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  1. Leigh Dundas is a unhinged nutcase and she probably works for the FBI, who else could get away with saying this, inciting the Jan 6 “riot”?

    Go to 1:08 and see for yourself what a mentally ill nutcase she is, and Del too for having anything to do with her. She is responsible for the murder of Ashley Babbitt.

        1. “We would be well within our rights to take any alleged American who acted in a turncoat fashion and sold us out and committed treason, we would be well within our rights and take them out back and shoot ’em or hang ’em…”

          If you think saying that is legal, you are a nutcase, no offense intended.

      1. Good vid. Scientology is just Luciferianism by another name (like the Freemasons). I looked up Dundas before watching her interview and was immediately suspicious of her background in Scientology, especially if she’s high level. Not surprised she spoke at the Jan. 6 meme at the Capitol. Del and co. need to learn to vet their guests or they’ll be lead like sheep to the slaughter.


          The report on the United Kingdom. A passage from the report:

          Covid-19 has had a devastating impact on older persons living in care homes in England. 28,186 “excess deaths” were recorded in care homes in England between 2 March and 12 June, with over 18,500 care home residents confirmed to have died with Covid-19 during this period. UK government decisions and failures resulted in violations of the human rights of people living in care homes, notably the right to life, to health and to non-discrimination. From discharging 25,000 patients, including those infected, into care homes; to denying care homes residents admission to hospital and imposing “do not attempt resuscitation” orders on them without due process, to failing to provide PPE (personal protective equipment) and testing to care homes. Older persons living in care homes were abandoned to die.

          I guess; “people in care homes had their right to life violated”, sounds better than; “people in care homes were murdered,” but it is less accurate.



        2. @ Liz


          Good point and thank you for being informed. Del is a conman, a shyster just like the pettifoggers he associates with. He knows about Dundas, there is no reason to vet her, he knows exactly who she is and what she’s about.

    1. If unhinged means accurate, fast thinking and fast talking as this woman who makes a difference in the world then sign me up for a class in unhingedness!

      1. True, those must be trolls because they have no idea of reality, EVERYTHING she said she can back up and so can I, so the only one that is crazy is the people saying she is crazy. If every parent was like her, these demons forcing vaccines on the children would go back into their caves.

      2. “We would be well within our rights to take any alleged American who acted in a turncoat fashion and sold us out and committed treason, we would be well within our rights and take them out back and shoot ’em or hang ’em…”

        Saying that to people is inciting a riot and the *ONLY WAY* she will ever be allowed to get away with it is because she must work for the FBI that setup the “riot” to begin with.

        I have said many things on this website that get censored and it is 100% free speech, protected under the Constitution, what your fellow nutcase said is 100% illegal and is inciting violence, and it gets high praise from the infamous Bigliar.

        Taking people out behind the Capital building and shooting them on the spot is not patriotism, it’s anarchy, and only an unhinged nutcase doesn’t understand that.

        1. WOW, at the beginning of your rant I thought you were talking about the old strumpit!! Why are you even here if you don’t like what Dell says???? Move on, and go find your kind of info to feed your problems. Why suffer here, or make us annoyed with your drivel. Or wait, how much are they paying you to be here??

          1. If Del is your hero, the least you can do is spell his name correctly. I’m here to set the record straight, despite the bitter whining of psychopaths like you.

        2. True, it’s mostly agent provocateurs and feds that incite violence, that’s just a matter of historical precedent. She certainly changed her tune in this interview though citing Gandhi and MLK. Seems disingenuous.

          1. Can’t thank you enough Liz, most of these people are like brick walls, ever since this new website that censors people worse than the MSM ever did.

    2. I gush tears whenever I watch that clip. Our forefathers who framed our constitution would be proud I do believe had they the ability to see this. Leigh Dundas is a powerful voice for our time, a Joan of Arc in an information warfare where her weapon is truth from a burning light of passion that burns up any and all darkness that dares slime its way in.

    3. you know who else murdered people? And not just one, but potentially a million or more. Anthony Fauci and everyone saying covid vaccines are “Safe and Effective”. You know who else is a nutcase? Joe Biden and anybody forcing pharmaceuticals on people by threatening their jobs. The injuries and harm at the Capitol riot is nothing compared to the injuries and harm caused by Sanjay Gupta and Hochul and Bacerra. Oh and Pfizer for lying about safety and effectiveness. And you, for being a robot and spreading their lies.

    1. My feelings entirely. In the UK we don’t know if it is true or not. Same with proctor and Gamble video – i it genuine? Please tell us. In ?UK we support the people of USA, we are one – same things happening here. Good luck everybody.

  2. This is all by design . When all of our systems (supply chains) are “clotted” then the UN will step in be our savior, for a price. Like being a scummy globalist shill and join their social credit system, forfeiting all ownership and rent everything, right Klaus Schwab? Order out of Chaos, sound familiar? Resist at all costs…resist.

  3. What may be required is a financial safety net, offering financial backing to people while they are making their stance, because the financial reality does sway people. Something crowdfunded by us, for us! Just an idea needing fleshing out!

  4. Thanks Leigh Dundas from another Romanian American!!!
    My grandma left Romania in 1914, and was too damaged to explain why to me. 2 weeks on a boat was her journey. Your power is deep and I wish you the best in this.

  5. Maybe the HW does not kick the
    ‘conscientious objector’ off because they believe in free speech. I wish they would kick them off, but I appreciate in some way that they don’t. It’s a pain to hear all voices, but it is the only way to proceed. Tolerance. What a difficult concept.

  6. @Liz, exactly.

    I don’t care what other people choose to believe but that cult has a long sordid history, much of which the church has gone through great lengths to cover up, including the deaths/murders of its members.

    Ms. Dundas appears duplicitous in this interview espousing peaceful rhetoric when she’s on video calling for violence on Jan. 6. Curious how Ms. Dundas escaped federal persecution but the “normal” people involved on that day have had all their civil rights taken away. I don’t see her campaigning for those people she was seen supporting on Jan. 6? Very curious.

    So what are her intentions exactly?

    Along with its checkered past, Scientology has ties to many nefarious actors:

    “Already as head of the Scientology cult, with pride he [Hubbard] called Aleister Crowley, the most famous Satanist of the twentieth century, his “very good friend.”


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Think the airline disruptions have been an inconvenience? Imagine if the whole supply chain was shut down. Human Rights attorney and freedom fighter, Leigh Dundas warns why we are on the verge of this becoming a reality.