1. Really wish this show had subtitles in other languages. Highly informative and accurate. I was hoping I could provide Mandarin translation but never got any response back.

    1. Dear Knucklehead, I’m right along with you if it had subtitles it would be great especially since i am so deaf. In other languages too would help as well.

    2. To say we need a” purge” of officials in these corrupt health organizations like the CDC,is putting it so kindly.They not only need to be fired .They need to be put before a firing squad after being found guilty of crimes against humanity .for causing hundreds of thousands of deaths by blocking the availability of ivermectin,a proven safe and effective treatment and cure..They also never bothered to safety test any of these covid vaccines before unleashing them on the public, causing an untold number of injuries..injuries that eventually they will be held responsible.They will not get away with this horrific genocide

  2. That was an extremely positive interview, and I agree with Dr. Ladapo, it’s the end of days for the crazies, not simply the end of days.

    One part that stood out was when he described administrators who did not want to be seen as incompetent so they just went along with the consensus. Unfortunately these are the same types of people who will tell you they have all the answers and are dripping with bravado. There is something good that has come out of this crisis, and it’s the ability for regular people to see this personality type for what they are before an emergency takes place. My hope is that it will translate into voting choices going forward.

  3. Del, if you like constitutions, I would urge you read the book “The South Was Right” by James and Walter Kennedy. A comparison of the united states constitution with the confederate states constitution reveals some of the problems that allowed the federal government to gain Supreme power over the republic and how these problems were addressed in the confederate constitution.

  4. People need to stop confusing “POLLUTION” which we do create…and can do something about(keep in mind Corporations are the greatest polluters on the planet(think profit)…and “CLIMATE CHANGE” which is a natural occurrence and we have zero influence…Look up in the sky…yep that orange ball of fire “THE SUN” is what has the capacity to influence climate…oh and Axis Tilt of the planet…otherwise known as SEASONS.

  5. It really sounds like Del has become a Constitutionalist. Maybe the reason why you are politically marooned Del is because neither Democrats, nor most Republicans actually follow the Constitution, yet the Constitution IS the solution (and that’s why there is a push to change it by the globalists).
    If you’d like to educate everyone on the history of and importance of The Constitution, you should consider having a big interview with someone like Daniel Natal from ‘The New American’.
    Here’s a couple of his more recent videos.


  6. “I’m not banning Jim Jones’ Kool-aid, you still have the option of drinking it or following the Con Artists $aving you with masks too!” – Gov DeSantis decoded

  7. Outrageous there was ever a Bill to vaccinate teenagers in California without parental permission!Obviously, they are trying to kill our children because it’s well documented that there are high incidences of myocarditis in vaccinated teenagers and that’s a very big deal. So they want to take our teens aside and give them secret shots of myocarditis!We have to fight these despicable forces even harder now, ,with horrendous,truly evil bills like this making their way to the table to actually be taken seriously enough to be voted on!!

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Ivermectin Bombshell Exposes Hit; Big Win in People’s Republic of California; Zuckerberg Outs the FBI; WEF’s Digital Army; Court Wins Accumulate; A New Hope for Public Health

Guests: Amy Bohn, Joseph Ladapo, MD, PhD

#Florida #Ladapo #PERK #BillMaher #MarkZuckerberg

AIRDATE: September 1, 2022


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    In a disturbing sequence, Dr. Plotkin admits to conducting vaccine experiments on babies born to incarcerated mothers, people with mental illness, and the handcapped. What is more shocking, is his defense of such experimentation.

    #TestingOnHandicapped #PlotkinDeposition #UnderOath #PlotkinOnVaccines


    Dr. Stanley Plotkin is questioned under oath, about conducting a study comparing health outcomes between children receiving vaccines, and children receiving no vaccines.

    #PlotkinOnVaccines #VaxVsUnvax #DoTheStudy #Plotkin #TheHighWire #PlotkinDeposition #UnderOath


    In a disturbing sequence, Dr. Plotkin admits to conducting vaccine experiments on babies born to incarcerated mothers, people with mental illness, and the handcapped. What is more shocking, is his defense of such experimentation.

    #TestingOnHandicapped #PlotkinDeposition #UnderOath #PlotkinOnVaccines


    Watch Dr. Plotkin, under oath and in haunting fashion, detail his use of numerous aborted fetuses in vaccine development over the course of his career.

    #AbortedFetalTissue #Vaccines #PlotkinOnVaccines #PlotkinDeposition #UnderOath


    In a shocking admission under oath, Dr. Plotkin agrees with attorney Aaron Siri that the data is insufficient to make the claim ‘vaccines do not cause autism.’ Despite his admission, Dr. Plotkin asserts he would lie to his patients about this, in order to convince them to vaccinate.

    #PlotkinDeposition #UnderOath #PlotkinOnVaccines #VaccinesAndAutism #Autism


    Stanley Plotkin has developed or worked on vaccines going all the way back to the Polio vaccine in the 1950’s. Coined ‘The Godfather of Vaccines’, Bill Gates has referred to him as ‘one of the last remaining giants of Vaccinology’.

    #PlotkinDeposition #UnderOath #StanleyPlotkin #Plotkin #PlotkinOnVaccines