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  1. This woman is nothing more nor less than an industry whore. She’s a rubber-stamp on legs, attached to a wallet. I hope after this, she resigns in disgrace. I’m watching all eight hours of the deposition and if she gets and has this .much on the stand during the trial, I hope the judge throws a hefty fine at her.

  2. Watching K. Edwards squirm & lie & deny & refuse to answer questions… Is worth EVERY SINGLE PENNY OF MY DONATIONS as meager as my income is as a parent of an Vaxx-Injured Child & Yes, she has Autism! Diagnosed in 2010 (2 &1/2yrs old) & have been with Del & Vaxxed & the Highwire since the very beginning! It’s worth EVERY SINGLE PENNY OF MY DONATIONS TO ICAN!!! GOD BLESS YOU DEL & ARRON & JEFF & THE HIGHWIRE TEAM FOR TELLING THE TRUTH!!!

  3. Funny how she is muting & looking up & smiling at nodding at whispering at “Someone” that she claims is he “husband” She is getting agitated & muting when he A.S. is asking very simple Yes & No questions. A.S. have been very respectful. She is not alone & is being coached from the background. In my humble opinion this entire disposition should be redone “In-Person”
    This is obvious that it has been tainted… She need to be sat in a room like Dr. Plotkin was…

  4. What the ACTUAL HELL!!! You can hear her being coached by someone during the “break” at the around the 4.55.00 mark… Maybe it is her “Husband” & her… Maybe it is the Pharma Lawyer on the phone with her… You can hear both her & a male during this time… & Coaching/Consoling is happening… She should be brought in & the all done over!!! Tainted!!!

  5. I hate being personal, but she has such an angry look on her face, so arrogant and closed, like she just sucked on a sour lemon. To be honest, that could just be my interpretation, but she’s definitely on the defensive. I’ve just started watching and I’m wondering if she’ll be honest and forthcoming. She’s probably under a lot of pressure, so I suspect she won’t be. When Plotkin was deposed, he was reported to have warned everyone to be on their guard. Aaron Siri’s reputation precedes him.

  6. Not only is Aaron Siri a brilliant lawyer, I also appreciate his sense of humor. This was so much fun to watch. I swear right at the 7 hour mark I hear high fives and a huge cheer. Kudos to getting her to say exactly what you wanted!

  7. She’s an arrogant ass who could care less about anyone but her big purse filled with cash…she’s definitely the industry whore. She and Fauci both need to be publicly hanged for their lies in crimes. It’s women like this who give women on this planet a bad name clearly she was never a nurturing, female, and if she is a mother, I can only imagine what her children think of her if they haven’t been brainwashed by her policies in antics.

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The Informed Consent Action Network funded Lead Attorney, Aaron Siri, Esq., to depose Vaccinologist, Dr. Kathryn Edwards, the ‘Godmother of Vaccines,’ and one of the four editors of Plotkin’s Vaccines, the authoritative medical textbook on vaccines.

Watch this riveting deposition, then watch the shocking cross-examination, as ICAN Attorney Aaron Siri paints a worrisome picture of vaccine safety and policy in America, through the deposition, and then cross-examination, of Dr. Edwards.

Watch the cross-examination here: