1. Anyone who has ever had to deal with OSHA knows what a worthless bureaucracy they are. I wouldn’t get too excited about them, they cater to the employer mostly. They’re window dressing for the most part, and will work with your employer to put the blame on you for any workplace injury that occurs.


        The report on the United Kingdom. A passage from the report:

        Covid-19 has had a devastating impact on older persons living in care homes in England. 28,186 “excess deaths” were recorded in care homes in England between 2 March and 12 June, with over 18,500 care home residents confirmed to have died with Covid-19 during this period. UK government decisions and failures resulted in violations of the human rights of people living in care homes, notably the right to life, to health and to non-discrimination. From discharging 25,000 patients, including those infected, into care homes; to denying care homes residents admission to hospital and imposing “do not attempt resuscitation” orders on them without due process, to failing to provide PPE (personal protective equipment) and testing to care homes. Older persons living in care homes were abandoned to die.

        I guess; “people in care homes had their right to life violated”, sounds better than; “people in care homes were murdered,” but it is less accurate.




          Playing Russian roulette: Nursing homes told to take the infected. California, New Jersey and New York have made nursing homes accept Covid-19 patients from hospitals. Residents and workers fear the policy is risking lives. See this New York Times article.

          On March 25th, 2020, New York Governor Cuomo issued an executive order forcing the transfer over 4,500 Covid-19 patients from hospitals to their nursing homes (also called old-age or care homes). In the following weeks the nursing homes saw 6,000 deaths from Covid-19…. See here.

          You could make a strong argument that the USA’s deadly coronavirus problem is largely a nursing home problem,… See here.

          Republican Whip Steve Scalise announced that he had sent letters to the governors of California, Michigan, New Jersey, New York, and Pennsylvania, demanding they explain why they ignored protocols and forced Covid-19 patients into nursing homes. Scalise noted, “While nursing home residents make up 0.6% of the U.S. population, they account for 42% of nationwide Covid-19 deaths”. That is, 70% of all U.S. Covid-19 deaths had (up till that time) been in care homes.



            On March 25th, 2020, New York Governor Cuomo issued an executive order forcing the transfer over 4,500 Covid-19 patients from hospitals to their nursing homes (also called old-age or care homes). In the following weeks the nursing homes saw 6,000 deaths from Covid-19.

            The New York Governor, Cuomo, refuses to say who conceived of the order (to send Covid-19 positive patients to care homes). But as you can see (from the above), the person/people who gave the order, gave it worldwide. Who has this sort of power? Perhaps Cuomo should be charged with murder to loosen his tongue.

            Recently, the media has been trying to impeach Cuomo over the massive under-counting of nursing home deaths, and numerous accusations of sexual harassment. These are designed to throw the real issue into the background. However, Cuomo will eventually have to be thrown under the bus to protect those who actually designed (and understood the implications of) the policy which Cuomo carried out.

            Unsurprisingly, those countries known to have adopted this policy (of sending Covid-19 positive patients to care homes) have the highest number of deaths (per unit of population). It would be interesting to know if the other countries with very high death percentages, namely, Bulgaria, Portugal, Slovenia, and Czechia, also subscribed to this evil policy.


          2. In the following video Erin Marie Olszewski is interviewed regarding her time at Elmhurst Hospital in New York.


            She shows that people who had repeatedly tested negative for Covid-19 were being labeled as Covid-confirmed, were put on Covid-only floors where they caught the disease, then put on ventilators when their oxygen levels fell. Once on ventilators, they almost always died.

            Even though they did not have coronavirus when they checked in, many were given the disease, put on ventilators, and died.


            Erin records a conversation between nurses, and doctors, where the nurses refuse to kill a patient by letting him die when he could have been saved. Apparently, the doctors had been instructed to treat patients as DNR (do not resuscitate) even though they were not DNR. The nurses refused to go along with this.

            You may ask why the media has refused to investigate her claims.

            You may ask why the media has refused to even report them.

            The media seems to be an evil institution.

        1. Do not hold your breath, Monika. We in Sydney, just like our long-suffering brothers and sisters in Melbourne, know only too well the the ‘goal posts’ have an alarming habit of shifting at a moment’s notice for the slightest provocation, or for none at all! We will triumph in the end. Hold the line!
          Remember Nuremberg and bring on Nuremberg 2!

      2. Come on guys do better homework on these so called medial corporations, OSHA is just as corrupt as the rest of that entire group NIH, CDC, FDA! Every sing one of them are bought and paid for, trust! I’ve worked in the this health care industry for many years and the level of corruption would haves heads spinning like Carrie in the exorcist! Follow the money, Rockefeller, rothchildes, the frickin Queen of England, The catholic church the list goes on and on. Dig deeper!

    1. Del. We cannot view your highwires latest on rumble nor brighteon nor on our laptop device’s safari. All says this site is not private. And warning screen appears instead of queing up video. Brighteon has announcement to link below. Are we losing you? What’s going on?

    2. So true. I complained at a company because everyone was sick because of the air quality inside. No one would fight it with me so i called Osha. They came and slapped a sign on the time card machine- “if you feel the air is bad, wear a mask.”

    3. I don’t know how to comment on this format so… will just use a reply to share this question… What is the risk of death for the flu? Historically.

  2. Dell, I was looking at the 5G episode with R.F.Kennedy and you asked: … is there a safe way to have 5G and the answer is YES!
    put it in an optical fiber system!!! I hope you look at this comment and think about it, please.

  3. Del, every time I listen to you, I cry and get chills. The truth is setting people free, and I pray for your protection, blessing, peace, courage to continue. Keep fighting the good fight! We are truly waking up!

  4. That picture reminds me of ‘Hands Across America’, for those who don’t remember …

    On Sunday 25 May 1986, Americans were asked to simultaneously hold hands across a 4,137-mile route stretching from California’s Santa Monica Pier to New York’s Battery Park in an effort to raise from $50 million to $100 million for the nation’s hungry and homeless.

    After paying approximately $16 million in expenses, the organization had only about $11 million left over to give to the nation’s poor.

    That begs the question: How may millions is Del collecting in donations and how much is actually being spent on “fighting this in court” and how much is going into Del’s pocket? I think that’s a fair question and one that needs to be asked and answered. I know this will draw the ire of Del’s attack poodles, but everyone needs to be accountable for their claims, to protect well-meaning people from fraudulent activities.

    How about it Del, care to be honest?

      1. Let’s put on our thinking caps for a minute.

        Del has grabbed attention all over the world, and is taking in millions of dollars in donations, probably on a daily basis. He’s supposedly going up against Big Pharma, the Biden regime, and the entire “federal family”, so if that’s the case, they would be looking for any reason, any reason at all, to stop him from dong what he’s doing. They would be watching this site, looking for any reason to take him down, any reason at all. They would see that he’s a fraud, because they can see that he’s censoring people, when he claims that he doesn’t censor, and he solicits donations based on that false pretense. They also know that there is no way he is spending all that money on lawyers.

        If Del was for real, they would shut him down in a New York minute, but he’s allowed to keep doing what he’s doing for a reason. Same thing with Alex Jones, who admittedly works for the CIA.

        Those dots are pretty easy to connect, if you care about the truth.

        1. Your comments appear to me to defy logic, it seems that you imply that big pharma etc love Del. I think you need to review the content here honestly and if you do not share the view of the overwhelming majority then go start your own “honest” show having as many followers as you can personally muster instead of using this place as if were your own platform.

        2. Your logic is poor. There are many stories that can be fitted to circumstantial evidence. And yet you use it to come to only one conclusion. “They would shut him down… he’s allowed… for a reason…” ? ‘They’ have limited resources, ‘they’ have bigger fish to fry, ‘they’ are aware that shutting Del down might very well cause blowback, ‘they’ might not even consider Del’s output to be significant compared with their total control of MSM. You are a shill trying desperately to denigrate Del’s work.

  5. Seek and you shall find! Peace to all that stand and prove all things and hold them Fast ! We Lead and stand on God’s holy word in the name of Jesus! Amen

    1. I agree JM. but unions are the reason unions are in trouble, not ‘we the people’.

      They turned Americans against them by making union membership a family affair, based mostly on nepotism. What was once open to everyone, turned into a country club that discriminated against everyone who wasn’t kinfolk.

      Then they climbed into to bed with racist feminists, who are only concerned with being able to murder children and call it a choice. To hell with them, and I’m pretty sure that Jesus will feel the same way, come that day, if they don’t wakeup … change their ways … and repent.

  6. See what the pilot said ! They will take away your freedoms and tell you what to even believe what to believe in ! That will be the last straw and Mark of the Beast !!! All leading up to this Buy or Sell is spiritually discerned read proverbs 23 23 Buy the Truth and sell it Not ! Who is the Truth !? Jesus that is how one would refuse the Mark !!!

    1. Saturday is the sabbath, going to church and praying in public on Sunday is what the devil wants us to do, not Jesus.

      Pray in private, that’s what Jesus said. Most organized religion and evangelical Christians are leading people to hell for the almighty dollar, and that’s all becoming increasingly clear as the final day approaches.

      Now you see why the pope and the catholic church are pushing the vax. as are most evangelical, fake Christians.

  7. My company just sent me an exemption form they want me to fill out.. they ask questions like “are my children vaccinated” and they ask for a letter from my “religious leader” and after I hand it the exemption form they say they will determine if I’m “religious enough” to be granted the exemption.. this whole thing is crazy! Should I fill out their form? Are they really entitled to my kids medical information!? I have always handed my kids school a notarized exemption form with no hassle. I just don’t know what the right path is yet. See to do this right so I don’t lose my job..

    1. I’m not a lawyer, and scumbag lawyers want to make it a crime if I offer you legal advice, but that’s just tough titty.

      If you want my advise, DO NOT, under any circumstances, fill out that request, by doing so, you are agreeing to abide by whatever decision they make, because by asking for the exemption, you are giving them jurisdiction to say that you aren’t qualified for the exemption and you’ll be legally bound by the fact that you asked them for one.

      Del and his scumbag lawyers won’t tell you that, and this comment will probably not be posted, but asking them for an exemption is the worst possible decision anyone can make.

      A federal judge in NY was banned from the courthouse for refusing the vax and he refused to seek an exemption, and the reason I gave you is why he refused.

      1. Yes French senate rejected covid vaccine mandates/passports but the midget Macron dodged parliamentary democracy by extending emergency powers until July 22. This includes powers to enforce vaccine mandates /passports. French are just going to get madder.

  8. hello there conscientious objector i dont know why yo think hes a fraud may we will believe you if you proves us and show us eveidence…..

    ah there is no evidence so stop saying some who is a proffesional is not saying truth. if you want us to believe you then give us proof. good luck !!

    1. You can lead fools to knowledge, but you can’t make them think.

      The proof is all over this website in the form of blatant censorship and in the fact that Del has yet to interveiw a single doctor, (to my knowledge) that has admitted that there’s a depopulation agenda underway.

      Every doctor I’ve seen him interview starts off by saying: ‘I’m not an antivaxxer, and I’m not a conspiracy theorist, but yes, this plandemic is being handled wrong, but it’s all just happenstance and/or incompetency’.

      NOT ONE, to my knowledge has acknowledged the obvious fact that this is an attempt to cull the human race and/or make them slaves of the coming technocracy, that the Bible refers to as the beast system.

      You go ahead and believe whatever you want, but it’s my duty as a human being and a follower of Jesus to tell the truth, and the truth in this case is that Del is a fraud who’s stealing money from people in their most desperate hour.

      Click on this link and scroll halfway down the page to see Del’s new house, which he paid for with donations to the Highwire purportedly to, “fight this in court”. If you can’t see that as proof, then you’re not interested in the truth.


      1. Have you not seen him interview Dr. Judy Mikovits?Or take part in the round tales with Dr. Tenpenny, Dr. Buttar etc? You could look a little deeper look at the vast amount of information presented and differing opinions. If you look into the info presented by these other doctors you may find some of them more vocal on their own platforms about this twisted agenda.

        1. Yes me lady, I did, but it was quite a while ago, and I’m not really sure if she said anything about it being an intentional depopulation agenda, but if she did I apologize for my mistake. I do remember liking her and thinking she was being honest, (Mikovits) and feeling bad that she was taking so much heat for blowing the whistle.

          But MOST of the other doctors left me with a bad impression, they’re more than likely going along with the agenda as far as I can tell.

          I can’t remember Tenpenny, but I recognize the name, mostly because of the fact that I’ve seen so many comments asking del why he doesn’t interview her more often. I’ll have to listen to what she has to say again to refresh my memory.

          Take Care

      2. What a crock. You do know if you move from Cali to that part of ATX out in Hudson bend area much cheaper than in the city, you are going to be pretty darn rich and well set. Just like every Cali person I know in Texas.

  9. Psychopaths have always (and always will) tried to take over religion, $cience, “ethics,” politics thus our founders warned us heavily, and Eisenhower warned us of that, not just of the Military industrial complex, tech and $cience too.

  10. Simply…THANK YOU to all who stand up against to ridiculous BIG GOV. To all of my fellow “Brave” people standing against the tyrants. I served in the USAF & USN for 16 years because I believe in maintaining FREEDOM, unfortunately I also fought for the right of people to be passive sheep too. I wish they all would watch this since they won’t listen to anyone who is not on a mainstream media sources.

    1. This is from one of your brothers in arms and a personal hero of mine, if we all thought like this guy, America could be heaven on earth …

      Lt. Col. Guy S. Razer, MS Aeronautical Science, U.S. Air Force (ret) – Retired U.S. Air Force command fighter pilot. Former instructor; U.S. Air Force Fighter Weapons School and NATO’s Tactical Leadership Program. As an Air Force weapons effects expert was responsible for wartime tasking of most appropriate aircraft/munition for target destruction to include steel and concrete superstructures. Former aeronautical structures flight test engineer with McDonnell Douglas, working on advanced DC-9 autopilot systems and DC-10 flight envelope expansion stress and flutter analysis. Tactical aircraft flown: General Dynamics F-111 Aardvark fighter/bomber, McDonnell Douglas F-15E Strike Eagle, General Dynamics / Lockheed Martin F-16 Fighting Falcon, McDonnell Douglas F-18 Hornet, Boeing B-1 Bomber, MiG-29 (Russian fighter), and Su-22 (Russian fighter/bomber) 3,000+ fighter hours. Combat time over Iraq … 20-year Air Force career.

      “After 4+ years of research since retirement in 2002, I am 100% convinced that the attacks of Sept. 11, 2001 were planned, organized, and committed by treasonous perpetrators that have infiltrated the highest levels of our government. It is now time to take our country back.

      We cannot let the pursuit of justice fail. Those of us in the military took an oath to “support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic”. Just because we have retired does not make that oath invalid, so it is not just our responsibility, it is our duty to expose the real perpetrators of 9/ 11 and bring them to justice, no matter how hard it is, how long it takes, or how much we have to suffer to do it.

      We owe it to those who have gone before us who executed that same oath, and who are doing the same thing in Iraq and Afghanistan right now. Those of us who joined the military and faithfully executed orders that were given us had to trust our leaders. The violation and abuse of that trust is not only heinous, but ultimately the most accurate definition of treason!”

  11. None of this is new, Psychopaths have always (and always will) tried to take over religion, $cience, “ethics,” politics and enslave you if not kill you. Ancient pattern resurrected for your $alvashun!

    1. If religion is the catholic church, evangelicals and most others

      If science is the acceptance of lies like endorsing the destruction of the Twin Towers by jet fuel and Arabs with box cutters

      If free speech is defined as the type of censorship that Del is engaging in

      If liberty is defined by voting machines that can be hacked by a 10 year old, or being forced to take a so-called vaccine designed to murder or enslave you

      If politics is defined as a choice between two evil idiots, who get forced down our throats every four years

      Then “war” is justified.

  12. There should be a national day that advocates for medical freedom. It should be called,” Medical Freedom Day”. A good day for that would be, “Black Friday” this year it would be November 26th. There should be peaceful protests in every large city and smaller protests in every shopping mall across America! We need to get our voices heard!

  13. Biden is not mentally capable of making emergency decisions for anyone..He needs to be Baker Acted..
    This is only to waste our TIME and MONEY and SHUT us Down….so give it to em…shut it all down Fast and Furiously..Biden does not have the mental capacity to make important or emergency decisions…

    1. “Biden is not mentally capable”

      That’s one of his better qualities, you may not want to know the whole truth about him, it would probably shock your conscience and scar you for life.

  14. Hey Conscious Objection.

    How about you do what Del is doing for free

    Good Lord.

    Perhaps you didn’t know he moved from California to Texas.
    Large profit selling in California. Less expensive in Texas.

    What a disturbing person you are

    1. My understanding is that he was living with his in-laws in Cali, how much did he sell their house for?

      I only care about the truth, that bothers most people like you, always has and always will.

      If I’m wrong about Del I will admit it, If I’m right, I’d bet my life that you won’t be available for comment.

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  17. Thankyou Del for all the truth you are sharing. Not sure you will personally read this but have you ever looked at the figures of vaccine and covid in China. They are using a totally different vaccine and they have had a lot less deaths since the start compared to the rest of the world in comparison with their huge population. Seems a little “fishy” to me.

  18. Dear Kenny

    Check out the Healthy American website;
    the healthy american peggy hall for everything you need to know about your rights and exemptions. Also MAFA Make America Free Again with Pam Popper.

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  20. I can’t imagine any of the founders or other incredible proponents of liberty in America’s history saying “I don’t want to lose my job so I’m going to figure out a way to play along with the system”. If we aren’t willing to lose EVERYTHING for this one, we will lose everything anyway and will have a life with endless mandated medicines and procedures and tracking for the rest of our lives (if we live very long). I refuse to get a “permission slip” to say no to something being literally shot into my body. A substance that is so secretive there’s still no one that knows what’s really in it. Come on people. Say no. Make your employer fire you. Be willing to lose everything. Cars, trucks, houses, and all of that can be replaced some day. Our bodies cannot be replaced. And any liberty we lose because of playing along with this stuff will NEVER come back in our lifetime. We MUST sacrifice this time. Come on Americans. Can we PLEASE once again be the land of the brave? My Lord!

    1. Well said Rob, we need to be listening to people like you, not people who want to pay scumbag lawyers to sell us out in court and get rich in the process. Lawyers and law firms are lined up around the block to fight for “abortion rights” that are a legal fiction, but not one of these scumbags want to fight for liberty and justice pro bono.


      Lawyers in America are self-serving, domestic enemies, who all qualify for the death penalty under federal law for treason, warring against the people, and criminal racketeering under color of law for personal gain.

    1. You’re not going to win that battle in court, not trying to be a party pooper, just being realistic. The people Del is taking advantage of just want to write a check every month, hoping that’s going to solve something, but it has never has solved anything, and never will.

    1. First, I don’t think anyone’s allowed to get above a 7-figure net worth without joining a secret society. Second, this Argillier guy seems really sketchy: a “parallel government” instead of a “deep state government” and he speaks of “humanity” instead of freedom? I get the impression it’s just a bipedal version of animal welfare. He owns intelligence databanks? No, let me off this ride, thanks.

      1. Good or you, the bad part is by the time most of Del’s wishful thinkers figure it out, they’ll have so much invested, they’ll just keep throwing good after bad.

  21. “ During an average follow-up of 5.6 years (5.7 years for the patients with acute myocarditis [range, 4 days to 12 years]; 5.3 years for those with fulminant my- ocarditis [range, 15 days to 11 years]), 48 patients died and 7 received a heart transplant. The five-year rate of transplantation-free survival for all the patients with myocarditis was 70 percent (95 percent confidence interval, 61 to 77 percent). Only one patient with fulminant myocarditis died, and this death occurred during the index hospitalization. No patient with ful- minant myocarditis received a heart transplant.
    Figure 1 shows unadjusted transplantation-free sur- vival according to the clinicopathological classifica- tion. Among the patients with fulminant myocardi- tis, 93 percent were alive without having received a transplant at one year (95 percent confidence inter- val, 59 to 99 percent). In contrast, 85 percent of the patients with acute myocarditis were alive without having received a transplant at one year (95 percent confidence interval, 78 to 90 percent). Furthermore, whereas 93 percent of the patients with fulminant myocarditis remained alive without having received a transplant at the end of 11 years (95 percent confi- dence interval, 59 to 99 percent), only 45 percent of those with acute myocarditis (95 percent confi- dence interval, 30 to 58 percent) were still living with- out having received a transplant 11 years after the initial biopsy. The long-term transplantation-free sur- vival of the patients with fulminant myocarditis was significantly better than that of the patients with acute myocarditis (P=0.05 by the log-rank test).
    Figure 2 shows unadjusted transplantation-free sur- vival according to histopathological classification (bor- derline myocarditis vs. active myocarditis). Among the patients with borderline myocarditis, 87 percent survived one year (95 percent confidence interval, 76 to 93 percent), as compared with 85 percent of those with active myocarditis (95 percent confidence interval, 75 to 91 percent). At five years, 69 percent of the patients who had borderline myocarditis on ini- tial biopsy were alive (95 percent confidence interval, 55 to 79 percent), as were 71 percent of those who had active myocarditis on initial biopsy (95 percent confidence interval, 59 to 79 percent). There was no significant difference in survival between the patients with borderline myocarditis on biopsy and those with active myocarditis (P=0.38 by the log-rank test).“

  22. Before getting an employer-mandated shot, Dr. Ryan Cole, MD, who spoke at the AAPS annual meeting recently, suggested getting a panel of the following tests, and if you don’t feel well after the shot, get them again. Then you’ll have the documentation you need to take action: D-dimer, Sedimentation rate, C reactive protein HS, Troponin, CBC, and CMP.

    1. And even if you die, the lawyers make a ton of money, good thinking if you’re really tired of chasing ambulances and collecting fees two or three times from senile, old ladies.

  23. Why not just say to these CEO’s ..OK here is a Notice of Laibility if any bad affects happen to me by doing what you say that I have to have Bio Weapon Jab, and that they WILL be liable for all and ant detrimental effects a jab causes.

    1. They wouldn’t run, they’d call security, and you’d be in front of a crooked judge, on trumped up charges, with an exorbitant bail.

  24. So what happens if you have had a jab, and then have to go for a MRI at some time, will it kill you by pulling all the Graphene out of you as it collects in your organs?

  25. An attorney at the website http://WWW.coffeeandcovid.com has published a number of recommendations for those whose job may have been threatened over the v.ax. I’m not an attorney but the recommendations seemed reasonable and something the average employee could easily do in order to enable a future challenge to the firing in court. In short: challenge everything in writing; document every email, conversation, memo, etc.

  26. It is not a mandate. Biden has not signed anything and there is no law this is all just a propaganda show and we are buying it hook line and sinker. they are doing this intentionally to test us for future laws to take complete control through passports. vaccines are the in.

  27. Would you please contact Peggy Hall at thehealthyamerican.org She has been creating videos and content to help those wishing to file for a religious exemption from mandates? She has been in front of city councils and school boards pointing out illegal actions. Please consider interviewing her. I believe she will add valuable content and information to your program. Thank you. for all you are doing!

  28. Please consider linking in forms and documents spoken on in these podcasts on this same page.

    Even though subscribed to your newsletters, I receive hundreds of emails daily. My work is in Functional Medicine/Nutrition. Research has been 24/7 since this fell onto us in 2019. Early on, I knew something ominous was happening. The trail of connections all falls on the same heads. As much as they try to hide… it is clear of the connections and the agenda in play.

    Thank you for considering.

  29. “On each side of the river stood the tree of life, bearing twelve crops of fruit, yielding its fruit every month. And the leaves of the tree are for the healing of the nations” (Revelation 22:2)

  30. “19And this is the condemnation: that light has come into the world, and men loved the darkness rather than the light because their deeds were evil. 20For everyone who does wicked things hates the light and does not come to the light, lest his deeds should be exposed. But he who does what is true comes to the light, that it may be clearly seen that his works have been carried out in God.” ~ John 3:19-21

  31. In Victoria Australia the mandated jabs for jobs are still in effect, and many people are losing their jobs. The Police is still violating our human rights. The higher the jabbed rate, the higher the numbers of infections. They are talking about opening up, but it is all words, we are still locked up.

    1. Hang in there, Colette. In Sydney we have the shadow of so called freedom but I am not holding my breath. I feel that it is all a sham. It is worse for you in Melbourne because your dictator has absolutely no intention of releasing his grip on your throats. At the moment, All I can say is “Don’t give up! Hold the line!” Ultimately all this will be sorted and the Nuremberg 2 trials will allocate retribution as deserved.

  32. I’m a kiwi here in NZ,nope it’s full steam ahead with the vax,all we here is cases,cases,cases,cases,cases,vaccinate,vaccinate,vaccinate,vaccinate.The msm here is scaring the SHIT OUT OF OUR MAJORITY SHEEP,heaps of ppl getting vaxxed,and like biden ardern is going full steam ahead with freebies for the jabbie jab.
    I’ve come across so many horrible disgusting Nazi style Karen’s,one the other day said infront of me to others who were so proud they are vaxxed she said all NON VACCINATED PPL SHOULD BE FIRED,I REPLIED WELL THATS ABIT NAZI OF YOU ISNT IT.
    We who don’t want to be vaxxed knew it was gonna be hard but it’s worse then we thought,I can’t wear a mask so I get it twice one for been unmasked due to asthma and second cause I won’t get vaxxed.

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  36. I am in a relatively safe place right now, outside the US. I am very lucky. The oppression here is at a minimum. It’s not only the medical oppression that is at a minimum, at least in that it does not affect me beyond having to wear a mask in the few chain stores in town and having to have a q-tip up my nose every time I fly. I can also get real food on every street corner. Ironic, that this was once one of the most oppressed countries in the world. My heart goes out to all those in the U.S. who are losing their livlihoods for protecting their freedome, their health, and the health of their loved once. From afar, I am witnessing the greatest wave of oppression to sweep my nation since the dawn of history. I work away from the safety of my home in possibly one of the safest countries on earth right now, doing everything I can in what I consider my part in this fight. When I see you there, fighting back, coming together, it does bring tears. That’s the mushy part. But more importantly, it brings hope. Hope for our future, hope for man. Thank you.

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  40. How do I find the video of the man at the end talking about uniting together with his co-workers & stopping what their employer tried to mandate, the guy talking about yellow-bellied son of a b*****? That was great, but I can’t find it. Does anyone know? Thanks!

  41. Thank you for your endless commitment to find the truth, Del! Thank you also for bringing on Tammy and Kristen, I’m so glad they are taking this on and know the facts! This has a ton of excellent information for the travesties we are currently facing!

    1. Ah! I’m so glad Mr. Jaxen brought forward the information about SW airlines and what’s going on in TX where Dr. McCullough said BACK IN MARCH that we have antivirals and people don’t need to get sick and end up in the hospitals on Remdesivir which is HORRIFC and killed a 45 yo father of 5 (co-worker) it shut down his liver, he got sepsis, his kidneys quit and he died. NOT FROM COVID, from Remdesivir! Why are we using deadly meds like this? Just to make Fauci more $$? He did sooo good with AZT, right? 🙁 I will tell you why we don’t hand out clinically proven antivirals – because you can’t have an EUA if something else can be done. Over where I am, Ivermectin and Hydroxychloroquine are consistently used, along with Nebulizer/and HP if they get the lung kind. We don’t have to have hospitals overrun, we have ways to treat this but doctors are being censored.

      Del – you’re the voice of hope right now, I HOPE we can shift this!

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    Thank You !
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It’s Mandate Mayhem! Southwest Airlines in Disarray; Is Biden’s Vaccine Order Legal?; The Pushback Against Tyranny Goes Viral!; Tech CEO’s New Mandate-Free Job Site

Guests: Tammy Clark, Kristen Meghan, Andrew Crapuchettes



    NBA superstar, Jonathan Isaac, has been on the frontlines of pro-athletes pushing back on Covid-19 vaccine mandates, and doctors are joining his team. Former UCI Director of Medical Ethics, Dr. Aaron Kheriaty, who has also been in the limelight for refusing to get vaccinated, joins Isaac on The HighWire for a deep dive into why they are defending their natural immunity to Covid.

    #JonathanIsaac #AaronKheriaty #NaturalImmunity

    POSTED: January 17, 2022


    Two years into the pandemic, the tired narrative of legacy media & public health authoritarians like Fauci, has almost completely reversed from driving fear of the Covid, to ‘we must learn to live with this virus’. So why have Fauci & Co. made such an abrupt ‘about face?’

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    Are the overwhelming majority of deaths from Covid-19 afflicting patients already suffering from comorbidities? Hear what CDC Director, Rochelle Walensky had to say.

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    Three words – Negative Vaccine Efficacy…this is the reality now haunting those forcing ever-increasing vaccine mandates. Yet data from around the world is hinting at little to no protection against the new Omicron variant and perhaps even worse – a greatly heightened risk of infection in the vaccinated.

    #AlbertBourla #NegativeEfficacy

    POSTED: January 17, 2022


    The Mainstream narrative on Covid, propped up by legacy media and captured public health agencies, has come crashing down around even the most passionate lockdown and mandate enthusiasts who have been forced to turn tail and embrace tenets of the once castigated Great Barrington Declaration.

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  • Episode 250: GAME, SET, MATCH

    The War on Pro Athletes; Ethics Expert Fired Over Mandate; Vaccine’s Flopping Against Omicron; New Docs Expose Fauci; ICAN Landmark Wins & Critique of SCOTUS Hearing.

    Guests: Jonathan Isaac, Aaron Kheriaty M.D., Aaron Siri, Esq.

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    Orlando Magic Forward Jonathan Isaac responds to NBA Legend Kareem Abdul-Jabbar’s call for unvaccinated players to be fired & segregated.

    Jonathan Isaac is author of the book, ‘Why I Stand,’ available for pre-order now.

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    POSTED: January 13, 2022

  • Getting down to the nitty gritty, TOMORROW on The HighWire | January 13th, 2022

    Getting down to the nitty gritty, TOMORROW on The HighWire | January 13th, 2022

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    #NovakDjokovic #JonathanIsaac #OSHAVaccineMandate #AaronSiri



    In a time when real figures and stats are often concealed from the public, we took notice when a recent insurance CEO spoke out about the unprecedented spike in non-Covid deaths for people aged 18- 64. Hear what Healthcare Policy Analyst Expert, A.J. DePriest uncovered when looking at the contingencies in the fine print placed on School Districts and medical systems payouts from Biden’s ‘American Rescue Plan’.

    #AmericanRescuePlan #DollarsForDeaths #AJDePriest

    POSTED: January 11, 2022



    Previous cheerleaders of more restrictive lockdowns like Chicago Mayor Lightfoot and Joe Biden are changing their tune on school closures.

    #JoeBiden #CTA #LoriLightfoot

    POSTED: January 11, 2022



    New data has just been released looking at myocarditis in young males after mRNA vaccination. Its findings should be alarming to anyone paying attention with specific focus on the shortcomings it has exposed in regards to the CDC’s significant undercounting of cases.

    #Myocarditis #JaxenReport

    POSTED: January 11, 2022



    The Highwire has meticulously covered the Covid-19 pandemic since it began as “three weeks to flatten the curve,” and the mega-library of brave interviews with scientists, doctors, and experts is aging incredibly well. Here’s a look through some of the best of “The Highwire’s 100 Episodes of Covid Coverage.”

    #100thEpisode #100WeeksOfCovid

    POSTED: January 10, 2022



    The phrase ‘Mass Formation Psychosis’ broke the internet when it was dropped on Joe Rogan’s podcast featuring two Highwire favorites, Dr. Peter McCullough and Dr. Robert Malone. Del talks to Mark McDonald, MD, author of United States of Fear, about this psychological phenomenon and why the mainstream media is desperately trying to discredit it.

    #JoeRoganExperience #UnitedStatesOfFear #MarkMcDonaldMD #MassFormationPsychosis

    POSTED: January 10, 2022



    As we enter our 5th year of broadcasting, The Highwire would like to renew our pledge of transparency and honest investigation to our loyal and devoted audience, and give just a little behind-the-scenes insight into how our team delivers you the truth every Thursday.

    #TheHighwirePledge #TheHighwireTransparency

    POSTED: January 10, 2022



    The FDA has once again bypassed and marginalized its expert committee, and rushed ahead of the expert panel to authorize a Covid booster shot for kids as young as 12 years. With scant data and little concern for an alarming myocarditis signal in young boys, the agency’s move has caused a public uproar among experts in the medical and scientific community.


    POSTED: January 7, 2022



    THE UK’s HART group has published data showing increased infection rates among the Covid-vaccinated, within 2 weeks of dose 2. What are the implications given the push for 3rd, and even 4th boosters?

    #Omicron #Covid19 #HART #Boosters

    POSTED: January 7, 2022



    While legacy media and Public Health Agencies continue to stoke fear over Omicron, new data is painting a different picture of the overwhelmingly mild variant. But there’s a catch; it appears to be able to efficiently escape vaccine protection.

    #Omicron #PROSNCONS

    POSTED: January 7, 2022



    ICAN has filed another lawsuit against the CDC, this time for withholding data from the ‘V-Safe’ Covid-19 vaccine safety tracking system.

    #AaronSiri #VSafe #CDCLawsuits #ICANVSafeSuit

    POSTED: January 7, 2022



    A Look Back on HighWire’s Coverage of Covid; Welcome to the Party, Joe Rogan; ICAN Sues for V-Safe Data; Are You Suffering From Mass Delusional Psychosis?; COVID Deaths Down, excess Deaths up? Are Government Payouts Manipulating US Covid Data?

    Guests: Dr. Mark McDonald, AJ DePriest

  • Brave Bold News in 2022, TOMORROW on The HighWire January 6th, 2022

    Brave Bold News in 2022, TOMORROW on The HighWire | January 6th, 2022

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    #Omicron #JoeRogan #MassFormationPsychosis #MarkMcDonald #ACIP



    Del breaks down how the Covid vaccine tricks your natural immune system and leaves you potentially exposed to other variants, in this simple football game analogy.


    An almost 40 year-old interview with an ex-KGB Defector, Yuri Bezmenov, has re-emerged and is going viral. Why is it going viral now? Del sits down with the journalist who conducted that interview, G. Edward Griffin, for a deep dive into the Russian spy’s extraordinary warning to the American people in 1984, and why this warning must be heeded today.

    Guest: G. Edward Griffin


  • Don’t miss the last show of the year TOMORROW on The HighWire | December 30th, 2021

    Don’t miss the last show of the year TOMORROW on The HighWire | December 30th, 2021

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    Every Thursday, 11am PST (2pm EST)

    #GEdwardGriffin #YuriBezmenov #Collectivism



    Del sits down with visionary filmmaker Mikki Willis to discuss his new projects after The Plandemic’s viral juggernaut and their shared fight to spread truth in these unprecedented times.

    #MikkiWillis #Plandemic #Plandemic3

    POSTED: December 29, 2021



    Public health officials think they can continue to tell private citizens how to celebrate the Holidays.

    #Unity #FauciChristmas

    POSTED: December 29, 2021



    Just opinions!! After all the censorship, shadowbanning and warnings about misinformation, court documents now reveal that Facebook (now Meta) admit that their third-party fact checkers are only giving opinions on content.

    POSTED: December 27, 2021



    Austrian doctor, Maria Hubmer-Mogg, reports on the story you won’t hear on the news about Austria’s government leading the world in draconian vaccine mandate measures, and the incredible surge of Austrians showing up to protest against them.

    #MariaHubmerMogg #AustriaMandates

    POSTED: December 27, 2021


    Austria is Rising Facebook Fact-Checkers Are Opinion Mikki Willis Exposes Media Lies and Reveals The Next Plandemic Is Fauci Trying to Steal Christmas Guests Dr med. univ Maria Hubmer-Mogg Mikki Willis

  • Take a break from the holidaze TOMORROW with The HighWire | December 22nd, 2021

    Take a break from the holidaze TOMORROW with The HighWire | December 22nd, 2021

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    #MariaHubmerMogg #FacebookFactCheck #NewsGuard #MikkiWillis



    An ICAN-funded lawsuit has struck down the Covid-19 vaccine mandate to attend school in San Diego, California. This is the first COVID-19 vaccine requirement in the country to be struck down in a final ruling.

    ICAN’s lead attorney, Aaron Siri, and his team filed a lawsuit funded by ICAN on behalf of a parent whose child was going to be mandated to receive the Covid-19 vaccine to continue school. That ICAN lawsuit, S.V. on behalf of J.D. vs San Diego Unified School District, was consolidated with a lawsuit filed by Let Them Choose.

    ICAN-Funded Lawsuit Strikes Down COVID-19 Vaccine Mandate for San Diego Schools!

    More Details About the San Diego COVID Vaccine Mandate Strike Down!




    World-renowned virologist, Geert Vanden Bossche, explains how innate antibodies differ from naturally acquired antibodies, thereby protecting children and healthy adults from developing serious disease associated with Covid-19.

    Get the Facts:




    #GetFactsinated #GVB #InnateAntibodies #Covid19



    21-year-veteran of the LAFD, John Knox, discusses his group, “Firefighters 4 Freedom,” and their lawsuits against the city of Los Angeles for laying off hundreds of unvaccinated firemen without pay for standing up to unconstitutional mandates.

    #Firefighters4Freedom #JohnKnox #LAFD

    POSTED: December 17, 2021



    The Director of Protection of the Educational Rights for Kids (PERK), Amy Bohn, fills Del in on the huge win her organization along with Children’s Health Defense have claimed on vaccine mandates.

    #PERK #ChildrensHealthDefense #LAUSDMandate

    POSTED: December 17, 2021



    British Mathematician & Professor of Risk Management, Norman Fenton, walks Del through UK data on the incredible peak of excess deaths that occurred in the U.K. at the same time as the covid vaccine rollout.

    #NormanFenton #CovidDeathAnomalies

    POSTED: December 17, 2021



    When Gina Doane’s father died within 48 hours of receiving the Covid-19 vaccine, she began an arduous journey to expose the hospital’s cover-up of his tragic death, and any connection it may have had to the vaccine.

    #VaccineDeaths #GinaDoane #VAERSWhistleblower #DebConrad



    Firemen Fight for Freedom; British Mathematician Uncovers Disturbing UK Death Data; What is Wrong with Omicron?; Hospital Won’t Admit Tragic Vaccine Death?; Big Pharma’s Faithful Jumping Ship

    GUESTS: Fireman John Knox, Prof. Norman Fenton, Gina Doane, Deb Conrad, PA-C

  • Seek shelter from the storm TOMORROW on The HighWire | December 16th, 2021

    Seek shelter from the storm TOMORROW on The HighWire | December 16th, 2021

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    #Firefighters4Freedom #HR4980 #NormanFenton #CovidVaxDeaths



    Thanks to the legal action of Public Health and Medical Professionals for Transparency, the FDA has been forced to release Pfizer’s Covid vaccine trial data. Despite just 12k of some 451,000 pages have been released, already these documents reveal previously undisclosed reported injuries and deaths.

    To read the Pfizer documents: https://phmpt.org/


    POSTED: December 10, 2021