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Episode 372: BAD MEDICINE



  1. how backwards do all those knobs have it. Far outweigh any damage caused by the so called thing itself – come on really!!! Just shills!

  2. Perhaps AZ were withdrawn because the other the other companies were paying more to the govts. Huge amount of moderna factories to make mrna going on around the world

  3. I think it’s downright disgusting that these doctors convince parents to go along with irreversible changes to their child by threatening that their child will commit suicide. It is a disgusting and manipulative behavior that should absolutely be condemned for the horror that it is. Anyone who uses suicide as a tool to manipulate someone to do something is a disgusting human being who should not be listened to or trusted.

    Props to Dr. Haim for being willing to help parents find a better way to help their children through a tough time in their lives in a way that could not leave them far worse off and with lifelong problems and being abandoned by the medical community if they change their minds.

  4. We must go deeper. To conspire is human nature. Conspiracy theory, though difficult to get right, is ALWAYS A NECESSITY! Whenever, ruling class minions do something, we must consider conspiracy theories.

  5. Throughout your excellent coverage of the transgender phenomena the environmental aspects have been absent. Atrazine, Glyphosate, SSRI drugs, plastic water bottles, etcetera, are known to interfere with our endocrine systems. Also the possible benefit of hormonal testing and treatments that align with a person’s natural gender and could relieve gender dysphoria could be discussed. A lack of sexual attraction and interest would seem to be a symptom of chemically induced sterility. Sexual attraction is the primary driver of reproduction. In the absence of fertility sexual attraction would become biologically superfluous. Vaccine induced autism is rightly mentioned as a correlation but agricultural poisons and pollution could also be featured as well hormonal therapies to help children be happy as they were born.

  6. I have a wonderful 35 year old family friend who is severely vaccine injured. A school teacher, married just before getting the vaccine, and looking forward to having a family but is now in a wheel chair. Everyday of her life is now a struggle for her. Like Brianne, she was very active and an athlete before the vaccine.

    Her injury is being “treated” at Kaiser HMO in California. These are the same people who caused this injury and are STILL pushing this vaccine!!
    I really wish she, and others, would join REACT 19 and seek assistance from people who genuinely want to help her. I, if I were in that situation, would avail myself to Dr.Pierre Kory and his foundation, “Front Line COVID-19 Critical Care Alliance” for honest genuine efforts to help her. There are others.
    Unfortunately, many go to the very same medical people who injured them in the first place. Please keep up the great fight against big pharma and their government backers and lackeys.

  7. I recently saw an interview with Tucker Carlson and Aaron Rodgers.

    Aaron said, “I’ve never heard anyone say that they were sorry, or felt that hey lost out, because they didn’t get this vaccine”. Hello!!

    He also said we need to forgive those who perpetrated this awful crime.

    The ones I cannot forgive or forget are those millions of Americans who wanted to put the unvaccinated in camps! They are the same bastards who wore the brown shirts in 1938 Germany.

    No mercy for these people…..

  8. Dr. Haim is truly an exception to the general rule wherein medicine has gone in America. Dr. Haim is to Children’s gender health as so many others have been to exposing the vaccine lies. God Bless people like him. I wish I had a doctor I could trust, but they are few and far between.

  9. The Transgender AGENDA comes from the TOP Down… as you can see with the DOJ and these Agents. It is a MArxist MOvement to break up families, make children wards of the state and to create a genderless population. Sounds like fiction… but true. Follow the money. Thank you Del for addressing this and asking the BiG questions ✌🏼💖🙏🏼

  10. Chris Quomo claims to be a REPORTER and should have done his job – which is research and verify before reporting and shaming. I am not a REPORTER, but I researched the JAB on the CDC website and the pharmaceutical companies websites and it wasn’t hard to find out that there was no extensive testing done on these JABS and the animal testing results were dismal. Using deductive reasoning I determined that I would not allow myself to be POISONED by these evil companies. Cuomo should have done that research as a reporter. I give him no passes on this. He’s an evil mf-er and will most certainly bail on his crusading for the vaccine injured when it benefits him.

  11. I don’t trust the DOJ. They are corrupt. They will go after anyone who goes against the government and DOJ. They don’t want us to think for ourselves and do our own research. We are fighting against evil.They hate truth. Thank you to Dr. Haim and all whistle blowers. I will only refer to people as their biological sex. We have been fearfully and wonderfully made my God.

  12. There is no such thing as having transitioned. Until the person acquires all the glands and organs of the opposite sex, they are transitionING all their lives but will never make it. The so-called transitioned have through physical changes and drugs acquired the appearance of the opposite sex. That the law only sees two options is stupidly narrow, they are a third category acquiring some of the privileges and benefits of their desired sex but retaining those of their genetic sex. Parents or authorities who decide to “change” a minor’s sex are abusers.

  13. top groups i don’t trust:
    1. law enforcement/cops
    2. doctors and health professionals
    3. christians/islamics.
    4. politicians of either side
    5. tribalistic individuals who wish to impose their political, ideological or theological will onto me.

    top industries i don’t trust:
    1. big pharma
    2. big food
    3. big housing
    4. big retail
    5. the entire financial sector

    anyone who thinks any of those people are trustworthy, should probably take a deeper dive into either one and see for yourself.
    and im a former christian, turned a amateur stoic and buddhist. del, despite his religion, i will admit is a good man, a honorable man, so are people he surrounds himself with. i would not trust him with my life, but i would trust him with the information he brings forth. after all, hes the mans man, with wisdom and honor. he showcases such honor with integrity, accountability, and hard work.
    if even someone like me, who doesn’t trust in a lot of people, has seen whats going on in the churches, has seen whats going on in the medical establishment, and has seen whats going on in the world, with big corporations leading the charge, can trust a man like del, do yourself a favor and support him, spread his message, promote him, and get educated through him and people like him. the people whom he associates with, are fighting the same or similar fights as him.

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Episode 372: BAD MEDICINE

First Major Lawsuit Against For COVID Vaccine Injury Filed; Jefferey Jaxen Reports on Astrazeneca Fallout, Whooping cough outbreak prompts re-evaluation of DTaP vaccine, and the fight over puberty blockers for children heats up; A Texas Whistleblower exposes unethical transitioning of children in Texas’ Largest Pediatric Hospital.

Guests: Bri Dressen, Aaron Siri, Esq., Eithan Haim, M.D.

AIRDATE: May 16, 2024