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Episode 309: BUSTED



  1. From the Wuhan Lab? That lab ONLY? What about all the labs in UKRAINE? and college campus labs, etc. I think we should pause and look and take note that the big enlightenment is happening unnaturally fast from the very places that instituted the Plandemic. I’m supposed to be impressed by FBI director Christopher Wray giving a PREPARED statement of the origins of covid? The SAME FBI that made sure Twitter (and what other media) were systematically censoring Americans and misinforming about the Hunter Biden Laptop? FBI has to clean house before I take anything they say on face value! If the FBI and Energy Dept. “assessed” that it was a Wuhan lab only leak–then WHY were they blocking discussion about all this in media? It sounds like well-timed pre-war China fearmongering. Wellcome Trust is like a UK version of Bill Gates — they fund stuff together. It appears the Wuhan Lab leak is and always has been the fallback position; is the use of Wuhan to be the single demon rather than allowing the public to see that the system for gain 0f function research is HUGE, including labs in Ukraine, Brazil, and just about every college and institute throughout the USA in compartmentalized funding grants! I’m not buying these ‘revelations’.

  2. The bird flu is established by that false PCR test. They are killing millions of birds who have no symptoms based on that test. When an insane plan works, they keep at it.

  3. Damn these people lying to us about what we inject into our babies at 1 days old.
    Even premature babies!!!!!!! It is disgusting and disgraceful!
    They are evil and we just follow like zombies.
    I hope that people wake up. Never again for my kids.
    May God bless u Mr. Bigtree and Mr Siri for fighting for our babies for our innocent babies.
    Thank for educating us and for bringing it to the light. Those people are the scum of the earth but God will have the last word on this.

  4. Yes. Humor. That’s why they take memes down. They lyingly label memes all kinds of nasty stuff. It is a tightrope humorists walk because they’ll try to misrepresent the material .and silence the social commentary/satire in that process. In the case of Lenny Bruce, they focused on his profanity until they gave him criminal status. After reading Mark Twain’s war poem I realized that — had he lived during the mid-20th century — he probably would have been a target of COINTELPRO.

  5. I do not believe there ever was ANY Covid at al.The Falsified Death certificates..The FLU seeminly having disappeared.. WHY are you stil Towing the Covid Narrative Del? Love so much of what you do here..But Come On already..Dig Deeper.

  6. Aaand.Considering The ABSOLUTE Woke Garbage our Children ate taught in Schools..AKA..The Mind Control Factories.. Why are people upset about their children Not being bale to go to school? I get that Lockdowns were Evila nd did Massive Harm..But..Homeschool your Kids! Children are being abused in schools..Programmed..My Friend’s Son was Totally Manipulated In to believing he was a SHE! Pupils are Bludgeoned OUT of Imagination and IN to Servility and Slavery!

  7. We need to be careful here on who to point the finger at. Jeffery did bring that point home. The Chinese aren’t complicit in this alone. Can we assume the current administration and Chinese worked on this together for a much broader purpose? They seem awfully chummy in other connections.

    I was not a faithful follower of the plandemic from the get go. It took me about 30 seconds to smell a skunk. My father always questioned govt. I dont watch hardly any tv, so wasnt brainwashed by them. Walked out of a grocery store after publicly making a stand bcuz they were going to make me wear a mask before mandates were ever in place. By the way, I found ways around that as well. We’ve had vaccine injury in our family. The timing of coming across The Highwire, Del, Jeffery and team… I’m still scratching my head. I had traveled to DC for the Vaxxed Rally on the plaza. Heard Del speak at another event in MN. ALL just ahead of this complete nonsense. God works in mysterious ways sometimes. Im going to believe the timing of all such things for me was divine.

    Hearing these parents talk about what they have learned in treating Autism, has me wondering if my grandsons seizure activity (which started after MMR) might not be managed similarly, especially through diet. This would also be an important conversation. When the Dr mentioned putting him on the generic form of Depakote and I looked up the side effects, not to mention they were going to have to monitor his liver enzymes, I was like that’s insanity. We need to find a better way. Much like Autism parents, we are doing our homework.

  8. Finding that the documents referred to in the current episode very blurry. Is your site being jammed somehow? Maybe low band width is being used to save money?

    1. The only reason the ” experts” are “admitting.” the covid19 came from the Wuhan lab, is they want to keep the narrative of fear going as long as they can. The last thing they want anyone finding out is that covid19 was just one big LIE… it never existed, it was used as a ploy to get as many people poisoned by the shots as possible. examples: the flu took a year off, no one died of covid19 at home only at the hospitals, no c19 virus has ever been isolated etc.. THEY ARE STILL LYING ! DON’T BELIEVE ANYTHING THEY TELL YOU!

  9. This was a response from my congressman John Joyce of Pa about the WHO: Thank you for taking the time to share your thoughts regarding the World Health Organization. I appreciate hearing from you and having the benefit of your views.

    As you may know, the Biden Administration has offered amendments to the World Health Organization’s constitution. With the WHO’s reputation for lacking transparency during the COVID-19 pandemic, I understand and share some of your frustrations.

    Regardless of if these amendments are adopted or not, the WHO is unable to supersede our American constitution and laws. Please know that I would never support any measures that would compromise the sovereignty of the United States.

    Rest assured that this is an issue I am keeping a close eye on.

  10. Levis has had liberal social policies for decades. I stopped buying their products long ago. Finally, one of their leaders got slammed by them – just know that this woman probably agreed with their other terrible social policies, and maybe still does.

  11. Look back at that first WHO ‘expert team’ who went to Wuhan in early 2020. See who they chose to lead the team? Check it out and investigate (if you can) how and why they chose this guy. I’ll let you discover who it was……
    Of course, their report was inconclusive but with this guy in charge, why would this team ever say it way a lab leak when he had been funding and doing research there for years.

  12. I admire Jennifer Sey and really enjoyed the interview. We need more people like Jennifer. She kept speaking the truth, didn’t relent and didn’t take the hush money. Few people are this courageous.

    I am incensed over what is happening in East Palestine. It’s a disaster in more than one way. I can’t believe Biden has refused to give aid to these people. The EPA has been incompetent. I fear for the people living in this town. I’m glad there are lawsuits and hope they win, but I would rather have seen them be respected from the outset and their safety taken into consideration. Bravo to the independent scientists who’ve stepped in to help.

    I had no idea about the aluminum in childhood vaccines or that babies were getting it at only one day old. This is chilling! And if one dares even speculate about vaccines being correlated to our skyrocketing autism rate, they are censored and destroyed. Gee, reminds me of what happens if you question the Covid vaccine narrative.

    By the way, I respect and admire Dr. Andrew Wakefiled. I hate what was done to him.

    I recently became a monthly contributor. I’m grateful to ICAN for holding these agencies’ feet to the fire. I do want to point out Children’s Health Defense too though. That non-profit also does incredible work in this area, including legal challenges. I admire Robert Kennedy Jr. and his team.

  13. it is not so important where the virus was released first. The matter is: was it released by accident or on purpose, given all the 2019 exercises, and the decision to use psychological warfare by the army 2019-2022 to suppress medical dissent ?

  14. Thank you for having Heidi Scheer. Same thing happened to my son >17 years ago. Thanks Highwire for resuming the regressive autism discussion.

  15. Everything that takes place seems to point to an all out effort by certain individuals to take full control of humankind on this planet.
    To hand it over to a single entity, but we as a whole do not consent and need to be aware of the steps that are being taken by those that are part of that entity.
    It has to be stopped!

  16. So the parasites are admitting Covid was a lab leak…well ain’t that special…Hmmm, makes me wonder…are they now ramping up the rhetoric for the next “lab leak” Plandemic? You can bet your propaganda that the next “Plandemic” will be due to a terrorist/rogue group getting their hands on a “Gain of Function” contagion stolen from one of the many research labs in the Ukraine…They are not about to let an established fear campaign like this, go to waste…BE AFRAID STAY AFRAID

  17. The only reason the ” experts” are “admitting.” the covid19 came from the Wuhan lab, is they want to keep the narrative of fear going as long as they can. The last thing they want anyone finding out is that covid19 was just one big LIE… it never existed, it was used as a ploy to get as many people poisoned by the shots as possible. examples: the flu took a year off, no one died of covid19 at home only at the hospitals, no c19 virus has ever been isolated etc.. THEY ARE STILL LYING ! DON’T BELIEVE ANYTHING THEY TELL YOU!

  18. I have to say that Rush Limbaugh who I never listened to until I move to Florida in Oct of 2021 really impressed me and pretty much showed how the Covid craziness was a scam. In Feb of 2020 he sited a report that showed the survival rate for Covid including the elderly was still like 99% something. I from the beginning felt like something was wrong and I never trusted the government or Big Pharma. So I started to search for information and that’s when I found the Highwire. So in March of 2020 my wife and I decided that we would not were masks or do anything different then we ever did before. Both of us never got a flu shot in our life and we are in our 60’s. We also take vitamins and rarely take any antibiotics. I got Covid in April of 2020 and it was no worse than any other flu. However breathing issues persisted after I got over it but I never got sick again to date not even a sniffle. Yet 100’s of my friends who have had the shot got Covid multiple times. Also many of my friends are experiencing weird health problems that there doctors can’t explain. Many thanks to Rush and to you Del and definitely Jeffrey Jackson!

  19. If the FBI says it is from China, you know they are hiding something; it is probably from Ukraine. I remembered watching a video on Youtube before 2019 that some member of the government saying that “China will catch a bad cold” I’m trying to find that video on Youtube without any luck.

  20. WHO, WEF, UN, Gates Foundation, etc… are the virus and the diseases of mankind. The Bio-terrorists always warn people about what we should be fearing of…

    1. Guys David Martin on his last video on YouTube and for the last 2 yrs has shown the proof abs evidence that this came out of University of North Carlolina Chapel Hill. Everyone in senate knows this yet they won’t go there. Listening to Bill Gates talking about the origins of the other outbreaks is a joke at this point. Look at the NIAID. When we really start talking about this and interview ppl like David Martin and Dr Judy Mikovitz we will all be more enlightened.

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Episode 309: BUSTED

NY Post Exposes 10 Myths told by ‘experts’ about COVID. How Many Did You Get Right?; Former Executive Pushed Out By Levi’s Over Covid Stance Protecting Children; Covering Up Wuhan Pays At The W.H.O.; Ohio Chemical Leak Update Leaves More Questions Than Answers; Mrs. Universe Uses Platform to Inform and Inspire For Autism; Woody Harrelson Stirred it Up On SNL.

Guests: Jennifer Sey, Heidi Scheer

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