1. This information and the other side of it that masks don’t protect anyone from shedding the virus or receiving it is enough to realize we are governed by a bunch of imbeciles who haven’t got our well being and that of our kids at heart at all.

  2. Del, Ever is merely an individual in the Communists’ eyes.
    Just like the Military Industrial Inteligence Congressional Complex requiring & fomenting kinetic violence upon humanity worldwide austensibly combating “Radical Islamic Terrorism” in the name of maintaining our National Security/Community Safety,
    the BigPharma-captured FDA/NIH-NIAID/Media Complex requires & foments Bio-terrorism upon humanity worldwide while austensibly combating viral epidemics in the name of maintaining our National Bio-security Community Health/Safety.
    The need for Bio-security has joined Perpetual War as just another Racket of the Aristocracy.

    1. I saw the same test done last year before the mandate. Our health officials knew this information, they just not interested in real science. I think we are wasting precious and valuable time trying to prove them wrong. We need a different approach and strategy to be able to affect real changes.

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‘The HighWire’ host Del Bigtree and son, Ever, conducted a test, using an OSHA-approved Carbon-Dioxide meter, which revealed something about masks which YouTube, Facebook, and other video platforms are trying very hard to censor. What do you think?

#MaskTest #Masks #TheHighWire #DelBigtree

REPOST: March 3, 2021