Saving future generations, TOMORROW on The HighWire! | June 23rd, 2022



  1. Interested to hear whar representative – Louie Gohmert has to say about threatening to take down the vaccine injury compensation act – i hope he has some clout!

  2. Every Biologist knows you MUST test vaccines on rats, not democRATS, for 9 years, before it is given to prisoners and civilians.
    The only people who will be alive in 2023 are those in the RESISTANCE who have refused the vile vaccines: meaning 33% of the police in California and the US.
    Police are smart enough to know vaccines are causing autism, strokes, brain damage, autism, heart attacks and deaths.
    My wife Christina Y. Chen, Immigration Attorney, was killed by a SF Kaiser ventilator. Murdered.

    Only the unvaccinated will be alive in 2023.
    Take 2 grams of vitamin C hourly to prevent Covid and Flu.

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