Many news outlets are reporting that HB 3063 is dead.  The legislative session isn’t over until June 30th although Oregon Democrats have promised to drop the bill.

The Washington Post wrote:

“The Oregon standoff ended on its fifth day Monday. It had been caused by GOP senators’ anger at a bill that raises taxes on some businesses to fund education. To get the Republicans to return, Democrats agreed not to advance a measure requiring vaccinations for children to attend public schools, unless they have a doctor’s note. Democrats also reportedly agreed to drop gun-control legislation.

The DemocratHerald wrote:

Senate Republicans appear to have won significant concessions as Democrats have agreed to abandon their central gun control proposal and drop a controversial bill modifying vaccination exemptions for school children, according to multiple sources.

In a deal intended to bring Republicans back to the Capitol, Democrats agreed to drop Senate Bill 978, a gun control bill widely opposed by Republicans, and House Bill 3063, which would end nonmedical exemptions from vaccination for schoolchildren, as Willamette Week first reported Monday morning.