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  1. Thank you for covering this Covid farce and the political agenda behind it. I’m not a person that ever watched you previously on CBS for wherever. know, i instinctively, that the MSM just puts out Bull Shit and I neve waste my time.
    What i find interesting is your transformation from the MSN diatribe to The Highwire,; holding the Covid criminals responsible. Thank you and “your team” for what you’re doing. You and they are NOW real rock stars.

  2. Even in “free” states that have blocked mandates, there still exist hospitals and hospital systems that follow the toxic treatment protocols for “Covid.” Do not assume you are safe if you are in FL, TX, AZ. Several months ago, friends of mine visited Florida. One of them didn’t feel well, but was not experiencing “Covid symptoms.” They kept testing him in various ways, saying they couldn’t treat him unless he was there for Covid! They kept him there and “treated” him. He died several days later, after being intubated. Please warn people to be very selective and careful about medical care EVEN IN RED STATES. Even the most awake among us could be vulnerable. What can we do in these situations?

    1. Try another browser. I’ve found that sometimes Firefox acts up and I have to switch to Chrome or another browser. It can also help to clear your cache. Hope that helps.

  3. You need to address the buffering problem – it makes the videos so aggravating to watch. that you give up even trying. This has only started happening in the last 3 weeks.

  4. These Episodes are taking soo long to load, what is causing this problem?

    Is someone trying to hack (slow buffering) the HighWire screening them?

    It would be good If Del or Jackson could acknowledge this problem we are experiencing..

  5. Del, as I’m sure you are aware, Many people are having problems with buffering. Me too. I’m guessing that it’s due to the fact that your viewership is growing exponentially. The solution is to expand your streaming capacity to equal the number of people trying to view your program. Of course, this will cost $$$. I, for one have been sending $21 per month to your cause for nearly a year as are many other people. Please use some of that cash to expand your streaming capacity ASAP. I don’t want this issue to cause a drop in viewership. Thanks for all you do.

  6. Interesting! Past episodes seem to buffer right up and play instantly. Not so the current episode #253.
    Like so many others this seems to be an ongoing issue. It’s a shame. Keep up the good work and all the best to ICAN, the work they are doing, and the entire team at the Highwire.

  7. I thought I’d found the solution to my Mac downloading problem, which (I thought) was that I can download with Google Chrome but not with Opera. Now, however (Saturday), I can download with Opera too and so I’m going back to my original complaint: that it becomes possible to download the episode at some point, but that it’s never clear when that point is. Considering the many complaints about difficulty watching online, this is something that calls for improvement. Again, could it please simply be established when downloading will be possible, and then that time widely announced? Thanks.

    1. Coming up on a month that I haven’t been able to get through a whole episode because of it buffering. Don’t have the option to download and watch on my iPhone, at least not that I can find. ):

  8. Complaints about buffering:

    Put your money where your mouth is, please.
    I think Del said that less than 5% of viewers are donating…

    A BIG Thank You to those who are!

  9. Interesting interview with Martin Armstrong. Strongly disagree with his simplistic denial of human induced climate warming. Just as the science is overwhelmingly against the safety and efficacy (or need for) the Covid vaccines (for all vaccines for that matter), it is also so for human beings as the driver of the current warming.

    1. Absolutely fascinating interview with Martin Armstrong. I wasn’t aware of him or his forecasting methods. Thank you for bringing on someone so intriguing!

  10. I had a buffering problem last week using Firefox. I copied the url, opened Edge, and the episode played immediately. Same problem this week. If you’re using Firefox, try a different browser.

  11. I live in Banderas Bay on the Pacific coast of Mexico. Where I am, we are seeing a tremendous influx of Americans and Canadians who are buying property and moving down here full time. It used to be mostly retirees but now it’s young couples and whole families coming down.

  12. That was the most depressing episode I’ve ever seen and I’ve seen them all. During the time after years of hard work with no pay we start seeing things shift in our favor if you will and Del brings on this guy. He is someone you would want to hear from but the timing could not be worse. WTH are you thinking Del? You know I love ya but to put up this at this particular time was not smart and may I suggest you quit trying to piss certain powers off with your ha ha I’m still here talk. All Americans need to unite not divide… who is your right hand person… some one to pull u in and keep you in check?… I was depressed after this episode, felt beaten down… maybe it’s me but thought I’d let you know how I felt and ty for listening.

  13. OK. Single click on the vid you want to watch, then right click to bring up various options. Go down the list to open vid in new tab and single click on this, the vid should instantly load.

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New High for Vaccine Failure; Freedom Convoy Goes Global; Unrest at HHS; Countries Roll Back Restrictions; Cancel Culture Cancels Self over Joe Rogan; Economic Forecaster Predicts End of Nations

Guest: Martin Armstrong