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  1. I have been given hope that my son and daughter can get better! How expensive is it to be seen and helped? I live in North Dakota where it is very isolated for families who have children with autism.

  2. Some day I hope I can thank Jenny face to face. Because of the interviews she was doing around Los Angeles in 2007/8, she got my attention and I then knew I had to find a “DAN” doctor to save my 2-year old daughter. There is no way to thank her for taking all of the bullets for moms like me. I heard you loud and clear and you were the only one making sense to me….even when doctors told me “the diet wasn’t proven to work.” I changed her diet the day the doctor said that to me. I took my daughter back to that same clinic one year later where they told me my daughter was no longer considered autistic. I told them, “Well, the diet has now proven to work for one child.” Bastards! I’ll always be your biggest fan, Jenny. YOU saved my daughter. If you ever need Marketing help for your new facility, I’m your girl. 25+ years in Matketing ?

  3. In the discussion with Jenny and Dr. Jerry, there was mention of being poisoned from a lot of environmental factors.
    Chemtrails are one of them. Who knows what we’re all breathing and absorbing with these. Jenny, thank you being one of the lone voices when nobody else was speaking up.

  4. Don’t seem to be able to download show as usual. Is this a policy decision change or has someone inadvertently uploaded the wrong format? Thanks

  5. Keep up the good work and really thankful to your guests. My child is physically disabled and can only imagine the challenges autism brings. My kids are IVF. I wondered if you have ever looked into the ivf issue as to how many issues have come from the increased hormones and who knows what else in there. Just a curiosity. Thanks again

  6. This lady knows her stuff she makes it somewhat understandable . In Canada TD bank is doing strange things a trial run into the digital world. Removing certain services for those who dont wish to go along.

  7. I love the show and listen religiously but Del. PLEASE PLEASE refrain from saying ”you know’ in almost every sentence you utter!! If I had a $ for every time you said ”you know” i’d be a millionaire!!

  8. Of course when they don’t admit that the vaccine injured are injured by vaccines, the numbers are only 1:10,000. They’d have to admit a correlation to other injuries first to see the numbers the rest of us are seeing or living every day, but they won’t see that correlation if they refuse to consider it’s a possibility, doctors are afraid to acknowledge it, and autopsies aren’t performed. They are taking an innocent until proven guilty approach with medicine, which is the opposite of what it’s supposed to be with drugs and medical procedures. Also, when they quote a number like that, we have no idea how they are qualifying it. Is it 1:10,000 for a specific injury, or for all serious injuries? And how are they qualifying serious?

  9. I haven’t finished the whole show but want to say kudos to Kristi Noem and Ron DeSantis for fighting back against the CBDC agenda. This is such a huge concern to me, and most people have no idea of who bad it will be if we go to 100% digital currency. Ron’s reference to the Canadian truckers was spot-on.

  10. Superficial comment and partial anonymity breaker: When I was in my teens, when someone wanted to pay me a compliment they’d say I looked like Jenny McCarthy. Who knew we’d also both end up parents of a son with autism?

  11. When that whiney doctor at 1:25:10 complained that he was being attacked, I wish that other guy had said “Cry me a river. You’re injuring children like Jenny McCarthy’s son, and I’m here to stop you.”

  12. Hello Highwire…you talk about the IMF and “debt” loans to indebted countries…but…neglect to mention much of the IMF “loans”/debt never reaches the people or the country for that matter…in fact it ends up in the hands of foreign corporations who build infrastructure that inevitably benefits their own interests ie: water, energy, transportation.
    However, when the country can’t pay those loans…austerity and higher taxes and lower wages are the result.
    The one thing you didn’t touch on…The IMF then extorts these indebted countries of their resources…be they, mineral resource or infrastructure..as in water, energy and transportation etc.

  13. In the words of Professor Boyd Haley; Because you are able to survive a toxic substance is not proof of safety or efficacy in view of those who have been permanently injure or killed! What you can expect is a compromised immune system that becomes more vulnerable to diseases like cancer. Just ask the frontline doctors! We need more proof.!

  14. Near 40 years ago a fellow worker told me about his parents and his aunt and uncle who co-owned a carpet dying company. They had all contracted cancer and that all had died from their cancer. Autism, like many cancers has many mitigating factors. A balanced and healthy gut biome is so very important to health, especially in this day and age of a chemically toxic environment.

  15. CBDC processes are already in the works.
    Last week my bank account was locked and flagged asa “warm” account because I purchased from Dr. Mercola (a top fighter against the corruption)

    Apparently, the bank did not like me purchasing from his company – so they stopped me from being able to purchase ANYTHING. Every time I tried to use my card, the purchase was declined. When I called the bank, the manager informed me of the “process” and asked me what I had purchased. I asked her “who” flagged my account and she said the back office of higher ups.

    Now this didn’t happen in the city. It happened in a small, rural, mountain town.

    We need our own banking system – our own everything – apart from the gov. Now days, talk is worthless. We need to act and make our own world functional.

    Blessings and freedom to all.

  16. Good morning. Good afternoon. Good evening. Wherever you are out there in the world let’s all step out onto the Highwire. Today I would like to introduce you to a man who I started to pay attention to after moving through information coming from Andy Kaufman. So I am going to provide a link to a playlist where the subject is Salutogenic. anyone out there that is somehow in the intuitional guidance system to explore the circumventing forces of these elemental characteristics of consciousness. This is a very amazing blessing of knowledge. At least coming from here it’s completely rewiring my entire perception in regards to simply perceiving most of what seems to be occurring as only in one aspect of the perception of consciousness. I hope I’m not losing anybody by saying this. But here it is. Paul Kalnins has produced I feel a very intriguing and enlightening awareness of this way of perceiving not only the human body and the vibrational instrument that we are but also being able to perceive elemental forces, and how we can become attuned again to these very authentic forces of our consciousness. Without further ado for any of you, that seem to make it through this message, you might be intrigued of this playlist and also, it is a bit intense to absorb this information. But once you make it through several videos, starting from the beginning, perhaps you will start to experience some insights and revelations also. I don’t know, but I want to introduce any of those who are reading through some of these messages that you might find this playlist, interesting and or someone that you know. Namaste.

  17. My best friend had 3 injections then ended up in the hospital given 3 bags of Rendesamir and diagnosed with long covid from the shots. No covid until the shots! Now permanently incontinent.

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Banking Crisis On The Horizon?; States Mount Opposition to Federal Digital Currencies; German Network Profiles Vaccine-Injured HighWire-Style, German Health Minister Folds; This Doctor, and A-list Celebrity are on a mission to create the ‘home life’ for adults with Autism, and other special needs; Positive Development on HPV Vaccine Mandate Bill in CA

Guests: Catherine Austin Fitts, Jenny McCarthy Wahlberg, Dr. Jerry Kartzinel, Amy Bohn