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  1. In 2019 I donated $5000 to the Trump campaign. That was a huge mistake! In 2016 Donald Trump’s campaign slogan was “Make America Great Again”. He also talked incessantly about “Draining the Swamp”. I was hoping that he would act accordingly. Well, that did not happen! Here we are in 2021 with the country being devastated by dangerous vaccines, one after an other, that are hurting people and doing absolutely no good. We need new, more effective, boosters, seemingly everyday. Instead of draining the swamp Donald Trump added to the swamp and to the devastation of America. The number one issue facing America is the fear and hysteria created by Anthony Fauci and big pharma claiming that they had the answers to a ‘killer’ virus no more dangerous than the seasonal flu. Trump, the enabler, couldn’t wait to take credit for the wonderful new vaccine. He was used as a tool for big pharma. He was more than willing to allow the murderous Anthony Fauci and the New World Order crowd to dictate mandatory vaccines for everyone. This, in violation of every law of common decency known and in violation of the American Constitution guaranteeing individual rights. Trump played right into the hands of the very swamp that he said he opposed. Right from the beginning he made terrible appointments, starting with the feckless Jeff Sessions. His administration was rife with RINO back stabbers. The list of horrible Trump appointments goes on and on including Wray at FBI, Gaspel at CIA and numerous others. The DOJ became his number one enemy because of the people he trusted and even appointed. What’s even worse Trump, to this day, still insists that everyone get vaccinated with the poison he helped finance and develop. There seems no end to the ‘booster’ shots Fauci and Co. want to give the entire population; even small children who have absolutely NO danger from these viruses and no say, are being injected. Thousands of people are being injured and killed due directly to these vaccines. NO ONE knows the long term consequences for those who were vaccinated. There WILL be consequences. Thank you Donald Trump!

      1. Yes, totally agree. I didnt vote for Trumo and soent the entire 4 years of his presidency observing the circus of his administration and tweets and just freaking out because it was all so weird. So of course I voted for Biden in 2020 and now he is such a disappointment. Medical freedom of choice is crucial, and I don’t get why Biden doesn’t honor that.
        But then I 0resign my self to the sad apparent fact that most of the politicians are bought out by someone. As usual, its follow the money.

  2. Absolutely he needs to desperately become educated on the truth of these matters, but, politics kinda dictate that he’s not labeled anti Vax because the media will destroy him on that. However, he MUST privately learn the truth to enable him to go after the agents of death these people are,if he does get re elected. Personally it’s a deal breaker if he’s on fauci s side or if he’s pro covid lies for profit and genocide. I can’t vote for him if that’s the case.

    1. I figured it out. I couldn’t get them to play either on firefox. Up in the address bar is a little padlock symbol. This brings up settings and you want to find the add-on manager. Where it says “allow automatic updates click the circle for “On.’ Now they play

  3. Interesting, mass psychosis is being stated quite a bit now by various different sources. If you are under the spell of this mass psychosis, you won’t see the truth in what people like me state, you will most likely only rely on the source that created the mass psychosis for your info. This is very true, because a state of psychosis is a disorder in which contact with reality is lost or highly distorted, no matter how irrational the created reality may be. Why? Because psychosis is of irrational thinking, not rational thinking. A lot of people have been inadvertently coerced into only excepting this illusionary created state of consciousness it would seem.

  4. My hospital just initialized a no visitor policy for any patient coming into our ED. Now I n
    Know why…they don’t want outside forces making decisions for their sick loved ones…unbelievable and unconscionable!,

  5. As I also wrote on this matter.

    Many people blindly following the heard while not taking note of how irrational it is following the heard mentality, of course without induced fear the program simply falls apart. As Dr Mark McDonald states, “we can’t become massively delusionary psychotic without first being scared.” In other words put in a state of excessive fear. As I stated very early on, the phrase lockdown, which the same term is used when unruly prisoners are put into lockdown, worried people like me greatly, this is instead of using phrases like preventive isolation.

    As I wrote in a post of mine on my blog Covid-19 Mind Control in August 2021, “Mass psychosis, where the easily lead mind is lead by a psychotic and is duped into persecuting the stronger mind for being stronger, a good example of this is pro-covid vaxxers persecute the now undesirable labelled anti-vaxxers based on an illusion.”

    I would myself put these people creating the mass psychosis as being psychotic themselves, psychosis being a severe mental disorder in which contact with reality is lost or highly distorted. The people running, financing and controlling the psychological programming presently going on, are indeed themselves psychotic. They seemingly live in a reality where humanity, decency, morality and a persona governed by scruples is absent, where the plebs, the common people, they owe everything to are nothing to them, especially when they can’t abuse them for a gain. It is a state where the worthless plebs are psychologically coerced by the hierarchy to even attack other plebs. These plebs attacking other plebs don’t think they will be next on the hit list, be it communist or not.

    You know you live in a reality of mass irrational thinking when the people not vaccinated are persecuted, when they are not the one’s who incubated and spread the new virus strains around the world, like the omicron strain that was created in fully vaccinated people’s bodies, as the creator of mRNA technology said it would.

    As Dr Mark McDonald stated to not feel you are alone in thinking rationally, “Surround yourself with like minded people.” A book titled, “United States of Fear”, by Dr Mark McDonald, is available, he is also in the process in writing a book in how to extract yourself from the fear this programming.

    1. Great episode. I need declare that Google Fiber customers are having the highwire videos throttled. It is incredibly sad, FYI and boiler l plate Letters or actions would helpful.

      I also sent notes to PayPal and Venmo to knock it off and reinstate your commerce capacities and to apologize to you?

      Boy I have been getting a little punchy lately. Mess with my freedom and the constitution and the bills rights and I not going to nice anymore….. geeeeees. I cant belive companies feel do embolden. Well you bullies welcome to dome bull fighting…..

  6. Trump can’t tell Swamp $cience (OBEY, don’t question our authorities, OUR experts) from real science (transparent, debatable) any better than mask formation psychopathy can tell you what’s real. Yes, Trump filled the swamp to overflowing in the end. The swamp is now coming for your kids!

  7. I would bet RFK Jr.’s voice reaction to a vaccine he got could be set straight with the right herb combo. Check into “Ear and Nerve Formula” and it’s track record with various nerve centered issues. Worth a shot?

  8. Don’t worry (1:52:00), YOUR tax dollars will go to life insurance companies to pay them off for the excess death/claims and silence the truth. Bribe money, give and take, flows out of CONgress to Cen$or Truth and push Communism to “Protect” all ewe blindly obedient sheeple… (Translation for sheeple: Baaa aa aaaa aa aaa aaaa aa aaaa aaaaaaa aaa aaa aa aaaaaaa!)

  9. Bribe money, payolla, giving bribes and takin bribes, ALL funded and blessed BY YOUR CONgressmen which is running the whole Covid-Commie Cult from bribing schools to hospitals to state and local govt Commie Cronies.

  10. CURT
    Getting rid of the “DEEP STATE” is no small task. It refers to bankers, lawyers, legislators, people in FBI, CIA, DOJ, key influencers, and much more. Not something you could believe one man could do realistically or not even a “mob” led by a mafia boss/gangster. So the intent was good. A good goal. But not a realistic one and certainly you could question the reality of backing someone who said they could do it no matter how lawless. Most people would probably agree with the goal but not the strategy and certainly not someone who would break laws – I don’t think anyone would think you have to dismantle the constitution in order to dismantle the deep state. I’m humble enough to say I wouldn’t know a good plan to do that if I heard it. But I certainly wouldn’t back someone with a serious personality disorder because it would eventually not have the people’s support – sure a few rich people who could swallow hard but not anyone who knew what “drain the swamp” really meant…it’s going to take someone who can gain the support of the people not someone who beats his team into submission.

    1. Looks like Trump’s team beat Him into submission. The swamp has overflowed the building. “Thank you, thank you very much! Buy my shots! Oh, you are.”

  11. For those of you that are having trouble watching the video, it’s also on Rumble. So, try the rumble app or the rumble website in the duck duck go browser. That’s what I had to do.

  12. Michael 2040: I fully appreciate your observations regarding the enormity of the deep state. That’s not my point. Peter Navarro, Trump’s Secretary of Transportation, with his book “In Trump Time” describes how he tried to warn Donald Trump that Anthony Fauci was ;the ‘most Dangerous Man in America. He pled with Trump to get rid of Fauci because he saw Fauci as a powerful bureaucratic ‘megalomaniac’ (my term). Trump refused, stating that he liked Fauci describing him as a “nice guy”. Trump’s judgement has to be called into question here. Has anyone noticed all the horrible RINO appointments that Trump made? I believe he was getting his advice from Chris Christie another treacherous RINO. I am aware that one man cannot take down this anti American government we have made for ourselves…. but for God’s sake please don’t add to the treachery!!

  13. Omicron is a variant being shed by vaccinated, it does not matter if anyone got the original bioweapon, you get sick from this shedding bioweapon. What applies to wild viruses DOES NOT APOKY TO A POISON BIOWEAPON THAT IS MEANT TO INFECT YOU OVER AND OVER! MANIPULATED BIOWEAPONS ARE DESIGNED TO MAKE YOU SICK! VILE AND EVIL DEPOP AGENDA!

  14. Biden bragged that he, backed by CONgress, had provided 180 BILLION in Bribe money to school districts to mask+++ your children to “keep them open” and keep them torture chambers. “Don’t close that!”

  15. Regarding what AJ Depriest says around 2 hrs in, it ABSOLUTELY is possible for schools to give government money back & still keep running. My daughter’s school did that when the No Child Left Behind act was created, which required schools to have STAR testing for all students in order to receive money. Even if parents opted out of the test, the school still didn’t get the money. At her school, 70% of parents did not want their child to take the test, & they weren’t going to coerce them too, so they just denied the funding. Parents and the school came together & fundraiser instead – the parents and school came together and did a LOT of fundraising events & activities to make up for money lost from the government & not wanting to comply with what they felt was harmful to their children,. That school is Lagunitas School District in San Geronimo in Northern California. So all parents and schools have to do is come together and make it work. No school has to accept that money. I got involved in some of the fundraising events. It’s a really fun way to bring the community together too.

  16. People are bringing out all the hysteria upon themselves and helping the media to continue the fear mongering while making the elite who are fleecing them even richer by rushing out and getting a stupid test that mean absolutely nothing, wakeup people quit doing this to yourselves.

  17. In regards to Del’s comments about sending transcripts of every episode to media outlets: Why aren’t these transcripts added below every episode so that the hearing impaired could read it? Or is there a way to add CC option to each video? After all, the goal is to reach as many people as possible, right?

  18. Great episode. I need declare that Google Fiber customers are having the highwire videos throttled. It is incredibly sad, FYI and boiler l plate Letters or actions would helpful.

    I also sent notes to PayPal and Venmo to knock it off and reinstate your commerce capacities and to apologize to you?

    Boy I have been getting a little punchy lately. Mess with my freedom and the constitution and the bills rights and I not going to nice anymore….. geeeeees. I cant belive companies feel do embolden. Well you bullies welcome to dome bull fighting…..

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A Look Back on HighWire’s Coverage of Covid; Welcome to the Party, Joe Rogan; ICAN Sues for V-Safe Data; Are You Suffering From Mass Delusional Psychosis?; COVID Deaths Down, excess Deaths up? Are Government Payouts Manipulating US Covid Data?

Guests: Dr. Mark McDonald, AJ DePriest