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  1. Great episode. Clarified a lot about what we were seeing earlier as to what is in these vaccines (not parasites, not graphene self assembled structures). Just toxic molecules and a toxic synthetic code that doesnt go away for at least two months.

    1. Actually it’s not clear because there are many vaccines all across the world and all the vials are different from 2020 to 2022 so no it’s not clarified only for the ones he actually tested whatever batches

      1. This was the lamest analysis I’ve ever seen, with this guy soft-pedaling the truth and not admitting that every batch is different. Really annoying. Useless.

  2. The good news is that the difference between spike proteins produced by the virus ,verses the spike proteins produced by the vaccine are able to be identified and separated scientifically.This is a really important point because when the trials come up of Crimes Against Humanity ,against the CDC,WHO,FDA ect.and these vaccine manufacturers,it will be possible to scientifically prove that their vaccine is the source of the ongoing inflammation of spike proteins produced by vaccines singularly.

  3. Why do we keep saying the mrna need more testing? They do not. They have been tested 12 years with the same result. They are dangerous, toxic , fatal and too harmful for patients. I read about this back in 2020 from an ex employee that the nano particles are very unsafe. It also said moderna tried to make a safer one but they dissolved to fast so they went back to the old ones. That article, the saved link and screenshots have vanished from my Google drive. Also, before covid. Moderna tested the mrna on melanoma patients but it did not work . THEY KNEW THIS WOULD HURT PEOPLE AND THAT WAS THE POINT OF IT ALL.

  4. Del, i have shared your videos with family but they won’t watch. They have their own idea of what the highwire is because of the lies about the highwire on lamestream media. Lost cause, they continue to take boosters. Also i was in Minneapolis this weekend at a public event and about half of the people were wearing masks , and just a month ago at a similar event there were very few wearing masks. Total lost cause on so many people. I don’t think there is only 11% taking boosters because i know too many that are following blindly and will just not listen to any real data. What will come from that second opinion event that Sen. Johnson held? Probably nothing.

    1. Maybe you have never in your life been activist enough to see people change. I have; they do. Find others and share support so that we keep on moving forward. We need support, yes. But also, keep keeping on. It does work! Blessings and care.

  5. Until someone or anyone is held accountable criminally this is all just theater. I admire these people for trying to educate the public but they have no power to punish. And until the law that prevents people from suing these pharmaceutical companies is removed nothing is going to change.

  6. Del, what is going on in this world ? is just hideous and evil, beyond explanations. It is all PURPOSEFUL. NO MISTAKES – NO CARELESSNESS – NO MISMANAGEMENT. THEY know exactly what they are doing. They aren’t finished yet. NEXT, they have to disarm the people, BEFORE they can take this to the next Level. They are moving strongly, and moving forward with this NOW, in Amerika. Thomas Jefferson stated CLEARLY “If any law is unjust, a man is only right to disobey it, he is obligated to do so”. Molon Labe, you commie, traitor SOBs. Del, I love what you, and your Team is doing to STOP this Hell on Earth situation; the massive Global Human Extermination Out-roll. I’ve been drinking more, because I see what is coming. Maybe, just maybe, you and your excellent Team, with the help of CHD Team can STOP this evil, hellish global insanity. If I ever did win a lottery, once in awhile I do play, I would gladly pay HALF of my take to ICAN, with the clause to meet you in person, and to enjoy a delicious dinner with you at a prestigious restaurant in downtown Chicago, to give you that Cashier’s Check, in person. I’m sorry, that I’m not a millionaire, Del. I would give you much more each month. Your Team and you, are the f’n BEST. Thank you for all that you are doing. My children don’t understand how fortunate they are, that I actually fought against doctors and nurses, that hated me, because I WOULD NOT ALLOW THEM TO INJECT THEM WITH POISONS. One damn head nurse actually reported me to the CFS, because they were setting us up for a “false positive” blood test to take our healthy no newborn from us in the hospital. My remote nurse midwife told me on the phone, “ Get the F__K out of that hospital”. The CFS agent that morning told me that she was able to STOP a midnight raid to take our children away. FYI That would NOT have occurred at our residence. All charges were dropped after 24 hours, first time for the agent in 20 something years. So, we are in a global war now, trillionaire serial killers are running things now. THIS GLOBAL HORROR WILL ONLY STOP WHEN THEY ARE ARRESTED, TRIED, AND EXECUTED. I will continue to protect our healthy, unvaccinated, very talented, Honor Roll students, from getting ANY toxic injections, for as long as I’m alive. Thank you, Del Bigtree, for such an excellent Show. You clarified so many things about the many questionable “myths” out there on those “scary aliens” lol. You are the BEST, Del Bigtree.

  7. Hmmm….3 years into this scam…no one, not one single person has been charged or jailed…in spite of ALL the evidence compiled by The Highwire, by America’s Frontline Doctors, Dr. Korey, Dr. McCullough, doctor after doctor… Dr. David Martin(who btw sent a packet of evidence to every Senator, Congressman, and D.A.) showing evidence of Malfeasance, corruption and fraud etc. etc….NOTHING BUT CRICKETS!!…I can’t help but ask WHY that is?

    1. Just like the CDC whistle-blower scientist William Thompson who saved 10000 pages (they were to be shredded) about MMR and the relation to Autism. The info was given to a Senator (name escapes me) he brought the info to the floor 1 time and then all convo of it (at that level any way) just disappeared. Where are these documents now?

      Maybe ICAN should be requesting the release of those documents. These medical malpractices and cover ups have been going on for a llooonngg time.

  8. Question: What kind of world would this be, IF a physiological psychopathic serial killer, was given trillions of dollars, and the keys to total control of world governments? Yes, Bill Gates, and Feinds. The FBI, and the CIA? F’m, they are IN this Game of Horrors, PAID OFF COMPLETELY.

  9. I have a couple of questions but I’ll start with this.
    What is the difference between a “spike protein” and an enzyme? Do you know. Do you think there is much difference?
    It seems to me people are either unaware of the role of enzymes, unaware that enzymes are protein (or at least in almost every case they are) and/or unaware that enzymes are referred to as having a ‘lock and key’ function (aka a spike, which ‘binds’ to things).
    So when we see these slides with “spike protein” everywhere in the victims, I have to ask, is this so called “spike protein” the Sars-Cov2 “spike” or is there no way of distinguishing the differences between one “spike” and another “spike/enzyme”?

    I mean, if your body is harmed, poisoned or even going through a standard flu detox, your body will produce enzymes out of necessity. Enzymes are needed for virtually every function. So when people say “naturally infected people get harm from the ‘spike protein'”, well look, I have my theories. Injuries from vaccines will similarly cause a chain reaction of enzymes and if the injury cannot be healed/reversed, I suspect the body will be left with high enzyme activity at the end of life. Enzymes (which aren’t alive) and bacteria don’t die afterall just because a human dies.
    I’m just going to leave it at this for now.

  10. Thank you for an excellent show! I really appreciated all of it, especially the segments discussing the content of the vaccines under microscope. Glad to hear you address the grapheme and parasite rumors.

    But what was most compelling to me was Del’s call to action at the end. I admit I’ve been afraid to talk about this with my family and friends, because nearly all of them are pro-jab. i have shared a few videos and articles with a friend. But watching this make me realize I haven’t done enough. I need to get over my fear of making people upset, being ostracized or not liked. This is too important. It’s life and death

  11. Another takeaway: what they said about the inconsistencies of the vaccines. I’ve heard this from other doctors who have analyzed it. I wonder what this is about. I mean, how do you create a vaccine and not follow the same formula for every dose? It doesn’t make sense. Also weird that some are mostly saline. That would explain why many injected people aren’t getting ill.

  12. My first reaction was favorable, but after some timely reflection, I believe Del shot himself in the foot by “dispelling all the myths”. Let’s set aside the parasite debate. Let us set aside the patents debate. There are very credible doctors and research scientists all over the world who have found in the shot solution, no genetic material at all, and a lot of graphene oxide, heavy metals not associated with syringe needles, besides other structures that cannot be explained. Is Cole saying that he is the only one qualified in the world to analyze salt, sugar, and cholesterol crystals? Why didn’t he show us how the “rod” was turned and became an identifiable cholesterol crystal? Is he disqualifying the credible doctors that found bluetooth signals, each unique, in all the vaxxed and CPR’d that they tested, vs. the unvaxxed who had no signals? Did he duplicate the other tests of the other scientists and doctors who waited a day, 2 days, a week, with 5G, without 5G, refrigerated, unrefrigerated, etc. etc., then analyzed the shot solution, and then did he find them to be false? What about the bodies of the vaxxed who attract magnets? How many different batches has he analyzed over what period of time? Cole wants us to believe he is the authority, to trust him, yet he has not shown us the “science”, only a piece of it. I don’t believe Del should have been so emphatic about only using Cole’s findings to draw the conclusion that all or most of the other observations are just myths. It really makes me question Del, as he has violated his own rule about looking at all the science before making a determination.

    1. You’re absolutely right to get a forget about the parasites and all that it has been proven that graphene was in it vials were tested Dr Cole is in the only person and complete expert on it he’s only testing certain vials we do have vials all across the world

    2. Good point. I’ve come to the conclusion there can be no finality on any assumption at this point. Will the truth ever be divulged? Or will it just remain buried with so many other things that are uncovered and seem to go no where.

  13. Children that are being mutated. this needs to be addressed I would love to hear about how these children are getting the surgeries and pills to change to transgenders.

  14. Another superb episode! As a recently retired clinical lab scientist, I especially enjoyed this visit to the lab with Del and Dr. Cole. And after that distastrous documentary, “Died Suddenly”, this was a much needed antidote. Many thanks to Dr. Cole for his clear explanations, great visuals, and synthesis of information. Thank you, Del, for putting this together and for your talent at synthesizing information, too! Your dedication to finding answers to these great questions is so appreciated, and your passionate call to action resonated with me. I’m adding a task to my calendar now to send this info to my representatives on a regular basis. There are too few of them standing up.

    1. Here again, nothing is final in this discussion. What I got out of Died Suddenly was the devastation of blood clot formation in jab participants. These have been validated by many. If that movie had no other purpose, blood clotting was enough.

  15. you need to invite other scientists around the world that test the things you don’t think it is true… sit with them and go through the process and find out is it true… don’t dismiss them because of your one test…

  16. It’s nice seeing Dr. Cole’s analysis. I was particularly interested to hear that you don’t need to refrigerate these formulations. Any reason why the manufacturers said they had to be kept so cold?

  17. A big question I’ve had is why have vaccine manufacturers gotten away from making traditional vaccines, to this gene therapy approach? When I look at it as an engineer, it seems like a Rube Goldberg approach to providing an antigen signature, because you’re having to create RNA instructions for a human cell to manufacture these proteins, and package up those instructions. Why not take the original virus in a lab, multiply it, attenuate it so it doesn’t infect, and give that in the shot? I’m not skilled in genetic engineering, but isn’t that a simpler, not to mention safer and more effective approach?

  18. A pressing question that I often think about not being vaccinated, and one of my kids who is 24 who is also not vaccinated. And the question comes from my background in biology. I do know that DNA is transferred between microbes. Meaning microbes in the soil, microbes in our gut. AND we are mostly microbes, actually. I am concerned that this mRNA thingies whether complete or whole, can be transferred from a vaccinated person to an unvaccinated person via sexual intercourse. People are having sex everywhere. That won’t ever be stopped. I have good reason to theorize that yes, it could very well be transferred. But I don’t know. I am playing it safe but for my 24 yr old son, who mostly believes mainstream media, and who TELLS me he is not vaccinated, I am very concerned for him. Do you know of any studies that have been done around this? I figure there MUST be somewhere. Jeffery?? Can this be investigated??

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Ron Johnson’s Capitol Hill Covid Vaccine Forum; Is Elon Musk Turning Twitter Trustworthy?; Del’s in the Lab To Investigate Covid Vaccines and Find the Bleeding Truth

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