1. Looking forward to this. I actually had not listened to Alex until he got targeted, trashed, etc. Then I decided to check him out and little by little, he grew on me and I am now a fan! Thanks for having him on Del.

    1. I had listened to Alex in the past, but have stopped listening to him because I think he has an agenda too. I am surprised he is going to be a guest on the Highwire. He has told a lot of truth, but he also misleads people now. He can’t be honest about Trump, for instance. Why bring him on here???

  2. @LisaS Why to you can Alex hasn’t told the truth about Ttump? He has made it very clear that Trump must stop pushing vaccines or he will lose the support of his base, and rightly so.

  3. With Alex, you just have to take what you want and leave the rest. I listen to him and when he starts going off the deep end ( in my opinion) I turn him off. He has a lot of truths why do you think the Government is kicking his A**

  4. I have mixed feelings. My sister is from Newtown, CT and a co-worker of hers lost their child at SandyHook, as well as a neighbor. He should not have said it was a hoax. I didn’t watch him back then, but started watching his show during this Plandemic. I agree with many things he presents. Just wish he hadn’t said that about Newtown, CT .

    1. He is a journalist. He was looking into the theories it was a hoax. No way that should “offend” the parents of victims. The government has perpetrated many hoaxes over the years. It is CORRECT to be suspicious.

  5. I really would like to watch this. What’s all the cloak and dagger? Just post it. Or explain why you won’t at least. So I’ll know why I stopped watching Highwire.

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