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Episode 264: FORCE OF NATURE



  1. Could you pull out Jeffery Jaxen reports as separate videos as you do with other parts of the programme? It would be really useful to have his data every week all in one place. Thank you. Keep holding the line.

  2. Can anyone help me to find a way of downloading the episode so that I can watch it offline. Either my internet is total rubbish or something’s blocking it, but I can’t get to see more than 5 minutes of it. It’s constantly buffering or doing nothing. It’s getting frustrating. If I could download it and watch it from my phone or laptop then I’d at least get to see it. Thank you. C x

  3. CarolynTomkinson:
    Don’t know if this will work for you. This worked for me in the past when I had buffering issues on my pc.
    Right click on the video … copy “Copy Video Link” … paste this link in another window and hit “Enter.”
    If it works, you should be able to watch The Highwire.

  4. Please make an easy way to edit ICAN donation amounts. I have wanted to increase my donation for months but don’t want to make two separate entries. Seems like it takes me to the donation management site without a way to edit or be remembered who I am.

    I confess being new to such sites, and want to make more of a difference. Thanks.

  5. Liked the MIT SCIENTIST coverage. Deep science but not too hard to understand. Will there be any pushback from our group against the WHO!? I can not believe goofball book by B. Gates came out! He obviously considers himself to be a play caller in the plandemic game. Love that there are really good minds joining forces to work on these problems created by nefarious actors on global stage. Evil will not prevail.!

  6. 2 anecdotal cases. 2 people both early 60’s, in good health prior, both triple jabbed, one developed small intestinal cancer and is undergoing treatment, the other diagnosed with CUPS but probably biliary origin, just deceased after failed 2 rounds of chemotherapy. As a RN of 27 years and still practicing I am not looking forward to the potential dark winter this year. I am so happy I am living rent free with family and received my religious exemption and am un jabbed. Thank You Del and Team I have a few months ago, will give again, The work you are doing is invaluable.


  8. There is no evidence of ANY covid associated variant. Not a single physical sample has been found. The entire narrative has been fiction since day one.

  9. More sad news … there is no such thing as “non-gmo” or “gmo-free”. Additionally nothing you get from a store can actually be considered as “organic”. Furthermore, the FDA actually makes it legal for food sources to LIE about all of it. Your best bet for truthfully clean food is to grow your own stuff in your own soil. Pretty much any other source is a dang LIE, unless you know them personally and can actually watch them openly.

  10. The democrat / republican mentality is a divisive concept created by our govt.. Once you realize the 2-party illusion is only there to control you, their diabolical system begins to collapse. Furthermore, nobody has really voted in a president since the 1940’s. The rich elite always buys whomever they want. The People are merely tricked into believing they have a voice.

  11. Bloody news anchors need to get their heads on right, since when was Tony Stark a super villain? – idiot!
    Thank you ICan, Del, the team & Jeffrey for all you do
    Thank fully my family are awake though I was frightened for a while that my 23 yr old was going to get the vax just to get here and there. He doesn’t listen to this stuff but whatever opened his eyes has worked. Our 17 yr old listens to his Brother and 28 yr old Sister – dare I say, so far x x

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Episode 264: FORCE OF NATURE

Tyrannical Bills Pulled in CA; The Travel Mask Mandate Melee; New Dismal Covid Vaccine Data; MIT Scientist Finds Possible mRNA Vaccine-Brain Disease Connection

Guest: Dr. Stephanie Seneff