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  1. I am the mom of two kids: my son (Jake age 16) who has not been vaccinated, and my step-daughter (Kate age 17) who was fully vaccinated by her mother.

    Kate (fully vaccinated) got sick (not Covid) and pass the illness to my son (not vaccinated) after one week. She is STILL sick 3 weeks later. Jake is fine.

    Just sayin’.

        1. Why does nobody question infertility as a side effect in not only this cv 19 vaczeen, but flu shots and others they have been pushing on our babies for the last God knows how many years? Getting sick of the narrative that everyone is all on board with this insanity. It is heartbreaking to see children being victimized and traumatized in this charade being perpetrated on the people.

  2. These so called doctors seem to believe if they make weak pathetic comments of concern about this medical product they are out of the group who still said yes to this unproven possibly dangerous injection given to American children. Sorry to inform you life doesn’t work that way. The day will come when you will be held accountible.

  3. The criminals in government don’t care about children and neither does Bigliar.

    They just use them as pawns, in the sick games they play, for multi-million dollar mansions, and all of their toys.

  4. I’m reading the book Dissolving Illusions: Disease, Vaccines and the Forgotten History by Suzanne Humphries, M.D and Roman Bystrianyk, which documents the history of vaccines and their failure throughout the last four centuries. Vaccines and their mandated use caused terrible adverse reactions and deaths in children (and adults) who had been healthy prior to the vaccinations. Good hygiene, clean water, sewage treatment, and healthy foods are the keys to a healthy population. But big Pharma and governments can’t make billions on a healthy population. Vaccines are their big money maker. Through vaccination, they continue to make everyone sick with no proven safety or effectiveness toward good health. As long as the population is sick, they will take dangerous medications and medical treatments. A sick population believes Pharma’s lies, even though Pharma tells the truth in every advertisement. They tell the truth and then twist it to befuddle and brainwash. We need to start over on a clean slate without the billionaire psychopaths . How can that be accomplished? I recommend this book and others like it be mandatory (sorry for that word) reading and subjects in schools.

  5. Any parent, at this point who ok’s their child’s vax should be vaxed one month prior.. but that’s still Russian Roulette; ahem, I mean American Roulette.
    Russia’s people are fine today..

  6. Having listened to this and many other so called expert panels regarding COVID-19 disease caused by SARS-COV-2 I have come to the unfortunate conclusion that many of these people have NO IDEA what they are talking about! Dr. Michael Kurilla for instance in this panel at 10:00 posed the question of this “vaccines” efficacy considering the “strain” they are using is nearly 2 years behind the Delta variant. The reason this statement by itself worries me is that even though it is a reasonable question for a lay person. This medical professional that should understand that this is NOT a typical vaccine. The viral variations cannot be accommodated unless they alter the mRNA sequence and what it codes for! This is a form of gene therapy initiating the endogenous production of spike protein.
    Every medical professional that has even an elementary understanding of the immune system, virology and pathophysiology SHOULD understand that this kind of intervention will by definition lead to chronic autoimmune disease in particular in cases of “booster” shots. They SHOULD also understand that there is a real threat for sever acute reactions based upon what we know of the spike proteins activity in the body as a cytotoxin. Further, they SHOULD know about the threat pathogenic priming poses! It is hard for the rational mind to accept that they would willingly promote the experimentation on CHILDREN with a gene therapy that has evidence to support the increased incidence of pericarditis (an average of 5 year survival rate) and probable evidence of increased rates of infertility and sterility. We have put way too much trust in ivory tower physicians…

  7. This is the right blog for anyone who wants to find out about this topic. You realize so much its almost hard to argue with you (not that I actually would want?HaHa). You definitely put a new spin on a topic thats been written about for years. Great stuff, just great!

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“We are never going to learn how safe a vaccine is until we start giving it. That’s just the way it goes.” Those were the words of an FDA advisor and voting member who greenlit the experimental shot for kids.