1. It’s great to see one of these lying rats in the mainsream media having the facts rammed down their throats. They spend all day virtue signaling and congratulating themselves on how brainwashed and obediant they are. They have no idea how to deal with opposition


          Playing Russian roulette: Nursing homes told to take the infected. California, New Jersey and New York have made nursing homes accept Covid-19 patients from hospitals. Residents and workers fear the policy is risking lives. See this New York Times article.

          On March 25th, 2020, New York Governor Cuomo issued an executive order forcing the transfer over 4,500 Covid-19 patients from hospitals to their nursing homes (also called old-age or care homes). In the following weeks the nursing homes saw 6,000 deaths from Covid-19…. See here.

          You could make a strong argument that the USA’s deadly coronavirus problem is largely a nursing home problem,… See here.

          Republican Whip Steve Scalise announced that he had sent letters to the governors of California, Michigan, New Jersey, New York, and Pennsylvania, demanding they explain why they ignored protocols and forced Covid-19 patients into nursing homes. Scalise noted, “While nursing home residents make up 0.6% of the U.S. population, they account for 42% of nationwide Covid-19 deaths”. That is, 70% of all U.S. Covid-19 deaths had (up till that time) been in care homes.

        2. I agree – but if you ever had a rat shacked up in your place ? – believe me you would bang its head in without a second thought after a few wrecked nights !!

      1. Del, I love you for the way you stand for truth. Thanks for building a bridge. I really pray this guy takes to heart everything you said.
        I’m crying with appreciation over you. You have no idea how grateful we all are. Maybe I’m over emotional because I’m still recovering from covid but I’m just so happy to have natural robust immunity. Sometime the only way is through the fire. I’ve been through it and will be better for it. Praying for you as you walk through the fire for us with truth as your rock solid gear!
        God bless!

    1. This was an absolute fantastic interview and really impressed with Del’s ability to so eloquently respond! I will definitely keep donating my two cents worth!

      1. The reporter seemed to ask open questions in a non threatening way, refreshing.

        He allowed Del to share his knowledge very clearly. Interview encouraged critical information.

        1. He technically played nice during the interview – but did you read his hit piece?? He created a narrative designed to discredit Del, by associating him with Trump supporters and QANON.

          1. we could definitely easily catch the interviewer’s underlying personal bias .. I’d like to see that hit piece if you’d be willing to share a link

          1. I think Del just looks tired. Im sure he expected the bum to do exactly what he did – write a load of garbage. Hang in there Del we appreciate you!

          2. What? Are you questioning Del’s commitment to this cause? Who are you? These interviews are always stressful be cause someone is trying to trip you up and misrepresent you for their ‘story’ which has largel been decided beforehand! Who are you?

          1. He even misplaced the name Informed Action Consent Network (ICAN).
            Hard to put the words in order…. Senior journalist ???

          2. Spot on. I read it and he definitely had an agenda. Out and out misinformation as usual. Trying to make it political. The arrival accused them of “going after” certain groups of people. No one recruited me. I trusted my gut and set out to find others who felt the same. If a show is political (which I feel is another gov devise and conquer agenda) I would have moved on. I appreciate the opportunity to have a voice here Del. I would have done the same thing on the Insider, but they apparently don’t allow public comment. No surprise there. Nor did he offer his readers to listen to this interview. Great Job Del. I am proud to be on the side that has a conscious.

        2. Yes, but did you read the ACTUAL article that Tom wrote after this interview took place, and placed in mainstream. It was full of mistruths and slander. Disgusting!

        3. Apparently you didn’t read the article he wrote base on this interview. Complete propaganda. He wasn’t interviewing Del…. He was gathering information to twist and turn for the Agenda. Del didn’t give him any so he made it up instead. This goes on everyday with the minions of these people trying to kill and control.

        1. Yes Del, great job! I especially like how you protected the scientists who contribute to your knowledge of what is really happening. There’s no doubt in my mind that that information had the potential to defamed the scientists like the African front line doctor who gave the truth on hydroxychloroquine but the powers that be demonize her credibility. Again good job Del!!!

      2. Amazing interview for sure. That “reporter” came with so many biases and Del just tore him apart with facts! Great to see. And definitely worth supporting!

    2. It is also interesting to listen to the questions by Tom, where he asked Del if he had any names of scientist who backs Del up.
      Del gives him many names
      But this Tom did not provide any names of “the great scientists” who claimes this quaxxs is safe.

    3. Great job, Del! Interesting just listening to his response, silence, to his last follow up question. He couldn’t wait to hang up. Lol Which is very sad.

  2. They pretend that ‘consensus’ determines truth. Stupid. They’re just bought traitors & deceivers selling out anything true, right & good for their idol. Earning the transhumanist Hell they so richly deserve, & the judgment for being part of the deception with blood on their hands, the cause of much suffering. For the unrepentant, that suffering will be eternal, never ending…..and it’s all of their own free will choice to reject the truth & misuse that faculty preserved by the grace of God which no other creature possesses: only man created in the image of God with body, soul & spirit.

      1. “Made in his image”

        Do yoU know what ARCO represents? Short for ARCON…
        Is in reference to what some people [zionist] call the ‘Fallen Angels. or the ‘Cast down One’s’ or the nephylum. Cast out of their home planet, and chased out of their solar system and across many galaxies, and into our solar system and crashed onto earth.

        the nephylum, are the ones that wanted to create a race of beings to be their slaves. They tried 6 times to create a race of slaves, bit failed and on the 7th attempt….

        Created in the image of the one that created us…

  3. WOW you read what he got out of this interview and it is clear as water that Tom Porter is not interested in telling the facts. Wonderful job recording the full interview because only then we can see how inaccurate his article is and how BusinessInsider sways away from facts to spread their own agenda. What a shame!

    1. People can’t think for themselves anymore. Loved when Del told Tom that he teaches people HOW to think by informing them. From interview to hit piece…unbelievable flip. Great interview Del. Thank you for sharing it with us.

    1. Brilliant as always Dell. Loved your demeanor as well. No emotion, just facts! This is why I support ICAN. Not only do you talk the talk, but you walk the walk! I hope more mainstream journalists will interview you. I wonder if Dr Phil would have the guts to put you on his show? No, he probably wouldn’t. His show would be canceled in a NY minute and then he would loose the beautiful lifestyle that his show affords him.

    2. Del, you are absolutely Brilliant and couldn’t have handled that interview any better. Thank you for your extraordinary work, commitment and dedication. I am forever grateful for your incredible innovation, passion, and accomplishments. Keep up the amazing work!

  4. Del,

    Your tolerance is to be greatly admired.

    Senior Reporter? comes across as a trainee Reporter and I am not trying to offend.

    This young man typifies the mediocrity that has emerged in the World – or some years now – they do not even realise how poor their standards are in many areas of life.

    Your professionalism & knowledge is is ALWAYS evident.

    Do take care of yourself – u looked very tired.

    The World owes you a debt for going more than the mile.

    What a painful Interview and NOT you Del. and I am a very balanced person and not siding with anyone side of point of view here.

    Sincere appreciation.

    An Ozzie.

  5. You make me so proud to be an American!

    Way to calmly remark all of your points with poise, grace and FACTS!
    I so appreciate your compassion for others and the work that you’re doing!!

  6. Thanks Del. Just thanks. Love what you guys do and the purity of heart from which it comes. I hope you are taking strides to protect yourself from the criminals who would want to silence you as the voice of reason which completely obliterates the passion of fear that is being pushed today. God bless you and keep you.

  7. Del,
    Your handling of the interview was masterful. It is quite evident that Tom Porter is intellectually dishonest by his attempts at “Gotcha” questions and agenda driven published article. He is obviously a propagandist masquerading as a journalist.

    1. I find it astonishing that so many supposedly smart people who call them selves journalists are no more than sheep following the flock. I take that back, it’s not astonishing at all. Many are either just too lazy to do proper research or they fear losing their job to speak out against the popular narrative.

    2. Porter is just doing what he’s paid to do, thinking how he’s paid to think, writing what he’s paid to try to make us think. Pathetic. Del is doing what he has been CALLED to do. What a huge difference and don’t think for a moment that Porter isn’t totally aware of that difference. Integrity Envy!!! It’s a common disease.

  8. Well said Dell, I wish I could stay as calm as you. I find that when having to defend myself against constant harassment from people, many of them long term friends and family who point blank refuse to look at any peer reviewed documents or interviews with well established medical professionals and just lump everything in the ” if its not on mainstream media it must be a conspiracy theory” the biggest burden in this whole pandemic. Having suffered through a major illness around the SARS 1 circulatiin for 2 weeks, and in those days one was told just stay at home..and feeling like I was at deaths door..yet my natural antibodies kicked in and I have not suffered from any flu like illness for more than a day since inc last March…yet what recognition or support in freedom to live a normal life is being extended to someone like myself…. I do find myself on the brink of despair and it is only listening to your show and meeting and hugging people who have educated themselves that I am getting through all this so thank you.

  9. Wow! Del, you are truly my hero. I hope you made him think. He has no basis for his opposition anymore. I hope you share his follow-up questions and/or an article he may still write about you. Thank you for sharing this important interview.

  10. Wow! Porter quoted mostly “investigations” done by the Washington Post and others, continually citing as fact things that Del not only did not say, but completely rejected. E.g., Porter said that Del was at the Trump rally on January 6th, never mentioning the Medical Freedom Rally that was taking place at the same time. Then he took a quote out of context.

    I suppose I shouldn’t be surprised that comments were not invited to the hit piece. Perhaps members are able to do that, but why subscribe to a rag?

  11. When the interviewer asked Del if he could provide the names of scientists and doctors who he consults, Del should’ve just told him to watch his show. Ha!

  12. Then the fool TP (perfect initials) tries to play on emotion – aren’t we [upset] by those unv-xd who lie in hospital, dying from a lack of the j-b? How brainwashed he is – does he believe his own rhetoric, or does he just say what he does for the paycheck?

  13. Great that you published the full, unscripted interview for people to compare. The article in BI is of course nowhere near the facts you mentioned about health and moral aspects of the problem. Wow. The only interest is to defame and obscure instead of pursuing the truth. I am just really tired with all this but keep on fighting for the right cause!

  14. Thank you, Del. You’re very thoughtful, clear and patient. It’s not surprising that none of your logical points were reflected in the article. Thank you for sharing the interview. It provides insight into your character, motivations and demeanor.

  15. It’s quite fascinating that the reporter was able to drive his article and mislead the conversation to the disadvantage of a minuscule view. I have been watching the highwire for over a year now. I found it on Facebook. And once it was removed I move over to the website and have been watching the weekly episodes and signed up for the email list. Definitely has shown me how to look and where to look. Even of the information that is being provided through the interviews of doctors and scientists epidemiologists and more. What I have to say I’m behalf of myself is in regards to vaccine And health. I have been a human being that seems to be able to use my instincts and intuition to say that is right or wrong I don’t know. But it has guided me to feel and know that when it comes to the healthcare system of this country the pharmaceutical companies and the way that they move through their campaign of misguided information. I follow ancient healing systems. When there’s something going on in my life or someone close to me a rely on Ancient modalities That have been here for thousands of years. Of course if I break a bone I will go to the doctors. If there’s something extremely unexplainable it is beyond my comprehension to be able to do I will go seek help from Western medicine. But the premises of Western medicine is based on the germ theory. All educational bases come from the germ theory. That is the theory in which there is even something that is called viruses or even something called vaccines. My balanced view of healthcare system in the world would be a balance between germ theory and terrain theory. Please noting That the basis of the information is upon a theory. There is so much involved in understanding in a way and yet the complexity and itself there is also a simplicity. I definitely can see how that journalist had misinterpreted and made it to his advantage in the article that he had written to basically discredit dell big tree and the I CAN organization. Which people in the hierarchy feel threatened by that. It’s obvious. In the scheme of consciousness and discovery of who you are as a sentient being in this universe that is endless. It is seeing that in the microscopic level of the egoistic form Of consciousness would have you believe that you must be under control. But to me in itself really seems quite self-conscious. As seemingly powerful it is that there is governments and people that are billionaires and pharmaceutical companies that are billionaires. They’re actually quite self-conscious. That is the way that I see it. If you were trying to control and manipulate a situation and censorship a situation and discredit the situation. Then it becomes a psychological conundrum. If there is those that is not telling you what to think or what to believe but showing you where are you may be able to find the information. Or allowing you to decide for yourself without coercing you. That is the information that is interesting to me because it can make me look at that information and think and decide for myself. Even though there are questions that I have regarding this scenario that has manifested in reality of I seemingly number of years. This rhetoric of manipulation is only here to wake you up. And once you are waking up in a certain way it’s like you can see through the illusion. What has been created through mainstream media the CDC and WHO the pharmaceutical companies it’s in my opinion and feeling that it is smoke and mirrors. They want you to look in the mirror at the same time there is smoke. They want to baffle and confuse you and make you into people that are compliant and believe what they are saying to you. But in essence it is not the truth. The truth of all truths is who is the one seeing behind the eyes of all human existence of all sentient beings throughout all universes. While on a primal level I am here to advocate for myself and for those that are open enough to discover. The smoke and mirrors is hidden in plain sight and yet also in the fine print and which is not readily available for the public. It is simply just smoke and mirrors it’s a manipulation. If Dell big tree the highwire if any of these People and/or groups are not telling the truth. To some degree in the sense in which facts are created in this reality and I hope they’re humble enough to say they made a mistake if there is a mistake. But until that really happens I will continue to pay attention to such sources of information to keep myself informed and also collaborate with my instincts and intuition.

  16. Did Tom ever get back with you on follow up questions? He definitely had a slanted agenda in his questions. I was delighted with Del”s no nonsense reply’s and it was a well played ping pong match. Del: won!

  17. I know Tom will twist what Del said for the fact who Tom works for and their ties to big pharma. Unless Tom chooses to take the high road and care more about people than his implorers profits.

  18. Truth! Spot on, Del!
    Recovering from Covid pneumonia. Walked out of 2 ER departments a week apart. Offered remdesevir and I said NO. Doctor was furious with me. Said treatments of ivermectin and hydroxy were lies. He stormed off. One nurse tried to badger me asking why I didn’t take the vaccine. I went off with my take and she backed off. I’ve been watching you since day one. Thank you. Thank you. My mother in Ohio was talked into the vaccine. She was fine before. Had traveled to visit four times in the past 12 months. She was driving cooking living independently. After Moderna vaccines she was hospitalized both times. Second time it was like it went to every part of body and brain. She died. I need to find out how to report to VAERS. I took a picture of her vaccine card. Keep spreading the truth. Take care.

    1. Why are Poison Vax makers still immune from liability and prosecution for Post Vax health issues? It should be a condition of ‘Approval’? Mr Porter proving to be an uneducated, uninformed embarrassment for us Brits. MickFromHooe (UK).

  19. AFREAKINGMAZING Del!!! I admire so much how calm and how well you articulate yourself. I wish to be able to remember all of these facts and speak about them so calmly. It was amazing when Tom asked if you feel guilty about the unvaccinated passing away in the hospital and you just schooled him with the truth. Tom’s a manipulator and you didn’t bite.

    1. How come Poison Vax makers are still immune from liability and prosecution for Post-Vax health issues? It should be a condition of ‘Approval’? Mr Porter proving to be an uneducated, uninformed embarrassment for us Brits. MickFromHooe (UK).

  20. Del, you are absolutely Brilliant and couldn’t have handled that interview any better. Thank you for your extraordinary work, commitment and dedication. I am forever grateful for your incredible innovation, passion, and accomplishments. Keep up the amazing work!

  21. Great job. I live in the UK and this man is just a complete idiot that I place firmly in the same class as all the lying media over here. Thank God for you and your team for bringing us the truth.

    1. Mr Porter proving to be an uneducated, uninformed embarrassment for us Brits. MickFromHooe (UK). How come Poison Vax makers are still immune from liability and prosecution for ALL Post-Vax health issues? It should be a condition of ‘Approval’?

  22. Del, One important angle I haven’t heard you mention is this: What about personal responsibility? When someone is dying of Covid, are they really dying of Covid? Or are they dying because of all the crappy lifestyle decisions they have made in their life? Healthy and responsible people need to be differentiated from those that made poor health choices throughout their life. Why should I take a vaccine if I have gone out of my way to eat properly, sleep well, exercise, and get sunshine? To me this whole Covid battle is between the healthy and the sick. Maybe the sick need this vaccine; but I have decided to practice “lifestyle immunity”.

    1. My grandma is 87 years old, smoked her whole life and never went on a “for my lifestyle walk”. She over came Covid and is doing great for her age. I don’t believe this outbreak has to do with peoples lifestyles but I do understand your point of view. We cannot judge someone for choosing their lifestyle even when it effects us.

    2. Obviously Lifestyle and diet could contribute to the conclusion but deaths are also being caused BY dodgy VAX as well as the makers ‘burying’ safer meds like Ivermectin. Mr Porter proved to be an uneducated, uninformed embarrassment for us Brits. MickFromHooe (UK). How come Poison Vax makers are still immune from liability and prosecution for ALL Post-Vax health issues? It should be the FIRST pre-requisite of ‘Approval’?

  23. This mans article doesn’t impact my views of what is happening. I investigated both sides of the so called vaccine because I truly felt pressured to get it even though I knew in my mind based on all that I read that it was dangerous for me (I have had adverse side effects from vaccines 4 years ago) and wasn’t going to take the risk when it’s been proven getting this vaccine doesn’t prevent it from being transmitted, nor does it prevent me from getting it.

    1. Obviously Lifestyle and diet could contribute to the conclusion but deaths are also being caused BY dodgy VAX as well as the makers ‘burying’ safer meds like Ivermectin. Mr Porter proved to be an uneducated, uninformed embarrassment for us Brits. How come Poison Vax makers are still immune from liability and prosecution for ALL Post-Vax health issues? It should be the FIRST pre-requisite of ‘Approval’? MickFromHooe (UK).

  24. Excellent interview. The questions expose the emotional propaganda. Del answered every question clearly and concisely with factual data and valid sources. We are not anti anything. We are pro information and choice.

  25. What’s sad is the people who tell the truth have to work so much harder than the people who get paid to lie or benefit from the lie. Thank you Del for your hard work!

  26. This is a giant yawn interview on Tom’s side.
    He is so uninformed on his interview. And to ask
    Dell his list of professionals on the subject??
    Listen to a show. Or find your own list.
    What a Pratt.
    Well done Dell.

    1. Agreed! Obviously Lifestyle and diet could contribute to the conclusion but deaths are also being caused BY dodgy VAX as well as the makers ‘burying’ safer meds like Ivermectin. Mr Porter proved to be an uneducated, uninformed embarrassment for us Brits. How come Poison Vax makers are still immune from liability and prosecution for ALL Post-Vax health issues? It should be the FIRST pre-requisite of ‘Approval’? MickFromHooe (UK).

  27. Wow, you can grasp from Tom’s last question, that he just didn’t listen to anything that Del said.
    I am so proud to be affiliated with this organization.

  28. Well, I followed the link and looked up the article. I actually read a good bit of it before I recognized the pattern: I tried, he said, important (name, group, organization, periodical )
    said opposite, which of course is true. Because no important person, group, organization, periodical was ever wrong before, ever. I did skim the rest, all the while wondering which important person, group, organization or periodical will attain the highest honor when the Ministry of Truth becomes a real thing.

    1. We’re heading for a system of ‘Behavior Points’ to live on this planet. Obviously Lifestyle and diet could contribute to the conclusion but deaths are also being caused BY dodgy VAX as well as the makers ‘burying’ safer meds like Ivermectin. Mr Porter proved to be an uneducated, uninformed embarrassment for us Brits. How come Poison Vax makers are still immune from liability and prosecution for ALL Post-Vax health issues? It should be the FIRST pre-requisite of ‘Approval’? MickFromHooe (UK).

  29. I read the article this guy wrote. He is totally disingenuous on the characterization of what you said in the interview. He replied mostly on CCDH emotional baseless narrative. This was a total hit piece. So this is what mainstream media does. He purposely left out most of what you said. He should be ashamed of himself and lose his credibility as a journalist. This had nothing to do with actual fact finding. It was a hit piece. May God preserve you, bless you and amply ICANs efforts…you and the team Del. You’re a beacon of truth amongst the corrupt govt and elite in this country. My prayers and support are with you all!!

  30. Brilliant work, Del. Showing us the raw footage was an inspired choice. I am so impressed by the quality of your engagement with this horrifying subject matter.

    What a contrast between your authentic engagement and the slick and highly mannered tone of the interviewer. We learn so much from listening carefully.

    Thank you for all your ongoing leadership which we so desperately need

  31. As a person holding a Ph.D., it is amazing how our higher education system, our public officials and our “experts” are controlled by power and profit. I was born prior to WWII. I see us at a turning point where our government is so corrupt that it will not continue. Our religion is allopathic medicine which is based upon power and profit. It is sad that science now goes to the highest bidder. Del Bigtree is an exception and I hold him in highest esteem.

  32. What an honor to be a supporter of ICAN and witness your poise and Presence in the matter of insanity. I so celebrate everything you do, Del, and will continue supporting you in getting the real information out to those lost in the MSM’s programming. BIG congratulations of staying in your Inner Truth, Presence and…. LOVE <3

  33. This is the unfortunate truth about what MSM is putting forth as “news”. Absolutely one sided and propaganda. It is a crime that we the people cannot derive any valid, scientific information from the CDC or FDA or NIH but when these agencies are co-opted by big pharma, this is what we the people get. I have lost what little faith I had in reporters like Maddow, Hayes, Cuomo, Lemon, et al as they follow this absurd propaganda put out by this corporatocracy.

  34. Stellar!! Kudos!! Should be added to any syllabus for high school or college students studying public speaking/debate/pre-law, etc. Never raised his voice, never hid behind evasion, gave complete answers, never summoned superfluous emotion; in short, Del followed every known strategy for slaying the opponent with reason as the weapon! Impressive!

  35. I don’t know other people but I personally I’m suffering the division with my family (mother and brother) and is heart braking, they think I’m the one in fear but I fear for them for they trust an experimental treatment that has endless holes and their reverse phycology is affecting me so bad. my family is from Spain and really I feel so separated how the view the world and where this is making me sad and angry to listen the non sense they spout with so much anger and fustration.

  36. Del, you always have been and still are a class act. You have an amazing way of sharing truth with us, without anger, resentment or hostility. Your caring attitude in how you answer any and all questions is refreshing at the very least. Your quiet tone forces people to LISTEN and perhaps learn some valuable truths for a change – instead of blindly following all these so-called experts who are selling nothing but lies for profit. You’re my modern day hero Del, I hope the good Lord blesses and keeps you around for a long time to come!

  37. Tom Porter sounds like a slippery slimy snake in the grass. Just a feeling I downloaded from The Universal Stream that’s all, nothing “scientific” about it.
    On the polar opposite side of this interview the AMAZING, fabulous, articulate, angel from heaven
    Del Bigtree! So Grateful for this
    High Frequency Human
    Del and his Team are making this hologram a much better place.

  38. Thank you Del, this shows even those who trust the main street media how deceitful they are. I heard clearly several names you gave this “reporter” who have contributed their expertise on the Covid science through your interviews. Everything that shill reported was pushing that political button which frankly I believe more people are starting to see. I have been skeptical about anything the government puts out since prior to 9/11, like they say, “follow the money”. I had a real shocker today, my ex daughter in law had the PCR test 2 weeks ago because her fiance got the flu. They charged her insurance 900.00, I just about fell down, what a scam!! Keep up the good work, your getting so close to the truth, too bad our “representatives” are either to ignorant, or waiting for the pay off. I saw it posted that 27 of our House and Congress have financial ties (stock) in the pharma raping our coffers on a lie. I will never comply to anything that will end with the total enslavement of my granddaughter, and Fauci needs to be silenced with his evil rhetoric that all children need to be injected. This is pure EVIL, there is no other explanation for this total insanity.

  39. Del, I have a family member who just died – you described his final days point by point. He received the “jab” and then got “covd” and was struggling with breathing – he went to hospital to only get a couple of breathing treatments and sent home – he was found dead on the floor next morning – just so very sad – My uncle was on ventilator for 10 days, then died – I have an aunt who was “jabbed” and is having heart surgery today! I have a neighbor who is a physician and took the “jab” and now has an “enlarged” heart – test after test – next procedure is open heart surgery!!!!! OMG

  40. A new EXPERIMENTAL treatment pushed to anyone which has not gone through all pressures of safety and regulations without data what can go wrong? There is a international law of the Nuremberg code that we need to recognise as a human right to not commit the same mistakes EVER AGAIN. Enough of the abuse and pushing to everyone with a rational brain to take it when is not supported by real scientific evidence, when they have already done damage to so many even death. How long we have to continue to live like this? I worry for my family, I worry this insanity still happening everyday and what will take to stop it. There is a great need for a voice of reason and debate because there is a disbalance of information out in the open with a lot of ignorance and arrogance that I can’t imagine what negative effect will have to my son who is only 12 who have to go through this because is causing a lot of stress in the family and I pray to God to come and sort this out if we can’t do it ourselves, This programme has provide some sanity and hope, there is VERY little voices who are brave enough to explain, educate and inform so we can connect with similar minded people, so THANK YOU DEL you have been a real source of truth that you perhaps felt the obligation to show for a better future for our children.

  41. Well said Del…Thanks for always being patient and professional.

    I wish we could really get these reporters to actually READ a study…but they just can’t seem to get beyond their own programming.

    Time will support your efforts. Thanks again.

  42. Remorse about people in hospitals with covid? WE HAVE NO SCIENTIFIC EVIDENCE what is really going on when an EXPERIMENTAL drug that never is been use before is saving lives, is been said all ready this vaccines can’t stop the disease of getting it or passing into others, what a nonsense question was that! and so rude. Del is not responsible for the choices of the disinformed but those who are lying are and one day will be justice and we will remember those responsible those who sold their soul.

  43. Loved this!!! The audacity of those who believe that Big Pharma is smarter than nature itself. I believe that we have already entered onto a path of no return…because of the greed of the globalists. Thank you, Del and your team, for speaking up for all of us…and especially speaking up for our innocent children!!!

  44. Del, in relation to his ‘medical qualification’ you should have asked Tom where Bill Gates’ medical qualification is to go around immunising the globe with his poison.

  45. Del you didn’t miss a beat. Bully on the play ground knew he lost and wanted to cripple you with that last question regarding ppl dying in the hospitals, just so he could use that answer to discredit you. You punched him dead in the throat with your comeback! Proud of you!

  46. Del you didn’t miss a beat. Bully on the play ground knew he lost and wanted to cripple you with that last question regarding ppl dying in the hospitals, just so he could use that answer to discredit you. You punched him dead in the throat with your comeback! Proud of you!

  47. Who gave this person the right to conduct such an unnecessary interview? Not we the people, of course. Thank you Del! We need more people like you.

  48. So well handled Del Bigtree! Your whole demeanor made it near to impossible for a confrontational style, by the reporter. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

    Half truths, as we know, worse than lies, are running the whole narrative. Until we have the data on treatments administered in hospital, autopsies on patients who died shortly after the jab, microscopy of blood, and actual laboratory proof of the virus, and variants, everyone is swinging wild and blind. And it is costing lives.

    Early treatment with effective medications and supplements is showing efficacy. There was a TCM study from September 2020 (can be found in NCBI-[ncbi.nlm.nih] several articles on this subject), showing as much as a greater than 90% efficacy, in some instances, with several traditional herbal remedies, and 2 specifically. Zero reporting. Crickets. Just one example of therapies that worked, but, received no attention, but, we are supposedly heroically looking for solutions. If we keep staring at our navel, maybe one will jump out at us. Had we taken another tack entirely where would we be today? How many lives could have been saved. When your job is held over your head to present facts according to a prescribed political mantra, you are just one more screeching voice in an echo chamber.

    Del you moved the bar forward. Really can’t thank you enough. An adult discussion. Lets hope the filter will be reason, and not political safety and expedience. How long does Truth have to have a flashing code blue?! Today it got some oxygen . . . Breathe that in!!!

  49. Wow! Listening to you give measured, intelligent responses to that slithery creature’s dishonest questions aroused such a mixture of emotions in me–disgust and fury at that so-called reporter and awed admiration at how calmly and devastatingly you responded.

  50. Del, You are absolutely an amazing person! The way that you kept your cool with that cretinous “journalist” was incredible! I would have lost it with that jerk~~but you, sir, are super human! Keep up the GREAT work and THANK YOU for all you do!

  51. Right to the point brother. He tried but he didn’t get what he wanted. He will be back!!!! Great interview. Keep up the good work and GOD BLESS you and your staff!!!!!

  52. Thank you for your amazing work! We love to watch your weekly shows. We need more dialogues like this until we can uncover the truth…look like a step in the right direction! ps I wanted you to look into the camera more:)

  53. OMG, this was so good. Helps me remember good boilerplate useful/helpful/productive replies to the common entrapment questions. Go, Dell ~ and thank you.

  54. I just read Porter’s resulting article, after listening to Dell’s brilliant points. They were completely lost on Porter, and he wrote the hit piece he intended to write from the get-go, ignoring all the cited substance to the contrary. E.g., “Affiliation with Trump” (he ignores Bobby Kennedy & other prominent Democrats like me ha ha, who have nothing to do w/ Trump, Q, right wing, Fox, etc.) … “Possible valid reasons not to trust gov agencies” (cites the gov agencies saying they are to be trusted – ha ha) … “Tell me who the doctors are that you consult with” (asks, I heard you give him lots of names, then article says you refused to name doctors) … “Tell me your reasons” (then proceeds to revert back to ‘guilt by occasional association,’ much like bigots loved to cite how MLK spoke to a communist one day, or the corrupt religious establishment who loved to cite that Jesus talked to prostitutes & tax collectors, along with talking to everybody else interested …. WOW. Just wow. I now understand the dead expression on Dell’s face, going through this. He knew that this reporter was gonna misrepresent, no matter what he said, didn’t he? It’s happening over & over. But great effort, these things will awaken “those who have ears to hear.” Keep it up. This is classic historical defensive ignorance and corruption ~ but as MLK said, “The moral arc of the universe is looooong ~ but it bends toward justice (ultimately). Faster, the truthier we are.

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Watch what really happened when Del overwhelmed a mainstream reporter bent on writing a slanted piece on Del and the Informed Consent Action Network.

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