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  1. Looking at all cause mortality is fine.. but you should also look at the birth rates and compare them to previous years.

    This jab wad for sterilising the White countries and killing off the elderly population in those countries.

    If you don’t look at this you will miss the anti-White nature of this attack.

    Look at the birth rate!

    1. The reason no alternative energy is being identified is that there is no alternative. There is no alternative to oil. Oil is half gone by now. Everything TPTB is doing is swirling around the concept of diminishing energy input to society.

  2. My grandson was severely brain and organ damaged after the MMR. The suffering, brain swelling, was horrific. He was normal and healthy until the MMR at age 2. He is now tube fed, brain damaged, could not talk and we were told he would never walk. My daughter is now a forced stay at home mother to take care of him, lives in poverty and gets no help from pharma from causing this horrific damage. He will wear a diaper for life.

  3. Holland: less farmland to protect conservation areas = reduced number of citizens because of less food = not enough workers to maintain the dikes = dikes failing = conservation lands overflowing from sea water = less land for the country as it washes away into the sea because there aren’t people to maintain the dikes to prevent that from happening. DUMB!

    1. They don’t incvestigate the VAERS reports but they are so sure the vaccines had nothing to do with any of the deaths. And there are few who care what’s happening until they get to experience the consequences millions of others have been dealing with along with the gaslighting, denial and cover up by the medical industry that 99% of the victims deal with. They need support. And more coming.

  4. Del is great and all, but too much “in the box”. There is new revealing evidence and info exposed daily and he keeps plugging along within a narrow Hollywood meets Truther Movement kinda genre. His pitch to his bankrollers

  5. “These comments are clear scientific evidence that the greatest threat to humanity isn’t coronavirus vaccines, it’s comment sections ? Leave your dumbest comment and maybe I’ll include it in my next video!” -ZDoggMD

    This was his response to people defending Geert Vanden Bossche’s research. Disagree with Geert, no problem, that’s how science works. But the arrogance was not helpful.

    Here’s the video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NEyQi__zTuo

  6. I’m glad to see you have gone back to mostly talking about vaccines as a whole. So many people investigating the new tech but we have to dismantle the original sacred cow.

  7. What about the Brownstein nutrient and oxidative protocol, which uses no drugs at all, and as of publication of his results, brought 100% full recovery within about 10 days – not a single long COVID case – treating the original and worst strain?

    And now they keep pushing jabs that have negative efficacy. It’s not only criminal, it’s downright STUPID. I do not expect it to end well for all who are behind this insanity.

  8. there was an out break of covid at my sons school, specific to his class. The class was shut down. Two days after he got a fever of 104, we tested him for covid. He had it. I gave him MMS first dose of 6 drops the second dose of 8 drops to hrs later. By the next morning all symptoms were gone and never returned……..MMS is sodium chlorite mixed with an acid such as HCL. with produces chlorine dioxide. The stuff works great. my wife and I each took one dose of 6 drops as preventative and neither of us came down with the covid. All of us are unvaccinated.

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