1. If someone is so stupid as to trust known liars to the point of self-sacrifice, don’t expect people to empathize with them. She is on a self-pity trip of her own making and whatever happens as a result is because of her own callous disregard for the truth and justice.

    Soldiers “volunteer” for all kinds of dangerous missions out of the desire to be heroes in the eyes of people who couldn’t care less what happens to them. Am I the bad guy for not feeling sorry for them?

    Maybe this will be the thing that opens her eyes to just how rotten this system is. Maybe his will be the incident that ends up saving her life, I hope it is.

    1. Why am I not surprised you commented yet another hateful comment. Go fuck off please. This website needs to block you. These people are sharing their truth to possibly save someone else. If you don’t find value in that get your ignorant head out of your ass.

      1. this is true and it’s sad because its from all over the world people are suffering.Im originaly from Bulgaria, and I live now in Scotland ,and my first and last dose Phizer make me very sick.I belive everyting what the government said about the vaccine,all my co workers,my partner,and now 5 mounts I cannot recover.Dont do the same mistake as me!!!

      2. I agree! That was a terrible thing to say. My aunt is experiencing unbearable pain and suffering from that shot. I guess it’s her fault she was forced into taking her jab? This lady is permanently damaged and you are an idiot! Now run along and get your 4th booster!

        1. My thoughts and prayers go out to all those who have been injured by a vaccine. Thank you Brianne for your courage and bravery for coming forward and testifying. I hope that if you haven’t applied any of Dr Judy Mikovits’ recommendations for the vaccinated that you please look it up. It’s the only thing I can offer you in terms of advice. I am truly appalled at the lack of willingness on the part of media, most government officials who won’t listen to stories of the injured. Those that have died from this have no voice now but their relatives must shout their stories from the mountain tops. Please everyone keep speaking up about your stories if you have been harmed or injured. All electeds need to stop denying these vaccines are causing permanent and grave harm to many and let’s prosecute Fauci for his crimes against humanity. Americans and people around the world are not your human laboratory experiments as you have made them. No injection of anything should ever happen without full clinical trials (not on humans)) being cleared. We must not allow children to be injection . God help all the unsuspecting people who watch the traditional news outlets. These news outlets are in the backpocket of big pharma. End the harm and say no to this mass eventual homicidal experiments. Stop the mad scientist Fauci and his money making agenda. Kim Thatcher rep. Of Oregon has filed for a grand jury investigationof the CDC and that should include the NIH. She said other states need to do the same. Lies about PCR tests and false positives with no symptoms are from previous flu’s the body has had per scientist Dr. Reiner Fullemich. 89 percent false positives and our country was try previously shut down over this? Lost jobs, wages, masks, putting ourselves and children through hell. The only state of emergency this country has is an emergency to file criminal charges against those that led the pack on these deadly, maiming injections and a state of emergency to criminalize those who prevent use of ivermection and hydroxychloroquine!!!! Wevhave a state of emergency to get those prosecutions underway!!!!

      3. They are naive thinking the same industry that knowingly harmed them will help them. Autism moms have known this for decades and were ignored. People had no interest until they were affected, and still somehow believe in the system and are afraid of the anti vax label devised by said system. This is like Bill Posey 2002 revisited. Not much came of it but a thriving autism industry.

      4. Thank goodness people are coming forward. Maybe they will save others . But the people really need to shout because their voices are so quiet in the fact that they are suppressed. Media is doing the bidding of government and is very lazy. I just hope enough people hear the truth. The lack of compassion and help also needs airing. They say the reactions are rare but there are so many different reactions , put them together no way are adverse reactions rare for this vaccine that actually is not working .

    2. You asked “am I the bad guy for not feeling sorry for them? Yes, based on this and your other hateful and ridiculous comments on ALL the testimonies I’d say you’re bit only the bad guy but immature af.

      1. The only hate being spewed around here is by you. It takes a loving person to tell someone the truth, even though that truth may be painful, but I’m sure that’s lost on a hateful freak like you.

        1. You’re a total douche. You think you have a philosophy, sand you imagine you are tough because you say callous shit online. Here’s what I bet, though: I bet you are the most self-absorbed, navel-gazing, self-pitying, rationalizing, demanding, arbitrary, manager-calling Karen in your town. I bet you’ve never committed to anything and put anything on the line in your life. Being callous to others is not “tough”, nor is it “rational”. It is cowardly and ignorant. It takes guts to listen to people, try to understand their point of view, and empathize. Any coward can callously disregard people. But 99% of those cowards are the first to go running to mommy when they get a boo boo in life. That’s you.

    3. Like she had reason to fear the vaccine. she had never had reaction to any thing previous. Being a teacher and a mother she believed taking the vaccine a correct step in doing what she believed to be responsible for all those reasons. You are the worst of the worst trolls, I could name call you the same for not doing something about it, since you seem to have some astounding knowledge an entire year ago, to for go acceptance of vaccine. Any one that long ago would be considered a conspiracy theorist or anti-vaccer.

    4. Soldiers volunteer, yes, though you haven’t served. Have you? Soldiers are armed and given intense preparation training and afforded decision making on the battlefield. These people suffering from severe long term vaccination reactions are asking for acknowledgment from doctors and treatment. Veterans get that! These people don’t. What’s your sacrifice been? I look forward to the draft being reinstated, so cowards like you are required to do their part, rather than expecting others to do it for them. Until you argue the millions of undocumented crossing our borders are required to get vaccinated, you’re a blatant hypocrite, as well as a weaseling coward!

    5. Your heart is cold and callous. Stop it! She is brave to come forward. She thought she was doing the right thing to “protect” her health. Millions upon millions have become victims of Stockholm syndrome with the media as their captors! Her story matters to wake others up who also trusted Fauci who stated, I am science”. The almost 81 year old bastard plastic surgeried up the kazu mad scientist is the correct target. Get this straight.

  2. “We participated in studies across the country with academics from reputable research institutions. None of them can get their research published.”

    Sounds like a cover up to me.

    The reason the “media” said you can’t make the vaccines look bad is because they’re all sponsored by the pharmaceutical companies. Same goes for FACEBOOK, YOUTUBE/GOOGLE, TWITTER etc. It’s about financial incentives and conflicts of interest.

    I can say from being in a similar situation some time ago: all you have is God. I’m sure Senator Johnson is doing what he can but he is only one man working in a failed system. Those institutions you think you can count on, you can’t, you never could. In a perfect world, the CEO’s of these pharmaceutical companies would be on trial for murder.

  3. conscientious objector has a point. The pathetic and liberal mindset that
    infests the west allows those satanized monsters with their witches brew to get up close to all our kids – not just there own..

    There still pro-vaccine despite, in many cases, their own grave injuries and clear evidence those with no vaccinations at all are the healthiest people on the planet – as attested to in a US Courtroom against big pharma.

    Stop with these heart bleeding stories and out on battle fatigues in defense of your own children, if not others.

  4. Divide and conquer. You are serving Davos well, you guys here in the comment section. Stop calling each other names, please, you’re doing the exact opposite of what your good intentions are telling you to do.

  5. These people are VICTIMS and are guilty of NOTHING other than being trusting enough that their government and health department wouldnt be so evil. They simply cannot comprehend anything else – thanks to mainstream media. Blame them and take your anger out on them by doing what you can to get the truth out there. We NEED these victims to stand up and tell their stories so we can get the message out and fight against the political narrative / agenda 2030 agents.
    This is a war and they are using different weapons than WWII. They arent using bombs they are using mkultra psychological warfare and a bio-weapon. So it is far less obvious to many that there is even an agenda being carried out here as we dont have bombs dropping from the sky…we have mainstream media encouraging people to go kill themselves by taking a so called “safe” injection. So many work 9-5 and are so busy they dont even get onto social media and dont “see” whats going on in the world. Hard working families and you are calling them mis-guided fools? you have no compassion or understanding of what is happening with this war. Having said that, the ones I am angry with are the ones I told and warned what it is but still went and got it, even after showing them hundred of videos and documents simply because they want to still travel and dont want to be locked down any more – but see how that is mkultra psychological intimidation with these lock downs – We are still in lock down in Auckland until our traitor Jacinda (thats putting it politely) gets her 90% vaccinated – This is WAR. We are being held prisoners in our homes until we get it. Many end up submitting from sheer pressure and needing FOOD. Then end up damaged with NO support from the government, health system nor big pharma. They all turn their backs even after they “complied” and become injured. Have a HEART and understand whats going on here!

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Brianne Dressen was injured after participating in AstraZeneca Covid Vaccine clinical trial.

U.S. Sen. Ron Johnson held a panel discussion in Washington, D.C., with doctors and medical researchers who treat COVID-19 vaccine injuries, along with patients who have experienced adverse events due to the COVID-19 vaccine.