1. Is New Jersey the only state that uses paper ballots now, where votes can be tabulated out in the open with oversight from all parties involved?


    LATEST UPDATE OF VAERS (Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System) DATA:

    As of 5 November 2021 (the latest available) the number of deaths associated with the three vaccines given to Americans are:

    PFIZER 3881
    MODERNA 3565
    JANSSEN 948

    Total number of deaths = 3881 + 3565 + 948 + those where vaccination type is unrecorded = 8,430

    As to Myocarditis we have:
    PFIZER 1287
    MODERNA 636
    JANSSEN 54

    As to Pericarditis we have:
    PFIZER 797
    MODERNA 479
    JANSSEN 81

    As to Pulmonary Embolism we have:
    PFIZER 1129
    MODERNA 1067
    JANSSEN 526

    As to Thrombocytopenia we have:
    PFIZER 439
    MODERNA 345
    JANSSEN 196

    The VAERS data has been presented in a way that makes it essentially useless, unless repackaged.


  3. PROTEST in front of the MIAMI FEDERAL DETENTION CENTER on SUNDAY, 12/19/2021 – FIGHT FOR FREEDOM of RELIGION. Two Bishops Jonathan and Jordan Grenon have been kidnapped , silenced and JAILED for their religious beliefs. please come stand with others. UNITED WE STAND. DIVIDED we fall. The bishops have not been indicted, they have no bail opportunity, they have been silenced since JULY 2020 WITHOUT TRIAL OR EVIDENCE. PLEASE HELP US. STAND WITH US. – When you stand for your fellow man for what you KNOW to be true. There is no lossing. TOGETHER WE STAND

      1. BTW, even if the charges are made-up, it’s still very possible they will be convicted and sent to prison anyway, because that’s the way the courts in America roll. Take it from a man who has two degrees from Harvard and earned his doctorate while working for the Justice Department … easily the best lawyer on the planet, bar none.

      2. It’s not bleach. It’s Chlorine Dioxide. It does smell like chlorine pool water. Do your research the proper way. I have taken MMS a few years ago. Its also used for campers with to disinfect drinking water and water purification.. And it is a miracle cure.. Massive disinformation campaign against it as it WORKS……- RN

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Recent state and local elections produced shocking results for those who oppose medical freedom. No result was more shocking than the unexpected ousting of one of the most influential career politicians, in one the most corrupt states in the Nation.

#SteveSweeney #MedicalFreedom #NJ

POSTED: November 16, 2021


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