1. I’m old enough to remember when “they” used to say that we’d all have some kind of chip in our body in order to make our way in the world. Way before 2020 I began to wonder/ think that the devices we are all SO addicted to became their way to track us in every way. Make it useful, interesting, fun, glitzy, important, CANNOT LIVE WITHOUT IT, thing. Well, they succeeded. I also remember that at least a dozen years ago learning that there were over 5 billion ACTIVE. cell phones on the planet. That means only the littlest of the “littles” don’t have one. And actively use it , at least without adult intervention. It
    ( mobile devices) have served an enormous purpose for the powers that be. Referring to the advertisement during the Jaxen report where the device runs the ” humans” life and not the other way around. So….. YAY for addiction! I turned off my mobile device account at beginning of 2020. Awesome decision! For me. I stopped carrying it everywhere I went. What a relief. But I’m “old” (early sixties) and I grew up with a landline attached to the kitchen wall with a cord. The Only “privacy ” from listening ears of nosey family members was ten feet away in the broom closet.
    ( the curly q phone cord was definitely stretched to its max) Not so much privacy, but I’d return to those days in a heartbeat. You came home from being out all day and had no idea if anyone had called. Or, you walk in the door, phone ringing and run to answer, only for the caller to hang up in that moment. DANG! But life is a mystery. Well, it used to be. DANG! I prefer the mystery AND the freedom that went with it.
    The WWW has definitely provided me with A LOT of material that I might not otherwise have and that is surely one of its benefits. Absolutely everything is hidden in plain sight if someone wants to open their eyes and ears to the history of how we arrived in this totalitarian (not new, just the current one) age.

    Sooooo. Abandon your devices folks. Get a landline. Make plans with your peeps and get together in person as much as possible. Back to the future? Go back to get ahead? Realize these are control devices. Dell, I challenge you and your staff, family…… LET GO ……. be free from this insanity. If the people will lead, the leaders will follow.

    RSVP, Dell….

  2. RSV is listed as an Adverse Event of Special interest in that pfLIEzer document.
    It’s the jab, all the sickness going on all over the world is from the jab.

  3. Everyone with a steady paycheck, PLEASE set up monthly donations. Give $1/mo if that’s all you can afford.

    Im doing $1 per episode. No organization in the world is doing more for humanity than the Highwire. Invest in our future, people. Please!

  4. What most struck me while watching the Thales clipping was that Lucy had a pretty solitary day. She went from activity to activity, only interacting with one other person per activity – the exam lady, the doctor, etc. Are we losing our connection with other human beings?

  5. Im perplexed.. if the virus was never isolated how is it the conversation is all about this “virus.” I’ve heard it called a bio weapon or gene therapy. Can you produce a show that defines this for us?

  6. I have a very important question, after listening to Peter McCullough saying that the “spike protein”, it’s detected even in the sweat. And, having myself experienced very drastic changes on my periods, which were very regular and painless, ( now irregular, painful, and coming about 3 weeks apart!), since people around me started getting these jabs. Do you have any information about not jabbed woman experiencing these things as well? Do you think is it even possible? Thank you for considering giving a thought to it…

  7. Came to this page looking for a link to donate to the MD group who will represent Dr. McCullough. It isn’t listed on the podcast summary page, either. Would be nice if you would make it easily available. Thank you, DB

  8. So natural immunity with NO VAX worked better than either of the mRNA vaccinations in terms of new infections, and for those in either group who WERE infected there was no difference between mortality, morbidity, severe symptoms or hospitalization but that the vaxxed effectiveness WANED (became LESS effective) over time whereas natural infection showed no waning 8 months later, and was more complete and comprehensive. BOOM.

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RHONY Star Bethenny Frankel Goes Off!; G20’s Disturbing Declaration; Congressional Panel: ‘Censorship Kills;’ Top Covid Doctor Under Fire, Exposes Gov’t RNA Vaccine Operation Pre-dating Covid

Guest: Peter McCullough, MD, MPH

AIRDATE: November 17, 2022


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