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  1. Yes, we are chosen… lol… I had this thought too Del … They want to reduce the population to 500 million (according to the Georgia guidestones) and they want to turn all of humanity into cyborg soulless slaves under their control. Why do you think they want to encourage surgeries for trans children? They need more surgical practice. They will probably going to be taking us away soon, like the Jews, so they can pick and choose who to try surgeries on. Why do you think they turned Bradley Manning into a woman while he was in the stockade?

  2. Of course the intention and design with this jab and all vaccines was for depopulation: infertility issues and deaths.. The next question is did Del know about this ahead of time and is he part of the “Club”? Was Del a tool for the “Global Elite” to advertise the truth, as that is what they have to do, put the truth out there to clear their Karma as people were told, the information was out there, that the jabs were designed to kill and sterilize. That the jabs were experimental and dangerous. After all, he did work for MSM and has a top notch studio. If you took the jabs you were a fool. If you forced the jabs on the elderly, the incapacitated, or the very young, you violated medical code of ethics at a very high level. I refused the jabs and I also refused to administer them to anyone.

  3. It is a stretch that Bill Gates would choose anti-vaxxers as allies. The issue goes way beyond health controlling bad medicines. Unless humankind can evolve beyond war and abolish weapons of mass destruction, our species will end.

    Did you know that on and around Mars there is a warning for us. Check out FlybyNews.com section from the big surprise that came out of our exposing the high risk NASA Cassini Earth flyby in 1999: Bart Jordan and evidence of technologically advanced pre-ice-age civilizations. http://flybynews.wordpress.com/2011/04/25/evidence-of-technologically-advanced-ancient-civilizations/

  4. Please Del say something this week to clarify your message here. Very specifically, I would like to hear you say that under no circumstance would you ever support a depopulation agenda, even where global warming is threatening our extinction. I want to hear you say you know it is unethical to play God no matter what and no one has the moral authority to intentionally unleash a selection process. That those who have fallen victim to mass psychosis are our friends, family, children, siblings, parents and do not deserve death as a consequence. We do not support a “vaccinate or die” equivalent because morallity, integrity and above all a reverance for our creator are on our side.

  5. Say something so we know your rise has not lead to megnanious thinking. Because that is the root mistake of 2030 instigators. They have become self perceived demigods (erroneously). All the people in Hollywood. Something happens. Please assure us this did not happen to you Del. I’m going to jump into your illusion and bat their arms off you. And also bear spray Bill Gates. Not even in your mind Del. The mind is the 1st dimension. This is where all our 3D creation comes from. Do not birth this idea.

  6. I find it amazing the the majority of the human race, at least in western countries, have bought into the vaccine lies so conclusively. One can’t even reason with those who have undergone the psychosis of vaccine unconditional acceptance.

    I ask myself, over and over, what is it that separates those who have looked at this critically and those who accept and readily embrace the vaccine lies? I even have family members who have joined the vaccine cult. They won’t listen to reason or even consider the other side of this issue.
    ‘WE’ are starting to see all kinds of strange illnesses, health injuries, cancers, heart issues and myriad of other health issues all around us.

    They still aren’t even suspicious. I, now, more than ever understand how Adolph Hitler & Co., got millions to willingly enter extermination camps. I will NEVER acquiesce! It’s freedom and life for me, never bowing to a government of ANY kind.

    1. This is what I don’t understand either … and I’m talking about intelligent people that I would respect in any other situation … but they will continue to defend the vaccine and refuse to even look at any of proven effectiveness of ivermectin for example …. Just trying to find that one argument that would open their eyes and make them at least doubtful enough to want to dig deeper and search for the truth themselves

      1. Seriously Del? You’d talk to these murderers who had been responsible for the genocide of 90% of the human race? The only thing that they are fit for is trial.

  7. You make yourself the chosen one when you choose to be careful what goes in your body, rather than going along with whatever everyone else is doing. I don’t think you’d want Bill Gates putting his arm around you in any circumstance, and if that ever happens in the future, you’d be suspected as part of the creepy plan in the first place. So before you go sharing your wierd ideas, remember how many people have already died at Gates’ hand and how many are going to continue to die. And if it turns out that all that’s left are smart people, I’m guessing the wealthy creators of that world will finally lose their wealth (it depends on the billions of people supporting it) and face justice for their crimes to humanity. Del, I think the point you were trying to make was that we don’t have to sit in fear of these people, but I think your reasoning behind it was very strange. I hope you can see it from a healthier perspective, like maybe we will be the chosen ones in the sense that our loved ones and friends will see the vast difference in health between unvaccinated and vaccinated and finally start fighting back before they all become extinct from all this pharma crap.

  8. Interesting place to go, Del. So much that we still don’t know or understand. Framed against a grander scheme of creation, spiritual growth and experience, it’s certainly a possibility in my mind that some of us are on a distinctly different path, not superior to others, but gifted with the awareness that takes us to a different destiny. I’m sure people will question exactly what you mean and are pondering, but that’s your right. To some, it might provide some support for being on the right path. However, I sincerely doubt that the Deep State wants free thinking, healthy, sovereign individuals sharing the planet with them. We would most likely be the first to be targeted, when push comes to shove. So, if there is some divine order to our survival, along with others of like mind, I very much doubt that it would be fostered by the Klaus Schwabs and Bill Gates of the world. Rockefeller’s manipulation of public school curricula over a hundred years ago was designed to produce a compliant, unquestioning work force, which continues to this day. I look forward to hearing your response to those who will likely call you out on this pondering, as I’m sure it won’t sit well with some, but hey, clearly you have faced a lot of opposition from many unwilling to abandon their unquestioning stance, fueled by mainstream lunacy. There are many we can never influence and can only lament their impending fate.

  9. the smile on del’s face and the gleam in his eye as he says all of this is very, very weird. tens of millions have been killed and maimed so far. nothing to smile about even if you think you’ve been chosen by gates and crew to live. chosen by psychopaths. yay! how cool is that? psychopaths who want to enslave you should you survive. bow to your masters, del. maybe they’ll pet you now and again. maybe you can be the chosen of the chosen and you will be allowed to serve them directly. how exciting. well mr bigtree (is that your real name?), there is mounting evidence that the death jab is a self-spreading death jab and the unjabbed are beginning to exhibit similar health issues as the jabbed. so we may all be screwed in the end. and if it is a self spreading jab, you can bet that the psychopaths behind this agenda have an antidote. perhaps if you’re really nice to them, del, they might let you into their club. or are you already a member?

  10. ps is del actually poking fun at people who believe that the killing and maiming is deliberate? this whole segment is the strangest thing i’ve ever seen come out of the highwire.

  11. No. I’m sorry but that’s not it. We might be the surviving ones but that’s not what’s up their sleeve. Remember some Nordic countries limit mrna for young people. I think no one under 30 . So that’s the race they want. Then perhaps a race of slaves. I think they are trying to kill off the free world.

  12. OMG Dell!
    Next time listen to your team! And keep your lucid dreaming to yourself!
    This is the most bizarre speech you have ever made on the Highwire and comes at a point where we need cool and rational leadership.
    ….smiling whilst you mention us as the chosen ones? ….as you discuss the deaths of BILLIONS?
    Who could be happy or relieved at being Chosen at such a cost??
    I love you Del and you were the one who caused a 180 turn for me at the beginning of the pandemic.
    However you have now produced a sound bite that could be used in perpetuity to discredit OUR efforts.

  13. The thought of Bill Gates putting his arm around, congratulating me on a job well done makes me nauseous. You have always struck me as compassionate Del, but you lost me on this segment. If your words weren’t bad enough, your presentation of this scenario was unnerving. This isn’t a screenplay that you are writing, this is a living nightmare not to be made light of.

  14. “If you are gonna carry that thought that they are doing this on purpose…”
    so del doesn’t believe they’re doing this on purpose? seriously? if they weren’t doing this on purpose, wouldn’t they have stopped the death-jab roll out once it became obvious that it was harming people? they have the numbers. they know it is neither safe nor effective. their own documents prove that they knew this BEFORE they rolled the jabs out! so they know what it’s doing to people. so why do they continue to push it? and push it? and push it? only one reason i can think of: because they want to kill people. what other conclusion can you reach? and why is the msm in lockstep with the government on this? why aren’t they reporting the truth? why do they lie, explicitly and by omission? i’ve listened to this video quite a few times now and it’s obvious that del is ridiculing those of us who believe there is a depopulation agenda at play here. but if that’s not what’s happening, then what is?

  15. full disclosure: i stopped listening to del bigtree way back when he admitted he was a lifelong democrat. i remember thinking, hmmm… a lifelong democrat flees california for texas. that’s not strange. california is a democrat’s “paradise.” why leave? i’m an 60 yr old 3rd generation native californian. del and his kind have completely destroyed this once great state. many of them come here, make a bunch of money, help screw sh*t up, and then run somewhere where they can be free and not get taxed to death. now they’re doing it to texas.
    ps i only came here recently because word of this video is starting to get around and i had to hear it for myself. goodbye.

  16. I picture more of a “Hunger Games” scenario where the elites are at the “Capitol” and the rest of us are segregated into factions fighting amongst ourselves for their handouts while doing their dirty work …

  17. I see us as part of the continuous cycle of evolution … not the final cycle … i do not believe that we are the ‘Chosen Ones’ to save the planet and all of “GOD’s” creatures… And I believe that there is nothing that humans can do that would be better for this planet than What Mother Nature has done already!
    If we go on the basis that global warming is part of the natural cycle … then we should stop being so presumptuous as to think that we need to SAVE everything because even if we do succeed in saving every living thing on this planet … in the end everything will be dependent on humankind for its survival … and if we fail … then every living thing on this planet will be the final cycle of evolution… we do not have the foresight of Mother Nature and as I see it, we are ensuring the extinction of everything we touch.
    So I guess the question is … do we adapt and evolve with the changes in our surroundings or do we change our environment to adapt to us?

  18. I’ve been thinking this same thought for years, being quite a well informed conspiracy realist. It would make sense if you were going to depopulate in a model of eugenics as the luciferians intend; that they would want the non-conformist free thinkers able to critically assess and react accordingly as the progenetors of the next genesis. Although when we look at historic representations of mass formations, dissidents are usually the first targeted. This would go against this current trend that seems to be propping us up by making these conspiracies quite obvious and easy to reveal during the coronavirus pandemic eroding the public trust in agencies and governments which was crumbling to begin with.

    Then down the rabbit hole there’s many other dots of truth connected in the Warren of patent technologies and their uses, the failing explanations surrounding 911, creating so much social decay throughout my generation’s lifetime. Hereafter, whether it’s the totalitarian utopia, or their overthrow and revolution/ evolution of our social system. The challenge to reform our abundant wastage, and optimize our current methods. Is going to need to do away with controlling elitist profit scheming agendas; and focus more on sustainable symbiosis, advancing our sciences, and making more holistic our approach. To this I advocate on solutions presented by The Venus Project & The Unbuntu Liberation Movement.

    Sometimes I feel like these goals are romantic dreams, but when realizing the growing movements in that direction. I think our time is now, that it should be so apparent our saviors have become our usurpers, they who need be stripped of their power of turning democracy inti tyranny. So that we may promote greater equality and freedom of expression for individual nature, we need to all ready a standing call to say “This shit has got to go.”

  19. I’ve considered the same possibility right from the git-go. There have been enough clues to tip off any critical thinker. If the aim is to cull over 90%, the gauntlet would have to be difficult.

    Another possibility that adds up is their desire to track and monitor everyone, in which case the jabs are an experiment to see how much they can dose people without causing too obvious a holocaust. In that case, they might simply want to get rid of us… though healthy, strong, critical thinkers would still be necessary, which comes back to some being unjabbed.

  20. Hi Dell
    I apologize for the tone of my last post in this thread as I know I would not speak so harshly if we were to meet in person – was impulsive.
    I am a huge advocate and look forward to each weeks episode of the HW however “the chosen ones” remains an outlier for me in all the episodes I have watched these past 2 1/2 years.
    The Highwire provides SUCH an important function and I wonder whether you have a good pre-show mirror to ensure trusted messaging.

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