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  1. Let’s also not forget: the people that pushed the lie that the vaccines would stop transmission, also pushed the lie that the unvaccinated were a threat to the vaccinated. But that never made sense either: how could an unvaccinated person be a threat to a vaccinated person if the vaccinated person was vaccinated??? unless the vaccines didn’t work ?!

    1. The most amazing ignorance in the history of mass formation!The LIE that this vaccine would stop transmission needs to be addressed in a court of law. and those manufacturers held accountable for FRAUD

  2. Something I wrote earlier this week, thought I would share it……..

    We have been trained, forget common sense,
    Our voices cut off, be sheep on the fence.
    Controlling the masses, steering the herds,
    the Global Elitists and a handful of nerds.
    World Leaders, Media, celebrities too,
    Each one procured, to fling their poo!
    We can plant seeds, by speaking our mind,
    Question the plans? We may save humankind!
    By joining together, all hand in hand.
    A force we become, relentless we stand.

  3. “COVID19″…a disease so deadly…you need to be tested to know you have it…ironically, a test that does not /cannot diagnose infection…as per Carey Mullins, the inventor.
    Say it with me…FRAUD!

  4. Great show, Del, but your team made an error during the Ladapo interview, when displaying the “relative risk” or “Incidence Rate Ratio” (IRR) for cardiac events in 18-39 year olds (about 51:10 mark). What you displayed was actually the IRR for the 25-39 age group for all-cause mortality (both sexes), not cardiac-related mortality (see Table 1). Moreover, a value of 0.84 means this group had a 16% REDUCED mortality than would be expected. That is, an IRR of 1.0 indicates that there is no difference between the group’s mortality and that of the general population of that age group. To see an increased risk, IRR needs to be greater than 1.0. What Dr. Ladapo was referring to in stating the 84% increased risk was Table 2, which gave relative risk for cardiac-related death in various age groups of males. Note that the IRR for the 18-39 age group was 1.84 (with a 95% CI spanning 1.05 to 3.21). So, if the underlying data are correct, there is a 95% chance that the true IRR is between 1.05 and 3.21; or put another way, that there is an elevated risk in this group (within 28 days of the jab) of between 5% and 221%.

  5. Thank you Del, Jaxon, The High Wire Crew, Aron Siri & Co.! You give us hope in a very dark time! Yes, it is going to take a whole lot of work, energy and $$$$$$$$$! Lets all who are awake, join in the protect the youth of our country against the big pharma cartel and mass harm to multitudes of kids! We can do this together! Pfizer is busted! Hooray!

  6. After watching all of this drama unfold for the last two years, I can say that I agree with what Dr. Aseem Malhotra said. The pharmaceutical companies should be allowed to develop new drugs and therapies, but they should never again be allowed to do their own testing.

  7. And the FDA needs a complete house cleaning.
    Nobody who has a financial interest in the pharmaceutical industry should be allowed to sit on any of their committees. And all of the pharmaceutical companies should never be allowed to invest in any of the medical schools.
    We need to break the Rockefeller medical protocol.
    And of course, we need to put liability back on the vaccine manufacturers. And if that means no more vaccines, so be it.

  8. We are a country and people designed for true direct democracy but we have ended up with a political system called representative democracy in which we vote for politicians to make decisions for us or rather to rule over us until the next group of ruling elites take their turn. We do not need politicians to make decisions for us and to make laws for us who do not represent us and who do not do our will. We can make decisions for ourselves and vote on what we want and what we do not want. The Swiss have had partial Direct Democracy since 1897 and have voted using electronic voting for the past 16 years. The Swiss are one of the wealthiest countries in the world who pay 4% tax maximum. They vote on important matters 4 times a year and have a president that they change yearly. I advocate complete Direct Democracy. We make all the decisions. We live under God and the Rule of law and our Constitution. Let us put Direct Democracy in power and get rid of government corruption once and for all.

  9. Around the 1:27 mark, Del says that this vax campaign “will go down as one of the most colossal blunders of all time.” It wasn’t a blunder, Del, it was a calculated crime to reduce the population and make humanity sick, weak and distracted. Love you, but darn are you naive.

  10. Don’t take another shot! Ever! They don’t have to test for safety nor efficacy for any injectables anymore! Plus, they are putting covid (mRNA and graphene Oxide) in the flu shots now too and don’t tell you!

    Please search for Karen Kingston on Bitchute and Rumble, especially on Stew Peters’ show. She is a hero. I want to give a warning, though. The parents and trials she has found is shocking, so be ready to be angered beyond what you think possible. She has uncovered many evils. God bless her and protect her, Lord. Amen.

    I will never take another shot again and this, coming from someone that got 16 shots in three years from 2015-2018 while working in a pharmacy and trusting the Harmacists in the white lab coats.

    Didn’t Frankenstein’s Doctor wear a white coat?

  11. Was the video standing still many times for everyone or just me??
    It was okay half time but the other half was a mess and I missed minutes of Jeffrey ?
    Otherwise an awesome show as usual.
    Grateful European!! I’m so glad our parliament people are FINALLY pissed and asking all the questions!!!!!!

  12. I am so pleased to see all their (Pfizer and the rest) lies and misinformation being unveiled ! All these bastards of big pharma, lier,s cheats and frauds need to be punished to the full extent of the laws! As for Albert Bouria, he should be tried before the intentional criminal court in the Hague for his crimes against humanity! All his $ wealth should be stripped and Pfizer Inc. should be put out of business for good!

  13. The inaction’s by authorities and MSM actually tell you more about them than their actions. In Queensland Australia, therapeutic treatments were outlawed, not just banned. Most people would see this as an action but it is actually an inaction to not use therapeutic treatments. The action was simply to intact an inaction. Could you imagine how many more deaths would have occurred in regards to the Spanish flu or Hing Kong flu if therapeutic treatments were banned and even outlawed!! It does look like that the SF was created by an inoculation of US troops, could not the present forced inoculation possibly create the same scenario, on top of a huge rise in cancer, heart, etc, cases in covid vaccinated people?

    1. To judge from the VAERS figures, mortuaries and the health care system are doing a raging business. Multiply all figures by 10% (conservatively) to get closer to the actual numbers. Hundreds of thousands of people are being gaslit by their own doctors! It’s safe and effective only if you willfully ignore EVERY signal and report.

  14. The clinical trials were designed for one thing only: To make the jabs APPEAR effective and safer than the disease, by whatever means necessary.

    They could very easily have cherry-picked the testing to get the “high efficacy” by testing people who experienced no significant reaction to the jab or placebo. Who of course were bound to be almost all in the placebo group. Then stopped when chaos hit on a set of results most favorable to the jab. Voila! Efficacy rigged.

    It will be really interesting to see what these EU MPs have to say when it dawns on them these jabs are NOT a failure (except perhaps in fooling less people than intended in many places), but – far worse than being merely fake -are performing very much as intended by the real masters behind the public faces in the rogues gallery shown here whose gullibility, avarice, and arrogance they played?

  15. Dr. Meryl Nass reported the ACIP panel did not vote to add the COVID jabs to the schedule, but voted to fund the jabs for some program – which was puzzling, because they jabs are being subsidized by taxpayers, so those who get them only pay with their health. Is what Dr. Nass reported true, or was there more later than what she reported?

  16. I am praying that Canada follows the European Union. At the same time I have little hope as long as our tyrant of a prime minister (lower case intentional) is in place.

  17. Can we please STOP calling this a vaccine and investigate who had a part in changing the definition of what a Vaccine is and what it is supposed to do?
    This seems to be a big crux in the legal fights.

  18. DEL Pfizer among others want to get rid of all medicine, doctors etc. as we know it and make vaccines for everything, for cancer for everything, they are far from done trying to push their agenda on us.

  19. I bet you they did test to see if the vaccine would stop transmission and it failed so badly that they had to changed the study so that they wouldn’t test for that. Wish that whistleblower would come forward.

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