1. To deal with the ABIM letter, it is critical that Dr McCullough realize that HE has established the standard for COVID care. Therefore, it is for the ABIM to be measured by HIS standard rather than the other way round. He must not try to jump through their bogus hoops. Rather, he must mandate standards for ABIM behavior to be credible..

  1. More like they are threatening his license for providing true and accurate information to patients.

    The ABIM will have their hearing in time. And the consequences for their forcing genuinely false and inaccurate information on people shall be much more severe than removal of a license that is becoming less meaningful by the moment.

  2. Regarding the chastising of Dr. McCullough by the ABIM, ABIM is NOT a medical licensing board. As such it is not in any way affiliated with any government. State Medical Licensing boards, in contrast, are organs of state government. ABIM is a private corporation, for-profit, as are all specialty boards. These private corporations, over the years, have become increasingly heavy-handed. They hold sway only because hospital credentialing committees and occasionally state licensing boards require certification by these private corporations known as “specialty boards”. Most doctors are unable to avoid them but many doctors who are able have shunned these vicious corporations. Those doctors cannot, thereafter, hold themselves out to be “board certified”. There has never been any evidence to demonstrate that “board certification” and “excellence” are remotely synonymous. This would be an interesting topic for you to briefly explore with one of your physician guests.

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Dr. Peter McCullough is under fire from the American Board of Internal Medicine (A.B.I.M.), who is threatening his medical license for “providing false and inaccurate information to patients”. Senator Ron Johnson has responded with a call for A.B.I.M. and Dr. McCullough to participate in an open hearing on Capitol Hill, and put it all on the table of public record.

#ABIM #RonJohnson #McCulloughHearing

POSTED: June 17, 2022


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