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It’s Mandate Mayhem! Southwest Airlines in Disarray; Is Biden’s Vaccine Order Legal?; The Pushback Against Tyranny Goes Viral!; Tech CEO’s New Mandate-Free Job Site

Guests: Tammy Clark, Kristen Meghan, Andrew Crapuchettes

AIRDATE: October 14, 2021


Page 1 of 162

    Del Breaks Through With Dr. Drew; VRBPAC Committee Reveals FDA Lacks Data To Back “Flu-Shot” Fast-track COVID Vaccine Push; Ex-Eco Health Alliance Executive Exposes the Truth About Wuhan; Project Veritas, the Pfizer Whistleblower, and Directed Evolution?; Tennis Star Novak Djokovic A Champion for All in Australia, Named HighWire Hero of The Year

    Guest: Andrew G. Huff, PhD

    #AskDrDrew #DirectedEvolution #LiedSuddenly #Djokovic #HighWireHero #GainOfDysfunction

    AIRDATE: February 2, 2023


    Top Cardiologist and The HighWire Contributor, Dr. Peter McCullough, was sued by health giant Baylor Scott & White, over an alleged violation of his separation agreement. On January 23rd, a Dallas County District Court dismissed the case with prejudice. Del announces the development, and offers his thoughts as well as congratulations to Dr. McCullough over the ‘win for freedom.’

    #DrPeterMcCullough #BaylorScottWhite

    POSTED: February 3, 2023


    Tennis great Novak Djovovic won his 10th Australian Open this week, capping a tumultuous year which started with his detainment and deportation from the same tournament a year ago. His vaccination status also prevented him from competing in the US Open, a tournament he was unable to play in owing to the US’ vaccine requirement for non-citizens traveling to the country. For standing in his truth and putting his historic career on the line and persevering, Del crowns Novak Djokovic the “HighWire Hero of the Year”.

    #NovakDjokovic #AustralianOpen #HighWireHeroOfTheYear #UnVaccinated

    POSTED: February 3, 2023


    The Covid emergency is over in America…in three more months says the White House. Why now? Is politics at the heart of this decision? And what does it mean for the EUA vaccines and therapies? The HighWire gets to the facts behind the headlines.

    POSTED: February 3, 2023


    In a bucket list moment this week, Del was a guest on the Ask Dr. Drew Podcast to discuss and sometimes debate the serious problems around the COVID restrictions and mandates, and the vaccine program. Also, take a look back at the classic ‘Pertussis Monkey Demonstration’ from 2019, where Del broke down why the DTaP vaccine makes you the Big Bad Wolf.

    #AskDrDrew #DTaP #BigBadLiar #BigBadWolf #DrDrew

    POSTED: February 3, 2023

  • You LITERALLY better not miss it! TOMORROW on The HighWire | February 2, 2023

    Watch at TheHighWire.com/WATCH

    Every Thursday, 11am PST (2pm EST)

    #ProjectVeritas #Pfizer #LiterallyALiar #VRBPAC #EcoHealthAlliance #AndrewHuff #GainOfFunction


    Dr. Christopher Exley, PhD, FRSB (AKA “Mr. Aluminum”), explains why aluminum is not an essential metal for humans, and has only come in contact with mammals in the last century.

    #ChrisExley #MrAluminum #AgeOfAluminum


    Dr. Christopher Exley, PhD, FRSB, chemist and expert in the field of aluminum,

    discusses his in-depth studies on the undeniable link between aluminum exposure and autism.

    #ChrisExley #MrAluminum #AgeOfAluminum #Autism


    The American Academy of Pediatrics is now greenlighting dangerous drugs and aggressive surgeries for obese kids. Sound science and balanced solutions or revolving door industry influence ripe with conflicts of interest? The HighWire investigates.

    #Wegovy #ChildhoodObesity #Tirzepatide #FoodCompass

    POSTED: January 30, 2023