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ICAN Secures Religious Exemption From Vaccination In Mississippi in Historic Legal Win for Medical Freedom; Jefferey Jaxen Reports on the Censorship Industrial Complex, which Has Stooped to New Lows, Then Science is Starting to Show Why the Antidepressant Epidemic is Destroying America From Within; New Study Suggests COVID Vaccine cuts vital bifidobacterium in half. Study Author & Microbiome Expert Joins Del In-Studio to discuss; A New Zealand Pastor Spoke Out Publicly Against Lockdowns and Mandates. Now He is Set to Serve Months in Prison While Govt Admits Overreach and Mistakes.

Guests: MaryJo Perry, Lindey Magee, Aaron Siri, Esq., Billy Te Kahika, Sabine Hazan, M.D.

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AIRDATE: April 20, 2023