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  1. I still think the HighWire is missing in the greater subtlety of the military psychological operations occurring over our entire lives. They use real threats and then try to shape them for advantages of those in power.. There is also controlled opposition. The reality is that there is harm to our environment by the actions of humankind, and making Greta Thuneberg a monster of the elite or the whole UN is to do harm is missing facts of manipulation to create fear and in actions the status quo has made emission matters worse for the dark martial law we are headed for.

    Why the HW is not covering the campaign of a true informed consent health and peace and environmental activist, Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., and sticking so much with the superfluous culture wars is beyond me. https://flybynews.wordpress.com/2023/04/06/robert-f-kennedy-jr-running-for-president-in-2024/

    1. You just can’t imagine yet that environmentalism was the synthetic creation of the Club of Rome, a ruling class operation to achieve Corporatist Global Fascist tyranny. Neither can Del Bigtree as he pushes his nonsense about “fishing from every river.” Humanity First, NOT Earth First. Give Earth a Chance and it will Bury YOU! Science should be about how to allow humanity to prosper in a crowded world, NOT how to prevent humanity from changing the earth.

  2. Christine Anderson’s speech gave me goosebumps! “… my very existence is an act of rebellion!” LOVE IT. Great episode. Really looking forward to the global premiere of Plandemic 3!

  3. Makes me sick how easily I became a WWF -loving useless idiot. I bought all of it – overpopulation too. All they had to do was dangle these sick ideas.

  4. Does this “Great Awakening” promote Robert Malone? Malone lost me as soon as he sued real health freedom activists who were active from the start. That SLAPP SUIT trickery was used against people in my community as far back as the mid-1980s. It is a disgusting and immoral tactic and should be illegal. It is hard to believe Malone has purposely CHOSEN to do use such a sicko weapon against sincere, hardworking, committed individuals, expert in their fields making needed contributions to the struggle we are in. Especially egregious when one realizes that Malone is probably a multimillionaire because of all the government bioweapon research contracts he has garnered. THere is no way he was harmed by anything said about his actions as the PUBLIC FIGURE he has CHOSEN to be. He is adult enough to realize PUBLIC FIGURES are opening themselves to criticism from all directions. Instead of open debate on the issues at hand, <alone seeks to CENSOR and silence his critics. Who is next? One almost fears a hit list exists. What is there to hide? Why this attempt to protect himself from answering hard questions? What can't be hidden in a open public debate that he seems to fear?

    AND what is this with Willis using Clay Clark's title Great Awakening? Why didn't Willis just call it Plandemic 3? I don't understand that….

  5. What percentage of the population is not straight? 3.8 percent is one estimate. Do you realize you won’t even be able to talk to your little children about the rarity of this none-normal choice some people make — BECAUSE YOUR KID DOESN’T EVEN UNDERSTAND PERCENTAGES yet?

    Any display of this paraphernalia and abnormal sex symbolism is AGE INAPPROPRIATE and therefore should be categorized as pornographic as it only serves the purveyors (be that the gay-trans schoolteacher, the medical sex-change industrial complex, even the Target apparel department! There ARE profiteers and predators here and they are gaining through sick titillation or money. And it is wrong and our children should be protected. Society at large is NOT protecting the children.

    Children are being confused at an early age and they are being “groomed”. This is so inappropriate it should be classified as criminal by now. Where is everybody? The “free speech” of the 3.8 percent does not cover verbal and physical MOLESTATION and assault of children.

  6. The culture wars are orchestrated by the World Economic Forum, Club of Rome etc. to undermine human life as part of their transhumanist depopulation agenda. They cannot be ignored!

  7. The beginning of plandemic 3 was confusing. You have anarchists on the left and everyone else on the right. All the isms are all the same>

  8. OK…lets discuss “net zero”…let me preface that, by saying…IT’S “ANTI-HUMAN”!
    The MOON is a “Zero Carbon ” environment…now let that sink in for a moment.
    All life on this planet is “Carbon Based”
    “They” want to reduce carbon, nitrogen and now “methane”(cow farts)
    I ask you…search “elements necessary for life”(I could provide you with that info, but where is the fun in that”
    “Maintain humanity at 500,000,000 in perpetual balance with nature” – Georgia Guide Stones 1980
    With a population of 8 Billion every death gets “them” closer to that goal…”They” don’t care how…
    “They” just want you dead.
    The most insulting slap in the face is “CARBON TAXES”…essentially…TAXING THE AIR WE BREATH.
    FYI…The carbon “they” want to reduce…Is HUMANITY

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Today’s show is an Act of Rebellion! The HighWire Reveals The Red Carpet Live Stream Team for Plandemic 3: The Great Awakening!; Then, Jefferey Jaxen Reports on Target, North Face, and the Trans controversy, The Green Agenda is Rolling Out in Europe, and the Origins of the Globalist Agenda; As we near the global premiere of The Great Awakening, Del goes into the Plandemic Production House for an inside look at the making of the 3rd installment of the Plandemic series, getting final thoughts from Director Mikki Willis as they near one of the most important events in the canon of the Plandemic Series; Finally, Del shows how easy it is to commit an act of rebellion.

Guests: Tracy Beanz, Mikki Willis