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    The report on the United Kingdom. A passage from the report:

    Covid-19 has had a devastating impact on older persons living in care homes in England. 28,186 “excess deaths” were recorded in care homes in England between 2 March and 12 June, with over 18,500 care home residents confirmed to have died with Covid-19 during this period. UK government decisions and failures resulted in violations of the human rights of people living in care homes, notably the right to life, to health and to non-discrimination. From discharging 25,000 patients, including those infected, into care homes; to denying care homes residents admission to hospital and imposing “do not attempt resuscitation” orders on them without due process, to failing to provide PPE (personal protective equipment) and testing to care homes. Older persons living in care homes were abandoned to die.

    I guess; “people in care homes had their right to life violated”, sounds better than; “people in care homes were murdered,” but it is less accurate.



  2. Even though they are not forcing the mandate they are CHARGING $200 a month to non vaccinated people for insurance. THIS is not THEM STANDING FOR OUR RIGHTS. THEY ARE CHARGING FOR THE RIGHT TO NOT VACCINATE.

    1. “This is DISCRIMNATION.”

      Welcome to the feminazi states of America. It’s only discrimination if it affects privileged, white females. It can imping on anyone else’s rights no problem. ?

    2. I suggest boycott Delta and write a letter stating why you aren’t going to fly Delta/United, unless. they back off this nonsense. This is total discrimination, plain and simple.

  3. Wether we like it or not the top echelons of the power structure of USA has been infiltrated by satanists who are into ritual abuse of kids. This is the kind of “people” (if you can still call them that) that are on the other side, pushing their agenda on all of us. We have to fight back as if there is no tomorrow if we don’t stop this.

    1. You don’t even begin to fight back until you come to grips with 9/11/2001. This whole charade depends on forcing us to accept their lies about 9/11.

  4. Thank you Del Bigtree and all those at the Highwire for all your work and dedication to bringing us the truth and the news we need! I happily donate $ every month to support your work! The individual stories of police officers signing off for the last time because they won’t get the shot brings tears to my eyes! GOD BLESS them and God Bless you Del!!! Keep fighting for our freedom as I will also!

    1. What? Were do you get your info.. Your statement is very confusing.. And Not at all true..
      ALL ARE AFFETED HERE ..mandate is on everyone.
      EXCEPT THOSE WHO STAND UP.. to the lies and the Push ..The New age hiter here in US.. And across nations.. So what is the real agenda.. To date back in time.. Recreate WHAT GOD says IS EVIL ..

  5. My husband is being charged $100 PER PAY! to choose no vaccination. I am being charged $25 per pay, so this will cost us $250 a month just to stay unvaccinated as a Behavioral Health Technician. What can we do or what’s being done about these discriminating and exorbitant charges!??

    We are looking to move to a new state, such as AZ but we worry about other employers charging just as much…

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Leave a Reply

After only the first week of protest, three major U.S. airlines have already softened their language regarding employee Covid vaccine mandates. Is this an early checkmate to Biden’s federal vaccine mandate?