1. Hi Suzanna, just so you know, I suffer from many of the same symptoms as you describe, despite never having had a covid injection.

    Remember the Yuppy Flu? That was all in people’s heads too, but who knows what’s really happening to people.

    Hang in there and stop feeling sorry for yourself. There are always people in a lot worse shape than you.

    It sounds to me like you haven’t learned your lesson, by spending so much time seeing doctors, the very people responsible for your demise.

    Spend what time is left with your family, they care about you more than doctors ever will.

    1. You show a notable lack of empathy that instantly identifies you as narcissistic and sociopathic IMHO. It would not surprise me if I ever discovered you were lying through your teeth. Kudos to HighWire for publishing these testimonials.

  2. I am really sorry to hear and see your sufferings. Please do not lose the hope. Look for the help infos at FLCCC or anywhere else. NEVER GIVE UP. Do fasting, take vitamin supplements, stay away as much as you can from any form of sugar/carbs. Try to eat as much as you can fresh vegetables that is in season, lean towards keto diet, eggs, probiotics, healthy fats like butter and olive oil as much as you can. Your body needs maximum support for the recovery. YOU CAN DO IT. Mean and harmful words, comments from other people have only meaning “if you assign the value, if you give the meaning” to those words, to those despicable attempt to sabotage your recovery.

    1. Such a horrible list of symptoms. How terrifying! I’m so sorry you’re being dismissed and silenced. I’m sorry for your suffering. I’m lifting you up in prayer. Thank you for speaking out. Thank you for your courage. Keep going! Keep speaking! Some of us are listening. More will come soon enough. Everything you’rec asking for is fair and reasonable. I hope it comes soon.

  3. You don’t deserve this- Nobody has! But for no one to take responsibility for you and your situation is compulsive. I send you all the best and a lot of love ❤️

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Suzanna Newell, triathlete, was diagnosed with an autoimmune disease, reliant on a walker following vaccination.

U.S. Sen. Ron Johnson held a panel discussion in Washington, D.C., with doctors and medical researchers who treat COVID-19 vaccine injuries, along with patients who have experienced adverse events due to the COVID-19 vaccine.