The Covid Origin Theory Dam Breaks; An India Insider Tells All; Is Covid Vax Triggering Deaths? Texas Bans Mandates; The #MagnetChallenge: Truth, or Hoax?

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Good morning, good afternoon, good evening, wherever you are in the world, don’t adjust your screens. This is Jefferey Jaxen filling in for Del Bigtree and it’s time to step out onto the Highwire after two hundred and fifteen straight weeks of episodes. Yes, Del is taking a much needed day off. We still have an amazing show for you today, so please stay tuned. And here we go. We’re going to be talking to coming up a person that’s been in India, some of the hardest hit sections of India to report on what’s really going on in that country right now. And then we take a we take a magnet challenge that’s gone viral to the streets of Laguna Beach. And we are going to see if magnets are sticking to people’s covid an injection sites or if it’s a big hoax. You don’t want to miss it. Is everyone talking about it right now. But first, it’s time for, you guessed it, my segment. All right, well, if you’re in the United States, the U.K. or pretty much any other country on the globe, you’re facing something right now that is really unprecedented and it is coercion to get a vaccination that is an experimental medical products. And it looks like this in the news. You’ve probably seen it.


The rule is very simple.


Get vaccinated or wear a mask until you do.


Washington, D.C. Locals had an extra incentive to get a covid-19 vaccine on Tuesday. Activists staged a joints for Jab’s campaign, giving anyone who’d been inoculated free weed. Nashville residents who are fully vaccinated now have a chance to enjoy a free beer or a cup of coffee.


That’s one of the many perks being offered to encourage people to get vaccinated. Did you say free fries when you get vaccinated? I got vaccinated. You’re saying I could get this until it’s just right, my man. But there’s also a burger element to this.


The state of Utah is considering a sweepstakes style cash giveaway to some lucky recipients of the covid-19 vaccine.


And it would be an unprecedented move in a state that prohibits lotteries and all forms of gambling. There is no amount of money that


That is is


Is too much to help us get an extra five or 10 percent of people vaccinated. We will announce the winner of a drawing of all those 17 year olds and under who have been vaccinated. And the winner, the winner will receive a full four year scholarship to any one of our state universities. This will include tuition, room and board and books. Today, thanks to our incredible partners here at Six Flags, Great America, we offer our latest summer fun award for getting vaccinated. The park is dedicating 50000 free tickets to help encourage vaccinations in the region. That’s a 200 dollar value. We’re calling this one VACs Envisat for every New Jersey who has at least their first shot by July 4th. Is that is eligible to receive a free season, state parks VAXXED pass good for entrance at any one of our state parks for the rest of the 2021 season. We’ll announce a winner of a separate drawing for both adults who have received at least their first dose of the vaccine. This announcement will occur each Wednesday for five weeks, and the winner Wednesday will receive


One million dollars.


It’s VAXXED said or mass. Get vaccinated, if this is appealing to you, just think of this when you think of vaccination vaccination, right? I’m getting a very good feeling about vaccination right this moment.


All right, hold on, hold on, I don’t know about you, but I grew up understanding something that a lot of other people understood and what used to be taught in medical school, and that was the Nuremberg Code. And I hope all of those people watching right now realize that that pivot that they’re doing in those commercials is really far away from this code here. After World War Two, this was put into put into effect and it says, quote, The voluntary consent of the human subject is absolutely essential. This means that the person involved should have legal capacity to give consent, should be so situated as to be able to exercise free power of choice without the intervention of any element of force, fraud, deceit, duress, overreaching or other ulterior form of constraint. Or there it is, coercion, big C, capital C, coercion. And I don’t know about you, but that is what I saw in those videos, is a whole bunch of really maybe not so creative coercion, but, you know, it goes on from there. And I’m going to go into these stories here. This is this is a story that’s just unprecedented. So they’re actually studying people with this. So this is a headline about experimenting on people and they’re finding one hundred dollars works. One hundred dollars as a vaccine incentive experiments suggest it can payoff experiments. Hold on. We’re doing experiments. This is out of the UCLA covid-19 Health and Politics Project, and they’re using social scientists from UCLA in collaboration with Harvard along with doctors. And they’re they’re testing messaging for vaccine uptake, which will get the greatest effectiveness. They’re also checking out people’s politics.


So essentially, you’re being psychologically studied on how to best manipulate you into getting into a medical experiment. Kind of sounds like coercion to me, but I digress. Now, in twenty eight, something happened. Politics used to be about the person’s platform running for running for office. They used to be about the debate, the open debate. Something happened 2008 with Barack Obama. And this is headlined during that time he was awarded Obama Wins at Age Marketer of the Year. He was named the nation’s top brand builder and he was awarded Advertising Ages Marketer of the year at that time. So what we’re really seeing here, in my opinion, is kind of like the brand building of the medical medical complex when it comes to their products. We’re seeing a full court press of this. I have never seen anything like it before. And I’m sure people in other countries are seeing a very similar thing. But, you know, it goes it goes even further than that. And we’re going to get into that here. So in schools, they’re talking about something about peer pressure, schools back mass vaccinations for children. As head teachers say peer pressure will boost takeup. Now, the quote from here should really have everyone sitting up and paying attention. Jeff Berten, general secretary of the Association of School and College Leaders, explained that vaccinating children at school parents consent hello could result in higher takeup because pupils would not want to feel socially isolated by refusing to have the job. Quote, The peer pressure of seeing that your friends are lining up to do it is likely to make the overall numbers taking up the vaccine Highwire, he said.


What? What are you talking about? Why are you peer pressuring children? And again, where are the parents? Are you going to send a form home from the sign? Let’s move from schools to corporations because now we’re seeing them jump on the bandwagon. Recently, Delta Delta Airlines has been really the first company, the first major U.S. employer to refuse to hire unvaccinated workers and never to miss a good opportunity at some free PR. We have the World Economic Forum. They took to Twitter and did something interesting. Here’s the article. World Economic Forum urges companies to fire unvaccinated employees as part of jobs reset, then had to delete tweet after backlash. Let’s take a look at that image. Let’s take a look at that tweet so we see two tweets. The left was when they first tried it. And you can see there it says, get your covid-19 jab or you could face consequences from your employer. They had to change it. After backlash to survey, will employees be required to get the covid-19 vaccinations? So basically, you’re going from a threat to a question. Why the heck are they pushing so hard? I thought I thought the people I didn’t want the vaccine were just the small, small number of people. You know, maybe we should look at our agencies, our government agencies, these pillars of public health, gold standards, the Tony Fauci, the NIAID, NIH, CDC, FDA, what’s going on in the halls of of their organizations? Well, let’s let’s listen to them as they’re questioned in Congress recently about their vaccine uptake.


I’m going to go to Dr. Feltri, Dr. Mark Zoom. Dr. Lewinsky. What percentage of the employees in your institute, your center or your agency? Of your employees has been vaccinated. You know, I’m not 100 percent sure, Senator, but I think it’s probably a little bit more than half, probably around 60 percent. Dr. Mark. I can’t tell you the exact number, but it’s probably in the same range, some people vaccinated at our facility and others at outside of the facility. Dr. Lewinsky,


We’re encouraging our employees to get vaccinated. We’ve been doing town halls and education seminars. We have our staff have the option to report their vaccination status. But as you understand, the federal government is not requiring it. So we do not know.


A little more than half I thought we were supposed to have herd immunity here. I thought we were talking about and Rochelle, I think she dodged the question. She doesn’t know. How do you not know? Can we get some more information here? You’re supposed to be the CDC director anyway going on from that. You know, I hate to report these headlines, but this is what’s out there. And, you know, it goes from peer pressure to this shunning. This is where it gets ugly people. It’s time to start shunning the vaccine, hesitant. They’re blocking covid herd immunity now in here. Let me read this. Everyone should listen to this as a moment in history that we should not repeat the time for analyzing why these human petri dishes now, these are the unvaccinated people have chose not to be a medical experiment, have chosen to ignore the medical science that could save them and us is over. What medical science are you talking about exactly? The the vaccines weren’t tested during the emergency use authorization data to stop infection, to stop transmission. The CDC also admits that it stops counting breakthrough cases. So what herd immunity are you talking about? Because those breakthrough cases are happening in people that have been vaccinated. So that kind of throws the herd immunity idea out the window. So let’s take this in a historical context, because we opened this segment with the Nuremberg Code that came from the Nuremberg trials, and that was during World War Two. It was found out that Germany and others were doing medical experiments, terrible medical experiments on people in the name of medicine.


And what happened here? I’m going to show you a poster. In 1939, Germany occupied Poland. And in doing so, there’s about three million Jews in Poland. And that was that was one of the issues with Germany is obviously they had an issue with that race of people. And so much like the USA Today article that was just ran, they started putting a propaganda campaign throughout German occupied Poland. And here was one of the posters. It says here, rough translation, Jews are lice. They caused typhus. Typhus is a disease that can be spread by lice. So what was happening is they were trying to neutralize this population. And what they did was the at the time the Department of Hygiene voted to concentrate these groups of people, these Jewish people in a certain area of of of that area of Poland, these were called ghettos and that the concentration became further and further. And history has shown where it came from there. But out of that came the Nuremberg Code saying we have higher ideals for humanity. We are not going to repeat this again and we can do better. And when I see articles like this in the USA Today, it makes my stomach turn because this is this is the opposite direction we really need to go in history. So from there, we’re starting to really segregate people and it can be seen in the headlines.


It doesn’t take much digging in Oregon. They’re they’re starting to suggest this. Oregon businesses likely will need to review covid-19 vaccination cards for Maskell’s entry by customers. Now, basically, the health departments are attempting to push this medical policing gray area. This is Insley pushes businesses to deny service to covid unvaccinated, basically saying that they’re these businesses are legally entitled to do so. The grocery stores should do this, restaurant should do this. But I really do think that they’re going to run into some legal issues with this. You know, at best at worst, we’re creating a society of division that has historically dangerous consequences. And I really I really do urge governors to pay attention to what you’re saying and what you’re doing and and perhaps correct course. Now, let’s switch into a story. We’re going to give an update on a story that we did last week here at the Highwire. Our research team really had had deemed, after everything we’ve seen, after all the, you know, people contacting us and talking to us, the doctors, researchers, medical professionals, epidemiologists, we have a lot of people that we reach out to here for the conversation. And a lot of them are public as well. And we shifted our reporting and we said unless unless there can be proof otherwise, we are going with a lab origin, a lab origin of the covid-19 virus. So let’s take a look at what that look like from last week just to bring people up to speed.


I am now under the belief that this is a manmade virus and this week’s hero is none other than Dr. Senator Rand Paul. Dr. Felching, we don’t know whether the pandemic started in a lab and move on or evolve naturally, but we should want to know to arrive at the truth. The U.S. government should admit that the Human Virology Institute was experimenting to enhance the coronaviruses ability to infect humans. For years, Dr. Ralph Baric, a viral. Just in the U.S. has been collaborating with Dr. she’s Angley of the Human Virology Institute, sharing his discoveries about how to create super viruses. This gain of function research has been funded by the NIH. The NIH and NIAID categorically has not funded gain of function research to be conducted in the Wuhan Institute of R&D supported in the U.S. We have 11 labs doing it and you have allowed it here. You’re you’re fooling with Mother Nature here. You’re allowing super viruses to be created. Let me remind you, the man in charge of the CDC, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, during this entire pandemic had this to say when he was finally free to say it.


I am of the point of view that I still think the most likely etiology of this pathogen and Juhan was from a laboratory, you know, escaped. While other people don’t believe that that’s fine, science will eventually figure it out.


The evidence all shows


That this is a man made virus. I’ve shared with you even the patent, the international patent that Ralph Verrett got


For a gain of function


Research on the spike protein that’s paid for. That’s it by NIH. Barek and Shangli and and Peter Daisaku admit to working together. And they got money from the Department of Defense and from National Institutes of Health, the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases


And multiple government agencies. And the DOD even provided


Peter Franz as an advisor for Daisaku at Equal Health to help them figure out what to do with this virus. Despite all of that evidence, there’s nothing better than just simply looking at the patent that says we are modifying a spike


Protein coronavirus is a


Pretty good I mean, your approach is, you know, all this stuff. But they you can manipulate them in the lab pretty easily. It’s just smart protein drives a lot of what happens with zoonotic risk. So you can get the sequence, you can build the protein. And we work with Ralph Paraka. Unsafe to do this inserts into the backbone of another virus. Right. And do do some


Work in the labs.


If you actually read the research and you go to the supplemental parts of it,


They did more than that. They changed five


Five nucleotides in addition to taking the spike protein of one virus


And the backbone of another.


And those five, the fifth one


Had to do with the envelope. And we


Know that the envelope has a great deal to do with this virus being able to infect the brain of people in addition to the spike


Protein. Let’s just look at a couple of these articles. The NIH, National Library of Medicine and Angiotensin converting enzyme to H to proteins of different bat species, confer variable susceptibility to Sars-co-v2 entry lab made coronavirus triggers, debate and creation of a chimeric SARS like virus has scientists discussing the risk of Ganda function. Research Baric to lead 10 million NIH grant. The SARS like cluster of circulating back coronaviruses in nature shows potential for human emergence again. Zwingli and Ralfe as baric China and America coming together. Research in this manuscript was supported by Grants Lathis Grants from WHO, the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Disease Naiad exactly where Fauci is in charge. Funding from AECO Health Alliance. Do we see this connection between the two? In 2015, they came out and they announced that they could produce a more virulent pathogenic virus that would


Produce a pandemic, and yet they were still allowed


To move forward. On that, we see Dr. Ralph BEREC or one of his Dr. Ralph Burek bragging about his talent to do this.


I believe that we are now marching to liberty within Seattle.


The only gain of function that occurred in that virus is that we changed its allergenicity. And what that data tells you is that any vaccine or antibody that you’ve made against the original virus from 2003 wasn’t going to protect the public against any new this new virus if it should emerge in the future.


Segador similar genome available. Strachey made a copy to make it up to the laboratory.


So anything that we build in the laboratory has a has what are called signature mutations. That’s like a little house where you signed your name almost says you put in these mutations and says this. This was built from a material in the laboratory.


Macedon Boiler’s Shaddick was the theama because three lavatorial virus indistinguishably that literally Giusto.


It is correct. You can do it without leaving a signature. Yes. Or using any of the three or four different approaches for coronaviruses that were developed by different researchers. You can leave no trace that it was made in the laboratory. Notice the first thing he says, the only gain of function that changed was the antigen acidy. That is a gain of function, right? The antigen is the spike protein. It really is outrageous. Anthony Fauci committed perjury, right, for a reason. Let us remember for a reason, he’s not just up there making a mistake. He is deciding that my best path forward is to perjure myself and basically go with the denial, denial, denial, defense, which we see basically from every every every Matt mob boss that’s ever been on trial.


Well, that was last week, and this story has only accelerated from from that point, you know, we were given at the beginning of this outbreak, we were giving very authoritative statements about the origins of this virus. The Highwire lost his YouTube channel for questioning this. And we haven’t we haven’t gotten it back, although yet that freed us now because we can talk about anything, because we have our own website and we stream from there. And that’s an important thing. However, so many other people were censored for asking this called conspiracy theorists. There’s a word we’re seeing a lot thrown around these days. What changed? Well, what did our house Whitted, our intelligence agency know? This is what recently Devin Nunes, he’s the he’s the House Intelligence Committee ranking member and he wants answers, says here Nunez wants answers from Biden and spy chief and one lab gain of function research and covid-19 origins. It says, in here we write to request that you initiate a whole government effort to identify the origins of the virus and to direct federal agencies and departments to examine all plausible scenarios as part of such investigation. During the course of our investigation, which is ongoing, we have identified substantial circumstantial evidence supporting the theory that a laboratory leak could have been responsible for the origination of covid-19. Now Nunez has released a report. He also has given 25 questions to the intelligence the U.S. intelligence head, along with President Biden’s administration. This is him on Fox News recently speaking about that.


What we can say after a year of investigating and coming up with these 25 questions, there’s clearly a lot of questions that involved a lot of circumstantial evidence. We have a lot of that that indicate that this originated in a lab. We have zero evidence that some dude ate a bat and in a wet market. And I think that’s important to know because what we’re talking about here is we’re talking about very dangerous potential, dangerous leaks and also future biological warfare, which is which is really why this this whole, you know, the concerns that I have also about why is the Biden administration now taking U.S. technology that we developed to develop a vaccine to this very dangerous virus and now they’re willing to spread this and allow the Chinese to have access to this technology? This is maddening.


Now, in this report, it is interesting, I don’t believe as of airtime right now, it’s public, but some of the quotes from this report, as reported in the media, were saying that the Wuhan lab had a history of of leaks resulting in infections. And U.S. diplomats as early as 2017 were were were raising warnings, saying that one lab was conducting dangerous research. There was issues published reports that several researchers at the lab were sickened by covid-19 like symptoms in the fall of 2019. So now let’s pivot to Rand Paul and a gain of function. Hult, he recently recently tweeted some documents from a free to Freedom of Information request. And let’s take a look at one of those documents in question. This was Ralph Barak. Now, if you see here, this is the University of Chapel Hill. It directly, directly calls out Ralph Baric and it says the NIAID has basically told them to stop because at that time there was a pause in the gain of function research to stop the gain of function research happening at that lab. So, again, more evidence that that stuff was going on, regardless of what Anthony Fauci was saying during testimony. Now, there’s more evidence here concerning evidence. The one lab, actually, the website is starting to memory hole details and deleting information. This was, I believe, national file.


Huyen Lab deleted Fowlkes NIH and gain of function mentions from web pages and early twenty twenty one it says here on March 21st. Twenty twenty one, the lab’s website listed six US based research partners University of Alabama, University of North Texas, AECO Health Alliance, Harvard University, the National Institutes of Health, NIH, the United States and the National Wildlife Federation. One day later, the page was revised to contain just two research partners, Equal Health Alliance and the University of Alabama by March 20. By March twenty third, ICO Health Alliance was the sole partner remaining. And this is the focus of our investigation here. And you know a lot of other people’s investigation. That Equal Health Alliance was kind of like the money laundering partner between the U.S. government and the U.S. lab. Therefore, when Fauci says we didn’t directly fund the Ruan lab, a lot of people are suggesting it was funneled through Equal Health Alliance. Now, what’s kind of interesting here is who could have predicted this? How could we see a once and a century virus coming? Perhaps unless it was from a lab origin and it was people working in this area knew about something new, about these lab accidents or whatever the heck happened. Here’s a tape of Bill Gates talking about this during the Trump administration.


If anything kills over 10 million people in the next few decades, it’s most likely to be a highly infectious virus rather than a war.


All right, well, that’s that’s that’s Gates and, you know, he’s he’s a big vaccine maker. He has his hands in quite a bit of a gain of function research data, I would imagine, because he’s he’s working with these things to develop vaccines. The Gates Foundation is. Now, let’s look at Tony Fauci. What does he have to say? This is twenty. Seventeen.


Today is the issue of pandemic preparedness. And if there’s one message that I want to leave with you today, based on my experience and you’ll see that in a moment, is that there is no question that there will be a challenge to the coming administration in the arena of infectious diseases, both chronic infectious diseases, in the sense of already ongoing disease. And we have certainly a large burden of that. But also there will be a surprise outbreak.


All right, we do some on air producing here that was a wrong day to the top of that slide. That was twenty seventeen, I believe the slides said twenty twenty one. But what would it Fauci know? Why did he feel compelled to make that statement? Did he know anything or was he just kind of shooting from the hip on that one. Well we may not know. Hopefully we’ll know. Devin Nunes is trying to get to the bottom of it, as are other GOP members. But there’s also people piling on to this conversation. Rand Paul has given really cover to a lot of people to start questioning this again and not call not be called conspiracy theorist or not lose their YouTube channel. We have Congressman William Posey and he’s he’s from Florida. And this is his headline. This is Art. This is back in February. Congress should establish a bipartisan commission to examine covid-19. And in that was the origins. And then we have Peter Kirche, someone we talked about on this show quite a bit. He’s a highly respected physician, medical researcher, the former leader of the Nordic Cochrane Center in Copenhagen, Denmark, the co-founder of the Cochrane Collaboration. And he took to Twitter and posted an article about the origins of this made in China, says the coronavirus that killed millions of people is likely fabricated on purpose to make it dangerous to humans. That’s going to function as part of the gain of function research and escaped from the Wuhan Institute of Virology because of sloppy safety measures. And if you want to go check out that article, you can go to the Institutes of Scientific Freedom. And that’s it right there. That’s Peter Gracia’s organization and he has that linked up there. But there is another interesting development that’s happened just yesterday. We cut the tape out and we have it for you today. This was a recent congressional committee hearing. And we have Senator Joe Kennedy. Once again, we have Rochelle Walinski, CDC director in the hot seat. And this time she’s asked about lab origins of the coronavirus. Take a look.


What, in your opinion, was the origin of the virus?


This has been studied by the show,


I’m asking your opinion,


I don’t believe I’ve seen enough data, individual data for me to be able to comment on that. What are the possibilities? Certainly the possibilities of that. Most coronaviruses that we know of are of origin from that have infected the population. Sars-co-v2 one. Meurs generally come from an animal origin. And are


There any other


Possibilities? Certainly a land based origin as one possibility


Is the United States funding gain of function research? Not to my knowledge. OK, can you get an answer to that for me and let us know what the committee know?


Dr. Fauci would be the one who knows best, and he testified


After Fauci seems confused. I’m asking with all due respect, I’m asking you to give us that information where throughout the world including but not limited to the United States of America, or are we doing research on these viruses to make them contagious? In order to study them, that’s what I mean by gain of function.


I understand, I understand. I we certainly can have our staff look into this. I don’t know that we have the access of labs across the world, just the ones that are funded here in the.


Yeah, but you’re the head of CDC. I bet. If you I bet you get your phone calls returned. Would you get us that information?


I’d be happy to give you the information to the best of my ability.


Looking across the headlines are something concerning not a lot of media organizations are covering this story. They’re staying away from it. And is there a reason for that? We don’t know. But here at the Highwire, we’ve been on this story since really the first month or so after the outbreak. We started asking the questions and we jumped into the headwinds with both feet. And we had a lot of damage because we lost our our social media platforms, partly due to that. But we are able to investigate that because of you, the viewers, each and every one of you, no matter what you’re helping us out with, no matter what you’re giving, what you’re donating, it’s helping us do this vital investigation and be one of the beacons here reporting about this story. And we want to continue doing that. So please consider a donation to the Highwire is helping our investigations out. And we have researchers all around the world that are collaborating with us to do this. Thank you so much. And check this out.


Did you notice that this show doesn’t have any commercials, I’m not selling you diapers or vitamins or smoothies or gasoline. That’s because I don’t want corporate sponsors telling us what to investigate and what to say. Instead, you’re our sponsors. This is a production by our non-profit, the Informed Consent Action Network. If you want more investigations, more Hard-Hitting news, if you want the truth,


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All right, well, there are a lot of unknowns about this virus, how and how it’s affecting people, but if it does turn out to be a lab origin, an escaped, let’s just say a bioweapon, an accidental release, some issues with the safety procedures, how does that reframe our efforts to mitigate this thing over the past year? The lockdown’s the vaccination push. We’ve been tracking some data that is extremely troubling. We’re going to take a look at it here. We’re going to try to put the full breadth of what we’ve found and what others are reporting on as well. It’s not just us, thank God. And this is this is issues in countries post vaccination. So we’re going to run through some graphs here and see if you can see if you can see anything that looks a little out of place. So let’s let’s start with this. We have




Benguiat. Yes. Bangladesh. And now we’re going to keep going through it. Bosnia Herzegovina, Chile. Chechnya, yep. And then we have the vaccination campaign begins. That’s that red red line, each one of those. The vaccination campaign begins. It shoots up. That’s deaths after vaccination. So what’s happening there? That’s hungry. We have Ireland. We’re going to keep going through them. We have a whole bunch of these. Slovakia, Israel, Kuwait, Monaco. Vaccination begins their shoots right back up north Macedonia, Portugal, Serbia, Turkey, big one. They’re United Arab Emirates. We’re seeing the same thing. They’re United Kingdom. There’s a big one. That was in December. They started their vaccination campaign. Uruguay looks like a similar chart to the UK and the Seychelles right next right around the corner from India. And now there’s India. It was going down and it shoots right back up really, really hard. Now, India’s been in the news quite a bit and everyone’s asking what’s going on in India. I have someone that has been on the ground in India for the past year. Joining me now, his name is William Tucker. Yes. And so we’re going to take a look at William. Hold on one for a second. We’re going to we’re going to look at India, what’s been going on, the news there just to frame this segment a little bit. Check this out.


India remains the world’s covid hot spot. Terrible news again for India, which has been setting global record highs. And the number of coronavirus infections in India continues to battle a crippling second coronavirus with


Extraordinarily high covid-19 case loads and multiple variants circulating there. Crowded hospitals are turning away patients, even if they manage to spot oxygen. Supplies are often


Spent in the ICU so crowded the doctors and nurses barely have room to move between beds. The only way to get into this unit is if a patient dies.


There are medicine and testing shortages, a thriving black market for supplies and overwhelmed crematoria. This crematorium believed it would probably process about 150 bodies today.


Crematoriums simply can’t keep up and bodies have begun washing up on the shores of India’s funniest waters, the Ganges River. Today, daily deaths topped 4000 again. A lack of vaccine is fueling anger against the government and its leader.


When you are in a very difficult situation, the way you are in India, you have to try and figure out ways to get as many vaccines in to people as quickly as you can.


William, hey, thanks for joining us. I really appreciate you coming on the Highwire here to talk about your experience. You spent the last year living in Delhi and now you’re the co-founder and president of Charity United. Tell us what that was like over this past year.


Ok, so I’ve been in India for the last 16 months, actually over a year, right. So so I arrived before the whole coronavirus scare hit. You know, we originally went into the lockdown when everybody was uncertain. Was is that was this a real thing or not? Right. And throughout the year, you know, you read the news and you hear a lot about like, you know, the coronavirus being so dangerous, but I lived in the slums. I actually had a boom in the slums because I work with children in the slums. So I was put in in these places. You see right now, it’s it’s I was with those children. I will tell you one thing we don’t know of a single of death in the slums, right? I mean, it just we didn’t hear about it. We hear about Corona events on the news. But but we have failed to see or witness any proven cases. You know, I remember once the street was locked down because there was a report that the current case, you know, that we did not hear of that person dying or anything. OK, now, also what people don’t understand, you call for a lockdown. You know, a lockdown may may work in the developed world. It may work in Beverly Hills. Social distancing may work in Beverly Hills. You know how it’s worked out for the last 20 years, I think. Right. But in a developing country, you cannot social distance, OK, you’re in the slum. You know, families live in in in in a room of one hundred square feet and you’ve got nine people in it.


Ok, so you’re talking you’re talking survival. So when the


Lockdown capital, it’s like these people can’t survive anyways. Right? Like Corona is the last but the least of their worries. OK, when


The lockdowns happened in India, did they did anybody change their life or was is it was it still a long


Trajectory? Therefore, it was a absolute disaster for for the the the common person, OK, the man on the street. Because what you have to understand, and this is not a criticism, this is not a criticism of the Indian government. But you have to realize that the tax base of India is one point five percent of the population. Only one point five percent of the population actually pays taxes. So. So. You know, out of 100 people, only only one person contributes to the funds in society. They are working very hard, doing the best they can, but out of 100 people and ninety eight and a half. Are below the taxable bracket Jaxen, they don’t make enough, so most people I want to be hitting on the street. So when the lockdown. Right. You know, you have.


Yes, I want to I want to bring in an article here just to back you up. So the lockdown’s in poverty. There’s a writer. His name is Joe Wollen. He’s an Indian correspondent for in Mumbai. And he wrote this in April, I believe this was in the Telegraph writing about Lockdown’s of power. Poverty said, now hunger stalks, India is countries covid crisis deepens. A wider disaster is building one that, if left unchecked, could start to engulf large parts of the country. And at that time, this was in April. He writes this. A draconian two month lockdown from March to June last year pushed an estimated four hundred million Indians into further poverty and resulted in around thirty two million Indians dropping out of the country’s burgeoning middle class. So I’m just saying that to back you up here, what what did you see on the ground there when these lockdowns came in,


Sweeps after that? Yeah, exactly that. It’s like all the small businesses, the people that live day to day to feed their children lost their jobs. And these people work very hard now. What do you see as a result of that? Oh, the quality of food goes down. The government is doing all it can to assist with food distribution. And really, it’s like the government actually deserves credit. It’s the media, the fake media that’s driving the panic. The government is doing everything it can to step in where it can with its limited resources. But here’s the other thing you have to understand. If you’ve been to a developing country, the way the economy works, the way the people interact, it’s like it’s the small farms in the slums. They’ll grow some vegetables, OK? They go into the city to sell those. You know, they’re handled by hand. It doesn’t matter if they wear a mask or not, people come out of the houses to purchase. It’s handled by hand. Food is cooked by hand. You don’t eat with a knife and fork. Last year, I did not eat with a knife and fork. It’s just now that I’m back in the West that I’m using, you know, the first time in the year I use a knife and the fork. OK, just that’s not the way it goes. Frequently there’s a shared water pump, you know, and you have to hand pump. I know in order to get water, the kids will hand pump, they will. Drink with their hands by the next person comes, and so anything that’s contagious spreads within hours. There is no way, you know, that a mask or a lockdown does anything. Now, if you look at the kids, they live in slums, they live in metal shacks. Anything put together. It’s one hundred and five degrees, maybe even on that point.


So you’re talking about the fake news media or the media is kind of overflowing. Now, we’re seeing pictures here in the U.S. of the crema at the crematorium are packed. We’re seeing them burned bodies where we’re being told that they’re there’s there’s not enough room. There are bodies floating in the rivers. What can you say to that? What have you seen with that?


So so I know the slums I operated in were next to wherever I am, I’ll tell you, like a funeral can cost you a cheap funeral, costs fifteen hundred rupees or fifteen thousand rupees, and it’s roughly three hundred dollars, you know, when you’re making a hundred rupees a day or less. I mean, this is an incredible amount. So so like, like the people in the slums will bury their bodies in the sand at the side, you know, at the side of the river. OK, it just, it just happens that there’s just no way around this. You can find this any time of year. This is not something new. Right. Is so. So, yes. You know, bodies are buried next to the river on a regular basis because it’s the best they can do for their loved ones. And for the press to be using this and using this pain to to to push their own agenda is disgusting. And I am disgusted.


But thank you for shedding some light on that. From your point of view. Let me go back to the lockdown’s really quick. The U.N. specifically said about the deaths due to Lockdown’s. Now, they didn’t say it in those terms, but they said two hundred and thirty nine thousand deaths were reported. And there’s a headline for that here. I can read directly from that. It says, they say disruptions in health service due to covid-19, quote, may have contributed to an additional two hundred and thirty nine thousand child and maternal deaths in South Asia. The UN report, health services must urgently be restored and strengthened to can to contain the pandemic’s impact on the most vulnerable families. Do you think those numbers are accurate?


And those are the conservative figures and the the if you look at the report that that’s based on, that’s their most conservative figure. And the upper limit is, I think, one point two million people might that would be the worst case scenario. And the best case scenario is that two hundred and thirty nine thousand. And yeah, it’s very real. It is very real. You know, even in the slums that I operated on. And I do education mainly. Right. If I’ve had to step in. Right. Because basic medical services aren’t available now. I’m not a doctor. Luckily, I have a lot of doctors as friends in the United States so I can get on my cell phone, you know, and take a picture of of that condition and relay data and then get expert advice so I could go and find the medicines needed. Right. But this is all on the other side


And the other side of the coin. So we’re being told that there’s these surging deaths in a country of over a billion people is four thousand deaths a day from covid, as we’re being told. Is is that a substantial amount in that many with that many people?


You know, and I don’t you know, it’s like it’s obviously it’s tragic, 4000 thousand deaths, right. But but. Yeah, India also has an 11 percent diabetes rate, OK, that’s a hundred and ten million people that have diabetes and are already more susceptible. So you already have a comorbidity that is a third of the US population, to put it in perspective. So so India has one point three billion registered population. Right. And not everybody can afford to register and not all births are reported. So, you know, the actual figure may be closer to one point five billion. We don’t know to understand is an estimate. Yeah, but when you’re looking at one point five billion, you have to have the United States. You have to add Russia and you have to add Europe in order to to get a a comparable view. But I want to go back to to to to the deaths due to starvation and malnutrition caused by lockdown measures. Let’s put that in perspective. Let’s be very kind and say let’s let’s take the conservative figure of two hundred and thirty nine million. Right. Nazi Germany took six years to start one and a half million people to death. Right now we are on target, you know, on par with Nazi Germany of starving children to death. Right. And that’s if we take the conservative figure. If we take the upper limit, we’re beating Nazi Germany by five times. Right. And I don’t understand how you can barter your safety for the death of children.


Incredible statement. Incredible statement. Well, what’s going on there right now and how do we move forward? How do we move out of this situation, in your view?


So in my view, actually, it’s it’s a much larger situation, it’s like we’re only talking about the right now you have an educational crisis, realize that that children in the slums, like, have a very short time period where they can get educated. Right. If they miss that time period. You know, they’ll never get out of the slums, but you either get educated and break out or you or you stay uneducated and you’re back to a life of living on the streets. Those pictures you just showed, right? I know those kids. I spoke to them every day, know what they were doing. The kid looks like he’s playing in the sand now. He’s building his own school because they’re cut off from education. And these kids were so excited when I would show up and give them classes. They built their own school, the six year olds were, you know, Mr. Williams. Look, look, you know, they dug out rideable 10 tons of dirt with their bare hands over a period of two weeks. I had not asked them, you understand? It’s like I would never put children to work like this. They are digging out a place for their own school. They’re laying bricks in their slum so I can come and teach every day. And I had a few teenagers that gave a look how happy they are working for their education. Right. This is my 15 year old whose name is Phippen, and he gives a class every day and I provide them with materials. And I talk to I taught him how to teach these kids. Now, without an education, they’ll never get out of the slums. But with a year of schools being closed and no access and lockdowns, and we talk about online learning as it looked like they have wi fi and and laptops in the slums, right? It’s right. You understand? So you have two hundred million children permanently out of school, you know. You know, and the only thing you’re 30


Years of in your 30 years of humanitarian work, I mean, I know you’ve been doing this for quite some time. I can imagine you’ve never seen anything like this. Would that be correct?


Never seen anything like it. And it blows me away, you know, like the unthinking, arbitrary rules that are imposed. Again, if you’re in Beverly Hills, if you’re in Hollywood, if you’re in Manhattan. Yeah. Social distancing has been the norm for the last few decades. It’s walled fences, walled gardens. And, you know, but we used to call socially distance. We used to call that antisocial behavior. Right. That’s for being socially this distant. Was it was antisocial behavior. Now, apparently it’s normal, but the long term ramifications for children, the effects both in health because their food that the parents can’t make, it can’t make a living, so their food is reduced by. Their health gradually deteriorated. Now, if you look at the India statistics, I looked at the statistics as well. When I was in India in January, everything was calm. Nobody was worried about the thing. You know, we thought it was all under control. And then the vaccination starts. But now if you look at the vaccinations. And you watch for that three week incubation after vaccination, you’ll see the exact same trend with cases and following the trend with a little delay, you’ll see the deaths, you know, so in the world of statistical statistical analysis, we call this an identical trend. That’s what we’re looking for, to find causation. Like we don’t call this coincidence. We call it we call this causation. And in in statistical analysis.


Right. And we’ve covered this on the show extensively. These are all signals that should be looked at. This is still experimental product. And we actually did report I did a report about a month ago where a lot of the media organizations were saying the decline in India has been unprecedented. And that was before the vaccines came in. They were trying to figure out what they were doing, was that the lockdown’s was the social distancing, but it


Was the lockdown’s because the lockdown’s were in people’s imagination to understand you’re in a slum. You know, you saw a picture with me and six people that were somebodies household. You understand the bed doubles as a dinner table and you had, you know, three feet to walk through. You have shelves for your clothes and under the beds, you know, where you store your possessions. OK, guess what, five people ten people shared a bed that night, right, including the kids, OK, and that’s. That’s in the slums, you go to the inner city slums, you see buildings, you go through back alleys. Now, you know, all the the you see the doors with with with cloths hanging in front of those. Those are actual doors to people’s apartment. It’s one room in a family of six or eight people lives behind these these curtains. There are no doors. And this is one of the more decent sections of a slum. OK, now there’s one shared bathroom, OK, there’s one shared bathroom for all these families, up to eight. There you go. You know, there’s a little tap, you know, and you’re you know, if the water is not running, you know, they’ll have buckets starting because the water shuts off, you know, once, twice a day. So, so, so to talk about, you know, social distancing and a mask, you know, it never happened. Yeah. And in fact, his imagination and happened in reality in a slum. It does not happen. It’s impossible. The World Health Organization knows this. UNICEF knows this. Any doctor with experience on the actual ground, any aid worker who has been to places, to war zones, to refugee zones, knows that there is absolutely no social distancing.


Ok, William, this is incredible. This is incredible information. And it’s it’s been really eye opening. And we really appreciate you coming on to really give a like a boots on the ground report on what’s going on here. This has really been incredible. And you’re at Charity United. Is there any other place that people can go to find your work or any place you’d like to direct our viewers?


Charity United is the website where we work. Like I said, none of our employees are paid. We are all volunteers so that all money actually goes to charity. You know, I spent a year in India on a sabbatical. I will continue. But, you know, charity like that doesn’t issue paychecks and issues. Aid.


Well, we appreciate that. Everyone appreciates that. And we really appreciate your your eyes on the ground and these stories, these heartfelt stories of children. And it’s been amazing talking to you. It’s really been eye opening for me. So thank you for taking the time to come on. And we look forward to talking to you as the situation develops. And hopefully we’re on the way out of this at some degree. Really appreciate you coming on.


Absolutely. And thank you so much for all the work you guys do. You know, you guys are amazing. You have all my respect in the world. You’re just the beacon of truth and. It keeps me going, OK, so thank you so much.


Absolutely likewise, thank you. All right, wow, that is absolutely incredible, absolutely incredible. Please, please share these videos, please share this broadcast. And when we clip these videos out, we’ll have a segment with just William to talk about this. Share it with everyone you can. Let’s switch gears for a second. There is a viral video, so to speak, no pun intended going around out there. And it’s circulating on social media. You may have seen it, but if you haven’t, this is what it looks like.


Come on, let’s say it, I believe. You don’t believe me,


They are playing to you microchips, it’s not a microchip. Magnet.


And this is


Where he did on this site where they’ve got the right shows in ill’s.


It’s thinking about this statement


That the AMA got Pfizer Charnin. I never did come close to my arms.


We about the shot. And here’s the man on the arm, I didn’t get the shot. You don’t figure it out. We’re all. And.


You bet.


And no one


Wants to think it’s on the other side if this is going to get higher, since it’s still a question, but then mRNA over, so you get it. Oh, God, this is my mom. Yeah, the boys. About the same size as when I was a couple of weeks ago. I think. So my guys.


Someone this to


Me, this is where I got my coat picked off in the third. OK. OK, you ready?


Poem. I’m not.


We decided to do the Colford magnet vaccine challenge that apparently everyone is doing. I don’t have an answer. Why the method to stick to a vaccination site? I am not vaccinated. I am the first person in this video, my friend, who is the second person that I am demonstrating this on as they scroll over there is vaccinated and I put the magnet on her vaccination site and the magnet stock. Is this happening to anyone else? We are trying to find out if this is something that’s common. You ready to job number two?


What’s the actual.


Hmm, well, rather than accepting these videos at face value, we did what we do here at the Highwire best we we investigated it and we sent out mom on the street, Carmen Isdell. We send her out to Laguna Beach to take the magnet challenge to the people right there on the spot and take a look at what we found.


She is a


Band-aid on her arm. Did did you get the vaccine, the vaccine? Today, we are out in sunny Laguna Beach, California, doing the covid Vaccine Magnet Challenge to see how many people we can find where a magnet actually sticks to their injection site on their arm. So what people are doing is they’ve gotten the vaccine and then they’re recording themselves, putting a magnet to their arm and it’s sticking in the spot where they got the vaccine. So have you seen the videos online of the people putting the magnet on their arm where they received the vaccine?


Yes, that’s you know, it takes a few times and I’ve seen it stick to people. I’ve seen it not. So I’m kind of skeptical. I don’t know why it sticks, why it doesn’t.


People are saying the magnets actually sticking on the exact spot where they got the cold vaccine. I’ve never seen that before, but I’m really interested. And when was your last dose? About two weeks ago. Do you know what’s in the Pfizer vaccine? I do not. Do you care what’s in the Pfizer vaccine?


As long as it helps me stay safe, I’m OK.


All right. Here we go. So it’s been a week and a half, right? About Fauci. Nothing is sticking. We got Pfizer. You got Pfizer. And was this your first or second dose? This is our second dose. How recently did you get the second dose? I got it like an hour ago. OK, so just literally an hour ago. This is fresh. We can still see the mark. No other words you could drive. No. Oh, wait, is it just OK now, is that your arm just being, like, moist or is that right? I don’t know. Do you know where you got this? Approximately where? Because I don’t see a mark anymore or anything like that, which back in the Pfizer vaccine. OK, because I don’t know what’s happening right now. Let’s see if we can find a spot,


Something over here. It’s sticky.


Oh, no. Got anything? I’m not sure, I don’t think I feel anything. I don’t feel anything pulling. Do you feel anything? Sara said that she’s received both doses of which vaccine? Moderna. I see the magnet sticking on people’s arms, but I don’t know if it’s true. I don’t know. Well, that’s what we’re trying to figure out here today. Do you know I’m not feeling well. I mean, I don’t know if that’s just because I don’t know that just because. Do you have sunscreen on or anything? Anything on? I don’t know. I’m thinking now, have you heard any of these theories going around the Internet that there’s like something in the vaccine that would cause this, you know, what do you think about this sticking to your arm right now? I have no idea what it is. Yeah, maybe I should get back. Let’s see if we can get anything. So you said you received your covid vaccine, did you receive one or two and which vaccine did you receive Moderna 14 of this month so was pretty recently. So maybe like a week ago or. OK.


Is it scary? I don’t know, it’s it’s weird, I know it’s yeah, it does stick.


Ok, so how do you feel about this?


Oh, I’m honestly scared.


Moderna or Pfizer. I got Pfizer. I got my Dorna right there. Oh, OK, it’s this strike is confirmed right on the right, on the whole, the shuttle. How do you feel about that? I feel weird. I have a tracking device in my arm from the government, so. Take it out. I’m not going to lie, I’m kind of scared, I only got it if I wanted to travel. I know it could be a tracking device and it says, oh, my goodness, I did it to Joe Retallack in the arm. It’s really sticking. Yeah, I’m magnetic.


Oh, it’s a vaccine shot. It’s magnetic, they put a tracking device in for them, it’s kind of freaking me out. All right, well,


What you make of that is going to be up to you, but we’re going to bring in Carmen from California here to talk about that investigation and to see what some of her thoughts were and maybe someone behind the scenes stuff. Carmen, thanks for joining us today.


Hey, Jefferey, thanks for having me. How’s it going?


Doing good.


Doing good.


Surprise at what you saw. We were a little surprised at what we saw.


Yeah. You know, I was surprised. I mean, obviously, there was more no’s than there were yeses with the sticking. But were you surprised that so many people were willing to do this on camera and take this challenge on camera?


Yeah, actually, you know, the people that get the Koven vaccine tend to live a little bit more fearful. So I thought, well, if we’re not wearing masks and we’re out with a camera crew, are they going to want to talk to us? But surprisingly, we got a lot of people interested. And as people were watching what was going on on camera, the spectators also wanted to get involved. So it ended up growing. And we got so much interest. A lot of young people were out that day. So I think that really helped. But, yeah, we were completely shocked at what we found.


It’s pretty incredible. I mean, it’s something someone can do. Just anybody can do this. So now reading some of the articles, there’s a lot of fact checking articles that came out after these tick tock videos really surfaced. And this thing, you know, Google Trends searches were just shooting straight up for for a lot of the stuff that had to do with magnets and vaccines. And I was reading a lot of the fact checking articles and it was saying, well, that has to do with some. If people just received the vaccine, then they may have some of the stickiness from the Band-Aid on their arm still, or that may to do some surface tension with the sweat you were out there were were people excessively sweating or did they have Band-Aid marks from just getting the vaccine before you stuck these on?


There were three people that literally had just gotten away from the vaccine site and then decided to take a stroll down in Laguna Beach, and those people did have fresh bandaids on, as you can see, and they did probably have a little bit of stickiness from the Band-Aid. Now, I’m not sure if that contributed to what was going on, but nobody else besides those three. And I think we probably had 15 or 20 people, people overall, nobody else besides those three had any Band-Aid residue because their their vaccine was quite a bit ago, either like a week, two weeks. Some of them were three months ago. So we tested all kinds of people with all all different vaccines we want to see for ourselves. Does it make a difference how long ago you received the vaccine? Which vaccines is this happening to? Is it happening at all to anybody? And and it did. So we wanted to document it in real time and make sure that this wasn’t just a crazy rumor or some conspiracy theory. It actually did happen. So I guess people can make the decision for themselves that they’ve seen it on camera with all of us there witnessing what was happening. But I mean, I was actually surprised myself and so is our crew. So you can make of it what you want, but.


Yeah, yeah. So really, what you’re saying is it’s not a hoax. We’ve had we’ve been able to replicate what we’ve been seeing on these these videos that have been called hoaxes. Correct.


Correct, yeah, I mean, I kind of went out there, tried to be open minded, I’ve seen a lot of the videos and in fact, one of my own personal friends had sent me a video of her friend’s sister and it happened to her. And so I thought, OK, well, there’s probably some truth. I believe her. And she believes her friends. So there’s probably some truth to this. But let’s really find out. And yeah, we were pretty shocked by it. But it was it was really interesting because there were people that had the vaccine a week ago. There were people that had the vaccine three months ago. This girl, I think, had it three months ago and it stuck to her arm. So there were a couple of people that had it within the last couple of weeks or whatever. And I don’t know if there’s any rhyme or reason to it at this point, but. But it did work.


So, yeah. You have anybody have did you get a sense that or did anybody tell you that they researched the vaccine before getting it? Did they seem educated on what they were taking?


Well, I asked that question quite a bit, and you didn’t see it in that footage there, but I did ask almost every person why they decided to get the vaccine and if they knew what was in the vaccine. And most of the answers were I got it because I wanted to feel safe and make other people feel safe or I did it for my parents because they were concerned. And then the answer to do you know what’s in the vaccine? Every single person said no. And, oh, well, you know, I trust the government or I trust the vaccine company, so I’m just going with it.


Very interesting. And we saw some of the reactions there from the people. What was a general consensus of the reaction? Was it all over the board? Was it you know, there’s a lot of people laughing there. It seemed like kind of a jovial situation when it did stick. It seemed like it was almost a fun thing. What was the reaction to a lot of people when they were doing that? When it was sticking?


Yeah, when it stuck, everybody was shocked because most of them had not seen the videos. So, you know, I’ve seen a lot of the videos floating around. So I was a little surprised that most of the people hadn’t seen the videos. And then we did show them. I think we showed a couple of them the videos on our phones and stuff. And then when it actually stuck to their arm, I think they were like, OK, wait a second, what’s really going on here? You know, why is this magnet sticking to my arm? And they seemed genuinely surprised. Most of the people were very shocked. And one guy I felt so bad for him, I almost thought he was going to cry. And he said that he felt really scared and now he wasn’t going to take the rest of the of the vaccines, probably if there’s ever any boosters or anything like that recommended. So he was genuinely scared. I felt bad for him because he was so shocked and very worried after that happened. But the rest of the people seem like, all right, well, if it lets me travel and I can go about my business and be free, then I’ll take it whatever. It was really interesting to see that people didn’t really seem to care.


Well, great work out there. Thanks. Thanks so much for going out there and doing that and getting the documentation. We’re all kind of discovering this together. And if you want to be part of this, you can you can join it. You can join in on it as well. If you want to try this with your family members or with yourself is called action, just hashtag the magnet challenge hashtag. Hashtag the Highwire. Take a video and see if it sticks your arm and upload it. If it does, if it doesn’t, it’s just kind of an open air investigation we’re going to do here and just figure out what the heck’s going on and we’ll report back on that over the coming weeks. So, once again, thanks for thanks for going out there in Laguna and and and trying this out on people. And we look forward as this investigation continues. So thank you.


Absolutely good luck getting more footage on that one, because I’d love to see more.


All right. Talk to you soon. All right, well, now it’s time for a commercial break from our favorite frontline doctors.


I’m not a celebrity. I’m a doctor. I’m a doctor. I’m a doctor. I’m a doctor. covid cases are down over 90 percent in the


Last 12 weeks. All vulnerable people now have access to the vaccines. The pandemic is officially behind us in most states.


People are getting back to normal.


When you’re out, look for the normal symbol that tells you that the business owner is following the science and they are not crazy. They understand that the pandemic is over. Like other coronaviruses, this virus will never go away completely. But we are not going to live like this forever. When you see the normal symbol, you can be confident that the people running this business are not batshit crazy.


It tells you that they remember that the best way to avoid germs is to wash your hands often. Don’t touch your face


And to stay home when you’re sick.


If you’re a business owner, you don’t have to pay thousands of dollars to a company you’ve never heard of to certify that you’ve bought your fair share of Plexiglas or constantly sanitizing everything every minute of every day. Even the CDC has said that’s not a major source of viral transmission.


So many have lived in fear over the last year.


It’s time to put that fear behind us. It’s time to get back to normal


And stop being batshit crazy.


Now for some news from a state that is moving toward certifying to be normal, Texas Governor Abbott there in Texas just recently signed an executive order about masks. And this is what the headline looked like over at CNN. Texas governor bans mask mandates by states, public schools and local governments. And now we head over to the executive order. Let’s check out what this looks like. Governor Abbott issues executive order prohibiting government entities from mandating mass. And if you dig into it, this is what it looks like. Governor Greg Abbott today issued an executive order prohibiting governmental entities in Texas, including counties, cities, school districts, public health authorities or government officials from requiring or mandating masks wearing public schools may continue to follow current mask wearing guidelines through June 4th. After June 4th, no student, teacher, parent or other staff member or visitor can be required to wear a mask while on campus. That begins tomorrow. And there are penalties for any type of entities that try to enforce this against that government order. So this is big, big news happening out of Texas. We’ve been covering these these developments not only out of Texas, but out of Florida with Governor Rhonda Santos. We’re going to keep covering this. But how does this stuff happen? How does it really come about? How do these bills get passed? How do governments and governors sign executive orders? It’s because of you. It’s because of the pressure that you put on them, the citizenry, the people in each state. And this is how this changes when public health officials are dragging their feet or they’re not updating the guidelines like we saw the CDC with the hand, with the sanitizing surfaces in time, we make them we hold their feet to the fire and make them follow the science. And we have a tape of what this looks like in case you’re wondering how to get involved. This is what it looks like when parents and communities get involved.


Take these masks off of my child. This is crimes against humanity


With less than a month left of school. Some Dripping Springs is parents are not letting up on their push for the district to reconsider its mass policy.


A third grader, I refused to enroll because of the math mandate as a lover of science and someone who studied immunology at Harvard Medical School is discouraging to have leaders ignoring real and important data on masks. When we’re not


Allowed to play, when we’re not allowing the seeing of facial expressions, we’re not allowing touching each other. You know, kids aren’t allowed to be kids.


That’s going to cause a lot of problems down the road in adulthood. I’m seeing people’s face. I miss the way things used to be. I’m scared they’ll never go back to normal. Breathing freely. Does it seem like something we should have to ask any other people for permission for? Please make this


Optional. I’m here to strongly encourage this board to lift the mask requirements, make them optional. Now, the data supports a decision like this.


The most important question I have for you is what is the metric? You cannot have a mandate without a metric for ending it. That is science one on one.


Absolute chaos tonight at the Granite School District meeting.


That’s right. Parents taking over that board meeting tonight demanding the district remove the requirement for students to wear masks in school.


You let us. Come up here and speak in the name of my children who you guys are abusing. Are you serious? All right.


From Dennis. The parents take over this beautiful people are getting a little heated or emotional. It is literally because we’ve been trying to stand up for our children for months and it’s exhausting. Children have a ninety nine point nine nine seven percent survivability from the covid, ninety nine point nine nine seven percent. Let me repeat that for you to understand. Forcing five, six, seven, eight and nine year old little children to cover their noses in their mouths where they breathe for seven hours a day every day for the last nine months for a virus that, you know, doesn’t affect them, that is not in their best interest. And this has to stop defend our children.


This is what happens when you do not represent the people that voted you.


Well, there you have it, and it’s an honor to highlight families and communities like those that are coming together and standing up. And if you’re watching that and you’re feeling it with inside yourself, the momentum is on the side of the people and on the data. And society is supporting that momentum right now. So many are standing up in every country throughout the world. And if you feel that time is now for you, it’s time. This is Jefferey Jaxen signing off for the Highwire. Thank you.


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