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  1. Does Judith acknowledge Weather Control & Weather Manipulation? The US has been “playing with the weather” for over 75 years. (chrome-extension://efaidnbmnnnibpcajpcglclefindmkaj/https://apps.dtic.mil/sti/pdfs/ADA333462.pdf ). Back in the 18th Century thee were professional rain makers and one was extremely successful (https://www.youtube.com/watchv=H276cZn8x7w&t=31s )! Does Judith mention the Ozone layer depletion that i snot fully healed? NO ONE MENTIONS CLIMATE CONTROL EXCEPT FOR DANE WIGINGTON!

    1. Agreed.. I also didn’t understand why she made no mention of weather manipulation. Dane Wigington is one of the best authorities on the subject and he backs his info with solid facts not conjecture. Geoengineering is having a major impact upon our weather and has for decades. Add to that the decimation of forests via clear cutting/burning and our oceans which also have an affect on the weather are dying from pollution. All of these dominoes and more are connected and need to be addressed.

  2. Even Del couldn’t keep his smile back when he introduced the musical. Mr. Willis says “we must take back the arts.” I dont’ know if he noticed that musicals have been around for a very long time from Gene Kelly, to Fred Astaire and all the other 40s and 50s musicals. From East Side Story to Chicago to Cats, La La Land, Le Misérables, and they keep on coming. That does not sound like a sound platform to stand on. I have watched so many musicals I hate them and I don’t think the subject will be taken seriously by the critics of no vaxxers! Sorry, but I believe this is a dumb move.

  3. Loved this episode, and I love the ideas going into Replatform Vegas. Mikki’s remarks about resonance ring true for me. The Highwire and Grand Theft World are my weekly staples. I am listening a lot and trying to learn, which is good, but I’m not yet bringing anything to the table. I hope to find a role beyond being a donor one day, and I hope there are many others who will do the same. Peace.

  4. Hmm! How many hundreds of million years old is the earth? Is the sun a shrinking hydrogen ball? How big was the sun, say a billion years ago? Keep going down this rabbit hole and you find that none of those people know what they are talking about.
    Creation actually makes more sense.

  5. What a disgrace our government and all CDC, and all organisations including Main stream media for the lies and deception, they are all complicit in the harm that they have done to injured and dead people because of this poison jab it was never fit for purpose and they knew. These pharmaceutical companies need Togo to jail., these people are truly disgusting even trying to mandate this poison experiment. Never forgive and never forget till justice is done.

  6. Del, first, please don’t assume that all of your audience are evolutionist. I believe in God and the Bible! Talking about science……..there has never been proof in evolution or that the earth has been here for millions of years! Has science proven there was a flood? Most definitely! Secondly, why is this science lady not mentioning weather modification? Dane Wiggington has been presenting for years what the DOD and other groups have been doing to change the weather to destroy the earth. Why wasn’t that addressed?

  7. OK, I confess to small crush on Del. His passion and commit to vaccine and drug safety awareness and medical freedom is beyond anyone else’s I’ve seen. My favorite quote from this show: “We elected these buffoons. The emperor has no clues. They are stark naked and pole dancing.” Hilarious!

  8. Ongoing, global scale geoengineering or climate engineering is one subject that is either ommitted or misrepresented by all MSM, and vast majority of alt media. Connection between it and anthropogenic global warming is equally ommitted or, again, misrepresented. This also holds true for both this episode and the one hosting Dr. Judith Curry.
    Claims that almost all visible trails in the skies come from fuel only, and all the increasing hazing of our skies is only accumulation of decades long commercial aviation emmisions, are not true and not helpful for the cause of exposing and halting climate engineering operations, period.
    Although there is no denying of existence of jet fuel additives, vast majority of geoengineering is conducted via payload dispersions.
    Trails starting and stopping, trails as wide as the entire wingspan, trails misaligned with jet airstream, visible nozzles aimed at jet exhaust, two tone trails (dissipating or spreading in the different fashion), trails being unparalel or misaligned, and more, all prove these operations can only be done as a payload dispersions.
    Making fun of the damage we humans have inflicted on our home planet in a geological blink of an eye, is not helpful in bringing credibility to this issue, and again, in exposing and halting geoengineering.
    All solar minima, and all different natural variability cycles are real, yet they are all vastly outpaced and overridden by multitude of human industrial scale activities altering our planet’s energy balance. This is not scientifically disputed.
    Another troubling fact was a lack of any mention of chemical ice nucleation as a factor in all the weather modification operations. And the role these events play at skewing temperature readings to the downside. Temperature readings are taken at scale during those chemically ice nucleated events. And then they are used to lower the decades past averages used as a baseline, making that baseline effectively lower, giving appearance of the factual increase lower than it really is.
    Credibility and coherence is the key, if we are to gain traction with moving this issue forward. The two episodes in question, are unfortunately not helpful in informing the public on this most important issue of all.
    They just add to the confusion and division, and facilitate doubt as to the true state of the climate.
    Geoengineeringwatch.org is by far the largest and most visited website in the world, dedicated to documenting, exposing and halting ongoing climate engineering operations. Its lead researcher Dane Wigington would be good suggestion to have as a guest on the show.

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Guests: Max Kane, Judith Curry, PhD, Mikki Willis

AIRDATE: February 29, 2024