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  1. If they really want to depopulate why don’t they start with themselves people that belong to WEF, WHO, ROTHESCHILD, ROCKEFELLERS, GATES ETC ETC then we will figure out how to live

    1. GEOENGINERING as the governments use HAARP Cern and air planes spreading junk in the air. Suden storms and unusual weather is symptom of interference by Tech.
      The plan was to destroy just look around the world. These are Wake Up calls. Stop this technology’s

  2. This org: ICAN and theHighWire are doing the greatest work and the MOST good of any other org or group of people (except the gospel and church of Jesus Christ).

  3. Why would Mexico be prepared for such a storm? — THIS ONE WAS A FIRST IN HISTORY. There are no hurricanes making land on the Pacific coast like on the Atlantic side of the Americas. This was the result of weather modification/weather weaponry. Looks to me that DEW were used to SUPERHEAT the ocean water and create Otis. And where did this rain-free hurricane go to after it pulverized Acapulco? Did it cause further damage in any continued trajectory? This was an act of deliberate destruction, not a natural storm. It stayed on top of Acapulco like an eggbeater and then disappeared, right? This was a deliberately created crime against humanity using a weapon of mass destruction. imo.

  4. AND that “Covid infection rate’ actually was messing with the flu and pneumonia infections — right.

    Tedros’ smooth BureaucratSpeak is nauseating. Such cunning and deceit just drips off his lips.

    Pull out of WHO before it kills us using coercion censorship and warp speed poisonation.science.

  5. I understand why you’re saying “this is the most important topic” and people are “distracted” by bombs but, Del, I’m sure as hell glad that people like me are paying attention to ALL OF THE ABOVE (rather than zeroing in focus on just the mRNA crimes against humanity), because it is ALL CONNECTED, because it is ALL THE SAME PLAYERS on the World Stage theater. Israel is ramping this war up to cover up the fact they manslaughtered and murdered a large chunk of their population with the mRNA experiment because of mandates. Don’t be afraid to mention how the January 6th faux-surrection was the same as Ukraine’s “Orange Revolution” and now, this genocide of Palestinians by Israel’s psychopaths is just the same as Lahaina’s land grab fiasco. IT’S ALL CONNECTED, because it’s ALL part of the agenda by ruling elites to retain their power grabs and influence on the World Stage. You say a Neo Nuremberg is the most important thing right now? I say giving every government and regulatory agency and NGO and Corporation in the entire world a thorough and complete enema audit is the most important thing. Why? Because even with the first Nuremberg, the psychopaths were able to slink underground and resurface elsewhere to just keep their eugenics going. We CANNOT let that happen again! So first things first, AUDIT and ENEMA.

  6. The Authorities never made all those restricted activities illegal!
    They dictated Mandates to the people and the people bowed their heads and complied in the millions worldwide.
    Home of the Brave my rear end!
    Mandates are not law.
    Governors cannot make law.
    All those that complied imprisoned themselves.

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Acapulco Reeling After Category 5 Hurricane Devastates The Famous Mexican Resort Town; Jefferey Jaxen Reports on WHO’s Pandemic Treaty Push, Aussie Legislators Hold Hearing on COVID Vaccine DNA Contamination, and is there a depopulation agenda?; Founder of GiveSendGo On Why He Refuses to Bend The Knee; Fitness Guru Combines Community, Education, with Music Festival Fun at Arkadia Festival

Guests: Mike Saavedra, Harvey Gonzalez, Jacob Wells, Aubrey Marcus

AIRDATE: November 2, 2023