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  1. amerika is sick to the bone . . . . your geverment is laying cheating om there own people. snd for the rest of the world just a normal terrorist . see ukraine see NS2 see al the wars see killing there own presedent. . . amerika you are a bully on the world and your own people ..

  2. Hello Del and Highwire Team,
    I am a follower and financial contributor to the Highwire and value the work you do. This is my first comment as something you are now covering is personal to me and my family. As a single mother who has raised two kids, I consider myself an honorary “Father Fighter “. My oldest son came out as Transgender when he was 12. This was in 2017 before the media and political frenzy that’s happening now. I had to navigate and research the medical history of gender affirming care. It was not easy. I did uncover, on my own, the negative side affects of the puberty blockers. My son did not take them. However, with my support, and a carefully monitored low dose of testosterone, he has successfully transitioned. He is living a successful life, is excelling in college, and is truly happy. This brings me to my main point. How is it okay for my state, Iowa, to take away parents rights to help their children navigate this difficult road. Recently signed into law, no minor can receive gender affirming care even with parental consent. I hope you will cover this side of this issue as it is truly a violation of freedoms and an overreach of government. Thank you for listening.

  3. This is unbelievable. I have babies 3. the truth the full whole truth must come fully out and those involved held to full n. Its the only way we can continue and take pharma down defund pharma. That would crash their system.

  4. **Happy Birthday Del Bigtree**, 53 Today !!!! So proud of you and your HighWire team., Aaron, Jefferey, Marie, and every one of you. But Today is Del Bigtree’s birthday, so a great big Happy Birthday to you big guy.

  5. Just want to say thank you to Del for speaking out against Mob Rule this week. I don’t have anything to add, you said it all well.
    Never forget, America is NOT a Democrazy! And no country should ever strive to be one. There’s a good reason why Socrates HATED Democrazy’s!

  6. If you don’t want teachers influencing your child’s identity, remove them from the schools that push that idealism on kids that young. It is the sole responsibility of the parent(s) to guide the child on their journey to adulthood. Schools have absolutely no place in the upbringing of children.
    If I had a child in a school that attempted to influence my child’s identity, I would remove that child from that school forever!
    Those type of school boards DO NOT deserve your dollars!!

  7. This gender thing is being rammed down our throats and the question is WHY? Why are they doing this.What is their agenda?It’s so hard to even figure out why they are pushing this,unless they want to push these drugs and make a lot of money

    1. Or to sterilize these kids. And make money. Permanent customers once you get kids hooked on cross-sex hormones. Destroys their bodies. So, if they get off of these drugs, they’ll have others to take forever due to bone density problems, etc.

  8. Great episode. Thank you for finally tackling the transgender kid issue. It was great hearing that from your untested medicine perspective. The issues of course go much deeper, so keep on it.

    I am concerned with one part of the EV story. You’ve been a beacon of truth, but there is one big thing you got wrong. When discussing the new car target of 56% of new vehicles being EV by 2032, Del and Jansen concluded that meant 56% of all cars on the road, new and used. You concluded perfectly functioning used ICE vehicles would be forced onto trash heaps in 2032, which is completely incorrect. An authoritarian state could do that later, and some in the green movement would certainly want that. But that is not the EPA proposal you were discussing. New car targets != all cars on the road. Stay skeptical about where it could go later, but please communicate clearly and exactly what is in the proposal.

  9. My heart is breaking again for this dear father. I cannot imagine how he feels. I pray that God will comfort him and give him a reason to keep on doing what he is doing.

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Last week’s interview with Neil deGrasse Tyson went viral, with cuts of the interview garnering millions of views on social media, and even making it onto America’s most-watched Mainstream News Network; Award-winning Musician Dedicates Music Proceeds to the COVID Vaccine-injured; Jefferey Jaxen Reports on the gender transition pipeline in Schools and hospitals, the failing Green Agenda, and Mouse Study Emerges Suggesting Spike Protein distributes Throughout the Body; The Father and Brother of Julian Assange, a journalist jailed for 4 years in ‘UK’s Guantanamo Bay,’ are fighting for his freedom; Finally, new science reaffirms early treatments and will save millions of lives, if it isn’t suppressed.

Guests: Brad Skistimas/Five Times August, Ernesto Ramirez, John Shipton, Gabriel Shipton, Dr. Pierre Kory