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TRUTH UNDER SIEGE — HighWire Episode 117

TRUTH UNDER SIEGE — HighWire Episode 117

Today we discuss censorship! Censorship doesn’t sound like the Constitution, like the 1st Amendment! JFK warned us about today! We should be allowed freedom – the freedom of speech!

We breakdown the Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices meeting (ACIP), what was discussed and what was motioned – these people are very PRO vaccine. ACIP is a committee in the US Centers, which provide guidance and advice on the control of vaccine-preventable diseases.

In this episode, replay interviews with people with real life examples and opinions! We also have a very important message for President Trump.

“The future of the pharmaceutical industry is vaccines”!

#CDC #ACIP #HPVvaccine #InformedConsent #JFK

ORIGINAL AIR-DATE: June 27, 2019

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