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Episode 250: GAME, SET, MATCH



  1. Del! FaBulous. But, a suggestion.

    Have a medical doctor do a full medical lab analysis of several people who are vaccinated but show NO obvious side effects. I believe the results will be scary. I’d love to see this analysis. I believe lots of people are damaged – and don’t even know it, much less understand how damaged they are. I’ve even spoken to people who showed signs of heart damage, but shrugged it off because iit was transitory at the time, but I believe the damage is permanent.
    to your health, tracy
    Author: A New Theory of Cure

    1. all the dead people, all the poverty, all the traumatized youth who won’t take the mask off because they are scared into thinking they will die if they do, all the babies and children who are deranged or otherwise thwarted due to a key feature of learning (seeing peoples faces!!) being hidden from them, and all the permanently damaged people who got the vaccine and so far are still living (who I believe will all be dead within 5 years), NOW they can lift everything. Agenda depopulation met. If they aren’t already dead from all this, they will be soon. Sorry to be so harsh, but I believe THIS is why they are working hard now to lift the fear and change the narrative. They want to look like the good guys now, put us all at ease and go about our lives, while they sit in an ivory tower watching all perish! Except of course the ones who held out and did not vaccinate. Hopefully we are still healthy if we don’t somehow become “infected” with the vaccine by other vaccinated folks!

  2. Del, I would like to introduce you to Dr.Peter Glidden a Naturpath. He would be fantastic to interview. Your audience would enjoy the insight of a doctor who can offer non-prescription remedies with success and relieve thei fear and concerns. His website: riseupintohealth.com and his phone: (855) 347-3696

  3. Del, I would love to see an interview with Dr. Tom Cowan digging into the science of how virologist know there is a “virus” and how they know it causes disease or illness. I know you had Dr. Andrew Kaufman on who talked a little bit about this but it is worth going deeper down this road. I actually believe this will be the only road to go down at some point because if the science doesn’t exist that proves viruses exist and that they cause disease then why is there a vaccine or masks or social distancing or lockdowns? What is the true role of our immune system or is it a toxicity removal system? What is the true role of bacteria in nature and where does it come from; from the outside or from within?

  4. Del: You point our that you are, or were, a progressive liberal most of your life. When are people going to realize that progressives are the cause of this entire Covid fiasco and the destruction of American as we know it? Progressives are spreading fear, hysteria and outright lies to gain control over people’s lives. Time to address the root cause of the destruction of American freedom.

  5. I have noticed some friends, in their 70’s, who have never had heart issues and are fully vaccinated are having heart issues. One guy crashed just fell over unconscious while playing golf.. The interesting point is that the doctors cannot give them a detailed diagnosis. They are mystified.

    1. My next door neighbor, 79 years old, was very robust, active, and healthy prior to receiving the Pfizer vaccine. Hours after receiving the second dose he started having breathing issues. He was rushed to the hospital. He was founf to be suffering from myocarditis. He has NEVER had a heart issue. After four days in the hospital he returned home, but is still very sick. His wife told me he has no energy and is basically bed ridden. She knows his condition is a direct result of these vaccines. She said they were coerced by their children into getting the jabs against their better judgement. Their grown kids told them they could not see their grandchildren unless the got vaccinated. The doctor told them his condition has nothing to do with the jab. they are lying and she knows it. there is absolutely no recourse! Everyone is in denial except the wife. She knows the truth. Meanwhile the hospital is collecting huge payments from the Cares Act for treating this “COVID” patient. We truly live in George Orwell’s ‘Animal Farm” 1984.

  6. I think you either need a new ISP or servers. It seems it is becoming increasingly difficult to watch videos due to stalls, or sometimes not even starting.

  7. Ontario stats regarding infection of vaxxeds vs unvaxxed: is that by percentage or qty? IF there are 1 million vaxxed vs 100k unvaxxed – obviously the vaxxed will have more cases.

    Can someone clarify this?

  8. Obviously the vaxxed will have more cases?? The vaccine is suppose to STOP people from getting this virus. Is your statement actually for real? The vaccinated are NOT protected and are getting these viruses at a greater rate than the unvaccinated. I know of five people who have had horrible reactions to this poison. Wake the “H” up! Everything is being done to hide the truth.

  9. Actually I disagree with Aaron Siri, locking down the vaccinated and imposing restrictions on them removing them from jobs and the military would be a good thing. They’re a risk to the human species and screwing up the gene pool for natural god created humans.

  10. Justice Sotomayor clearly does not understand the constitution, We know that being an demented like Biden does not prevent you from becoming President, not does being an idiot President, i.e. Bush43,, now we know that having a brain is no longer a requirement for being a supreme court justice as long as you are for the one world government and against the people and the constitution, kind of like the Nigerian president who preceded Trump.

  11. The State, no matter federal or otherwise, does not have the legitimate police power to “protect pubic health”. If I as an individual don’t have the power, neither can I hand that over to a governing body. The State is there to protect my RIGHTS, not my health, and anything outside that purview is arrogated power.

  12. Regarding what Aaron Siri was saying from about 2h 40m – 2h 45m into the show, point out that the unvaccinated are like a minority whose rights should be protected, I agree! & I think we need a new social justice movement, therefore I created https://www.thestrongfoundation.com/naturalpeoplesrights . I call this form of bigotry & discrimination misonaturalism – the bigoted belief that natural people and natural lifestyle choices are inferior to synthetic lifestyles and those who choose them. Misonaturalism is a form of discrimination or prejudice. It is the hatred or dislike of, aversion to, distrust of, contempt for, or prejudice against anyone who makes a natural lifestyle choice, including but not limited to natural medicine, natural immunity, natural birth, etc. Framing it in this way can help more people wake up to reality, I think. Everyone seems to want to jump on the bandwagon when it comes to social justice movements, these days.

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Episode 250: GAME, SET, MATCH

The War on Pro Athletes; Ethics Expert Fired Over Mandate; Vaccine’s Flopping Against Omicron; New Docs Expose Fauci; ICAN Landmark Wins & Critique of SCOTUS Hearing.

Guests: Jonathan Isaac, Aaron Kheriaty M.D., Aaron Siri, Esq.

#OmicronVariant #Covid #WhyIStand #ExposeFauci #ProjectVeritas #NBA