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US to end COVID vaccination requirements on May 11 for foreign travelers, federal workers

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  • Episode 322: ACT OF REBELLION

    Today’s show is an Act of Rebellion! The HighWire Reveals The Red Carpet Live Stream Team for Plandemic 3: The Great Awakening!; Then, Jefferey Jaxen Reports on Target, North Face, and the Trans controversy, The Green Agenda is Rolling Out in Europe, and the Origins of the Globalist Agenda; As we near the global premiere of The Great Awakening, Del goes into the Plandemic Production House for an inside look at the making of the 3rd installment of the Plandemic series, getting final thoughts from Director Mikki Willis as they near one of the most important events in the canon of the Plandemic Series; Finally, Del shows how easy it is to commit an act of rebellion.

    Guests: Tracy Beanz, Mikki Willis

  • Episode 321: THE WAR ON STUPIDITY

    Del Officially Launches ICAN Press with ‘The War on Ivermectin,’ Set to Release June 6th!; Jefferey Jaxen Reports on the Transgender Movement Targeting Those on The Autism Spectrum, RSV Vaccine Rammed Through For Pregnant Women Despite Major Safety Concerns, and Corporate Media Rebrands as ‘Fact-Checkers’ Again?; Then, W.H.O. Now Says Non-Sugar Sweeteners, Used in Foods Since 1981, are NOW Bad For Your Health?!

    Guests: Dr. Pierre Kory, Dr. Russell Blaylock

  • Episode 320: THOUGHT POLICE

    Missouri vs Biden is the Biggest Censorship Collusion Case in America, with implications sweeping across the private and public sectors, and Almost No One is Covering it; Jefferey Jaxen reports on Elon Musk’s new Twitter CEO, Biden’s New Head of NIH; ICAN Scores Another Major Victory Against Pfizer and Moderna; Ireland’s New "Hate Offences Bill" is Disturbingly Draconian. Are The Irish Pushing Back?

    Guests: Tracy Beanz, Aaron Siri, Esq., David Thunder, Ph.D.

  • Episode 319: AWAKENING

    Are You Ready for Plandemic 3: The Great Awakening? The Highwire is hosting the Global Premiere Livestream, and we want to join the Party!; Walensky’s Legacy; Chelsea Clinton and the WHO want your kid caught up!; New Data Suggests Secondary Infection Main Killer from COVID; SPELLERS Doc Shattered a HighWire Record and Warmed Hearts


    Biden Lifts US Travel Mandate After ICAN’s Legal Challenge; Jefferey Jaxen Reports on Major Shakeups Happening in Mainstream Media, and Fauci and Teachers Union Head Trying To Rewrite History; Bombshell Autism Study Under Attack; Spellers Screens Tomorrow on TheHighWire.com!

    Guests: Aaron Siri, Esq., Cindy Nevison, PhD., Mark Blaxill

  • Episode 317: LOST IN TRANS NATION

    Fauci Uses One of Del’s Talking Points in Attempt to Shirk Responsibility For Abysmal Public Health Response; Jefferey Jaxen Reports on multiple Court Decisions requiring city and state governments to rehire the COVID unvaccinated, with back pay; Fauci isn’t the only one trying to rewrite history. Canada PM Justin Trudeau Was Caught Trying to Claim He Didn’t Force Anyone to Vaccinate; It’s an issue as controversial as vaccines, as the Trans Issue Takes Over Every Sector of Society; How Safe is Hormone Therapy For Children?; One Dad is Suing His School District For Exposing His Child to ‘Medically Inappropriate’ Content Without Parental Consent;

    Today’s Episode **Viewer Discretion is Advised**

    Guests: Dr. Patrick Flynn, Luka, Steve Schneider



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