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    1. I love the Highwire, but this is the worst episode ever. That guy is SO full of himself it’s impossible to watch/listen. Gross. Del, try to have Dr. Bahkdi on for an interview. He’s a straight truth teller.

  1. congratulations DEL ,
    sitting through Malhotra without telling him the highwire KNEW this all along.
    It was pathetic listening to his excuses for promoting the vaccines when Highwire viewers knew this “magic unicorn” was never going to work .
    just a pity he only bothered to look at actual data when the vaccine killed his own father .

    1. How can you blame the giving the keys to Fauci all on Trump?? Fauci has been in the system for years he had s major role in aids pandemic, He was the one who pressured Ronald Reagan to make the vaccine companies not liable. I don’t see Biden doing anything to take the keys from Fauci where is the rant from you concerning that. Biden mandated the vaccine is in full favor of Fauci. Covid is completely set up by the democratic party so they could use mail in ballots to steal the election. To completely blame this all Trump is 100% biased. Del if you are gonna go on a big rant about Trump then you need to cover all the sides and rant about everyone who is guilty and not leave certain people out if you don’t then I will have to consider you a extremely biased man.

  2. It disturbs me so much that Malhotra is a public doc, and he was willing to go on the national stage and promote this shot(s) but would not listen to those that were being harmed until his own father was killed. So, he was willing to tell others it’s safe, but not listen to others when they were harmed.
    Another issue I have with Malhotra is that he sat quietly o NINE MONTHS while he researched this tragedy, while doctors were losing their licenses, while people were losing their jobs the truckers were protesting the mandates, schools and universities were requiring the shots, boosters were being mandated, etc. AND he did not say a word??? Couldn’t he have said something? like- we need to look closer, we need to have an open mind, we need to look e evidence??? Anything would have lent some support to those on the frontlines- But he stayed safely in his silence and waited almost a year, while we took the hits.
    Del is great about accepting Malhotra, but I am not so kind. Too many losses.

  3. But what a great advocate for our exact point. Dr Malhotra endorsing the jab in the beginning and being one of the recognisable promoters is exactly the right person to publicly speak out about how the dangers were not known and that due diligence was not done. The more of these people we can get to speak truthfully, the better.

  4. Great episodes the last two weeks!

    Instead of making a video with a bunch of people normies don’t recognize, you really need to make a “Told You So” video.

    About a year or so ago you had an episode where you showed how you had been right about the Rona nonsense. You need a 3 to 5 minute video about that. Quick edits, jam in the info, show the news lying and the date, show your real info around that date, and then show the news admitting you were right months later.

    I made a similar video about my flu and pneumonia prediction in April of 2020 and YouTube deleted it. You guys have tons of resources and evidence and that would be a good way to get people to watch the show. You can’t get normies to sit down and watch a 2-hour show but you might be able to blast them with some truth in a 3 to 5 minute video and then maybe one day they will watch the show.

  5. I applaud Dr Malhotra for speaking out against the covid shots, but it does feel too little, too late, and quite late in the day. It seems quite astonishing he hasn’t taken the time to review the seriously detrimental childhood vaccines. Something doesn’t add up. I just hope this man isn’t a wolf in sheep’s clothing and is being used by Big Pharma to revamp/re-brand their entire covid vaccine programme.

  6. I totally agree with Nathalie.
    This Dr seems to be saying “Covid Jabb BAD.” All other Jabbs “GOOD.”
    So go take your Flu Jabb. Go take your
    M P X Jabb. Get your Kids Jabbed with
    Hep C. M M R etc.

  7. Great epsiode!!! The streaming was perfect! I’ve struggled to be able to watch The Highwire for the last 9 or so months because it would freeze in buffering (even for last weeks epsiode). You guys obviously updated something because it was crystal clear. Bravo??

  8. I actually skipped the Dr. Malhotra segment. I can’t stomach the Johnny come lately guys. Glad they woke up and hopefully they will help others wake up but they were arrogant and lazy not to investigate sooner. They were part of the problem and they should fully understand how their actions hurt people. They should be held accountable.

  9. Preaching to the converted, like this is brand new information. Del did a great job of holding his tongue. Sad that our doctors are so far behind with this type of information.

  10. no one is perfect and Dr Malhotra sincerely believed that he was doing the right thing. Its very sad that he had to lose his father before he began to understand what was happening, but he is making up for it now by speaking out and he needs our SUPPORT we cant change the past but we ican change the future.

  11. I am not anyone special, just your average person. But it doesn’t take a phd in medicine to see the harm being done to our children, through the present vaccine program being promoted for children. The easiest for all to see is the increase in rate of increase in children with the increase in vaccines for children, is the dramatic increase in autism, not only can you see this in the US with the rates of autism going from 1 in 2000 to 1 in 50 over course of less then 50 years. Keep up the good work dell

  12. What a shame to see all of the people speaking negatively about Dr. Malhotra. Would you all please get together and tell us what the cut-off date was between physicians and scientists who should be applauded for being willing to question the narrative and those who should be derided? Robert Malone was not on board at first. Did he make the cut? Peter McCullough came late to the party. Do we throw him out? For me and my house we give thanks for each and every person who has the humility to admit their error and join the side of truth.

  13. Vaxx Cancel CULTure reminds me of “The Church of The Holy Hand Grenade.” “We have the Holy Clot Shot of Antioch. $acred…
    Consult the book of armaments! You shall take the vaxx not once, not twice, not thrice but quadrice, and whatever pentice or decise you are directed by the Holey Ones thereafter, no more, no less, lest Heresy be committed and you all burn in the fires of AGW hell on earth!.”

  14. We can’t keep bashing the doctors who finally wake up for not waking up sooner! That is ridiculous! We WANT people to wake up! So please, anyone who continues to shame these people, please stop. Let’s welcome them instead and be very clear on what we want. Don’t we WANT people to finally wake up? Then why bash them when they do?? That is crazy!

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UK Doc: Stop Covid Shots; New Vaccine/Aluminum Asthma Link?; Ex-Sky News Chief’s New Film; Presenting ‘Safe & Effective: A Second Opinion’

Guests: Aseem Malhotra, M.D., Mark Sharman