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  1. I agree with the video when we apply what he is saying to neo-liberals. However the capitalists are no better, they are stealing the wealth of the world both with lock-downs, vaccines, and previously wars.
    So, Del don’t be fooled! We are looking up the butt hole of the same bird and it plans to poop on us in every way possible.

    1. You are describing corrupt system, Cronyism, not Capitalism. Any competent business person understands that “capitalizing” on a system of trade means there has to be fairness of market value in the relationship, be it labor-employer, product-customer, supply-demand, in order to sustain that relationship and not break it. Inequities in that relationship is not capitalism because a capitalist can be the laborer who trades his/her skill and ability for wealth or commodity. But your bias has you convinced that capitalists are only on the robber baron side.

    2. Destroyedfromlackofknowledge Part 1

      The same people who are orchestrating covid and the fake pandemic are also controlling the propaganda and creating the false narrative. These are the very same people who have controlled the propaganda and false narrative surrounding WW2, the holocaust, and the Nuremberg trials, they have done so for well over 120 years. You often regurgitate this false WW2 narrative on your podcasts when you expound truth on the nonexistent covid and the false pandemic. I find it ironic that you make reference to what is nothing more then then WW2 pure propaganda and lies to illustrate the truth derived from research and investigation about the fake plandemic, I don’t believe this is your intention. “We here in America are the most lied to, deceived, brainwashed, indoctrinated and propagandized people on the planet. In most cases the official history isn’t only wrong , it is upside down. For instance Del Bigtree, you are of American Indian heritage, but are you aware of their true history? Are you aware of their horrific treatment, deception and genocide by early Americans and the government, or do you just believe the official story and the Hollywood depiction of them as ignorant, murdering savages that we have all been indoctrinated with all of our lives? For more information about this check out (The Ruling Elite) book series by Deanna Spingola, there are also audio books on line. Please let me explain myself further in Destroyedfromlackofknowledge Part 2 below

  2. … that is exactly what was said already in the video … capitalism, when controlled by big corporations and not by individuals is no better than the other isms ….

  3. Nice people can NOT eliminate communists. Renewing the value of individual liberty comes at a cost, but it’s red and messy. The enemy will say, “Violence is not the answer.”, but tell that to the plandemic, stupid masks, scam shots, drugs, and toxic food / water / soil.. Violence that’s subtle, tricky and very slow is called something else … TORTURE! Just because the enemy does it slower doesn’t mean it’s not violence.

  4. Capitalism buys communism. It’s always been a problem. A monetary-driven society itself is a problem in general, but nobody is willing to eliminate it, not even the commies. Make no mistake, even a digital version of it is STILL a monetary system. Go Back To God! Go Back To God! Labor, Skill, Priceless Kindness, Making Sure A Liberated Humanity Survives, Blessed By God … This Was Our Wealth Long Ago. Why did we abandon it?

  5. I am old enough to remember this interview with Yuri Bezmenov. Most Americans, at the time, blew it off as just some abstract problem that could never affect them personally. Years later these same people’s children are indoctrinated in Communism. This occurred while the previous generation was asleep at the switch enjoying the good life. Many even tacitly supporting progressive leftism themselves. It sounded so wonderful and even handed when compared to the evil capitalist system they were living under. Millions of Americans won’t get it it until it’s too late. The price then will be in blood and treasure and loss of personal freedom. And that’s as it should be. The flag emblazoned “Live Free of Die” is going to take on very real meaning. Many will die. Ronald Reagan had it right.

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Leave a Reply

An almost 40 year-old interview with an ex-KGB Defector, Yuri Bezmenov, has re-emerged and is going viral. Why is it going viral now? Del sits down with the journalist who conducted that interview, G. Edward Griffin, for a deep dive into the Russian spy’s extraordinary warning to the American people in 1984, and why this warning must be heeded today.

Guest: G. Edward Griffin