1. That was awesome! No mealy mouthing going on here! Vaccine injury and health freedom is the new big voting block. Make vaccine makers liable again. These jabs are bioweapons so the unjabbed are considered terrorists! We are not the domestic terrorists, they are domestic traitors! Thank you for this succinct and professionally delivered message!

  2. I wrote this almost two years ago. They are obfuscating, deflecting blame. They want you to believe it is Pfizer’s greedy corporatism or it is Fauci and Gates. No, this is globalism.

    We are in the middle of a new 9/11. Just as deceitful and more deadly. If people don’t look at this situation as a war, and only see it as a human rights issue, we will be attacked again in the not too distant future. If we leave the same people in power, we don’t win. And this is world wide. Billionaires who want to control the world are the problem and the enemy.

    The virus is more a scare tactic than anything else. And it’s purpose is to scare as many people as possible into taking the shot and now shots. And those who didn’t get scared into it are now being coerced into it by the threat of losing their jobs. And the real purpose of the shots is that they are a ticking time bomb that will kill several billion people in the next few years.

    They could control the number of people they want to kill by having a certain percentage of the shots be the kill shot and the rest be something more innocuous or placebic. How much do you trust them?

    This is gigantically bigger than Anthony Fauci. Fauci is a minion, albeit a high level minion. But they are using him as a scapegoat to draw attention away from the bigger picture, that this is a globalist takeover of the world and genocide. This calls for a Neuremberg style trial. The problem is finding who is in on it to prosecute them, and who is not in on it to conduct the trial.

    Jesus is the only refuge from the storm that is coming. Take it seriously. This is your Christmas present. The following is just my opinion about what is going on right now. So, if you don’t like what I’m saying, just ignore it. It’s just what I think, about what I see happening among us.

    It started almost three years ago with, “two weeks to flatten the curve.” Everything they did was designed to turn this into a pandemic. The masks, shut downs, social distancing, and now vaccines do nothing but drag out a virus that should have been finished over a year ago, if they had let nature take it’s natural course. It never even would have begun if they hadn’t created the virus in the first place.

    Once you start this, you will have to take their shots for the rest of your life, which probably won’t be that long. They are already saying you may have to take them every year. Which means you will. What this will do is destroy your natural immunity and you will be dependent like a drug addict. It is already resulting in deaths from strokes and heart attacks. In the longer term, it will result in cancers and autoimmune diseases.

    You cannot get herd immunity by taking a vaccine. You cannot get herd immunity by vaccinating 100% of the people on earth. By taking a vaccine, you only turn your immune system into a one trick pony. As soon as the virus mutates, the vaccine becomes useless, and you have to come up with a new vaccine. That is exactly what is happening with the delta variant. The ONLY WAY to get herd immunity is through the natural immune system. So, if you want this thing to drag out indefinitely, take the vaccine. Guess what! The people pushing the vaccines know that.

    I’ll go one further. The U.S. did fund the development of deadly viruses in Wuhan, China. And the Covid 19 pandemic did begin in Wuhan, China. But that was just a little coincidence. Of all the places in the world that the virus could have emerged, it just happened to be there. Pay no attention to that man behind the curtain. They develop deadly viruses so that they can study them and then develop vaccines to combat them. Does that make any sense? It sounds like a protection racket to me. You are taking your health advise and now mandatory orders, from the same people who I believe made the virus in the first place.

    ModeRNA (mRNA) never had a single drug on the market before they came up with this vaccine. Three different drug companies were somehow able to simultaneously develop the vaccines in record time. That is because the vaccine formula was already developed before the genocide. I’m not afraid to say it. This was never a pandemic. It is a genocide.

    Frankenscience! Where do people think the mRNA comes from in the vaccines? The problem is they don’t think about it. They cannot make mRNA from scratch. It comes from the cloned cells of aborted human babies. Basically they have a test tube baby farm, growing human cells in vitro, from which they extract the DNA and RNA.

    Timeline of events.

    DARPA: Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency is the mad scientist branch of the U.S. Defence Department. They are responsible for developing all of the mass murder technologies that the U.S. has at it’s disposal.

    In 2014, DARPA funneled over $3 million through an NGO called Eco Health Alliance to the Wuhan Institute of Virology for gain of function research. Gain of function is engineering a virus to be more contagious to humans.

    In November of 2019, the World Economic Forum, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, and Johns Hopkins Center for Health Security hosted “Event 201”, wargaming a pandemic preparedness exercise, which “predicted” the current “pandemic.”

    The first cases of Covid-19 began appearing in December 2019 in, of all places, Wuhan, China. The propaganda spread faster than the virus. By January 30, 2020, the World Health Organization (WHO) declared a “public health emergency of international concern.”

    In March of 2020, Trump gave ModeRNA (mRNA) $482 million to develop a vaccine under what he called “Operation Warp Speed”. Sure enough, they had a vaccine ready for trial by July 2020. Amazing! Of course, all of that money came from DARPA. Because, that’s what they do.

    Earlier in 2019, before the pandemic, before anyone ever heard of Covid 19, the World Economic Forum in partnership with the Rockefeller Foundation started the “Commons Project”, to create an electronic vaccine passport system called “CommonPass”.

  3. 220 million Americans lined up like sheep for a vaccine that they knew nothing about that was NOT ‘Safe or Effective”. It was mandated by politicians who knowingly sentenced millions to death and injury. Now we have the majority of Americans supporting a war in Ukraine that these same politicians are RESPONSIBLE for in the first place. Americans have abrogated their responsibility to be informed. Most get their information from a compromised media, refusing to do their own research. In a dichotomy of the most serious change of heart we are now in a position to hope Russia prevails and puts a stop the the tyranny being waged by the US politicians and their vassal states in the EU. This autocracy must be stopped before a larger conflict is started.

  4. Excellent! One thing though, it misses the point that this is a global freemason conspiracy to depopulate the planet through genocide.
    Also, it misses the most life and freedom threatening part of the plan: IDollar, cashban fed digital dollar tied to carbon quotas, vax pass, etc.:
    And the solutions: real asset-backed money against massive mason counterfeiting and direct townhall democracy.

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ICAN CEO Del Bigtree delivers his response to President Biden’s 2023 State of the Union Address.



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    The world is buzzing about the discoveries found in the Fauci email dump that hit mainstream this week. FOIA requests from Buzzfeed and The Washington Post have shed more light on several discussions by Fauci, from his real opinions on masks, to the true origins of SARS-CoV2.

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    The COVID-19 lab origin theory, long deemed a conspiracy, is now seriously being considered, thanks to thousands of Anthony Fauci’s emails obtained through FOIA requests. Now published scientists that dismissed this theory are changing their tune.

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    As the country starts opening up, Tony Fauci tries to explain away why states like Florida and Texas, without mask mandates and open to full capacity, have plummeting case rates. Watch the master of putting “lipstick on a pig” join a new talking head in the $1.5 billion propaganda campaign to try to force millions of vaccine hesitant Americans to get injected.

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    Mexican actor and director, Eugenio Derbez, took part in an Instagram Live Q&A with Anthony Fauci this week and asked many hard hitting questions about the #Covid19 vaccine. Jefferey and Del pick apart the tidal wave of misinformation Fauci unleashed, from the experimental shot’s FDA approval and injury liability, to herd immunity and new variants.

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    Flip-Floppers Caught Flailing

    The biggest medical and political leaders in the country have flip-flopped on every #Covid19 policy decision.

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