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  1. Great work, Highwire, much appreciated to have bite-sized videos clearly expressing important Covid facts going against the Statist Quo Mis-Dis-Information propaganda campaign. Keep you your good work. Posting these to my Facebook and other sites.

  2. Hey, Del, my friend. This format of bite sized interviews is so user friendly!
    Thank you for giving us this simplified method of sharing all your hard work revealing the truth about the shots and the horrific side effects.
    God’s with you, and our prayers cover you, your family, and your staff.

  3. Thank you so much for all that you do. These mini videos are so much easier to share, short and to the point. Those who are thirsty for more can dive in.
    God Bless.

  4. Hey guys, can you PLEASE make it so that we can share these individual videos, instead of the whole playlist? Some people simply will not watch more than one video, or scroll through an entire playlist, so this would be really helpful.

  5. Interesting thank yo so much Dell and God bless you! There is in my opinion another point which has not been given the right amount of attention: in the UK study,you posted some weeks ago, in the 10-59 band, the ratio between deaths among vaxxed and unvaxxed is more than 3:1, something that would have stopped ANY drug under trial (and this is only the beginning…. guess what will happen in the coming years…) . Here, not only it is not withdrawn but made compulsory!

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