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  1. Like we need tp DEMAND the end of vaccine pushing we need to end government pushing of electric vehicles. Clearly, the goal is to end private vehicles and go to mass transport and bikes FOR CONTROL. To hell with the absurd electric vehicle conspiracy!

  2. Why do you have nothing against electric cars? A total disaster on multiple fronts. That they aren’t building electric power plants tells you everything you need to know!

  3. On the flu segment and getting banned from YouTube, thank GOD Del created his own platform and did NOT quit bringing the facts to us! Thank you, Del and Team!

  4. Canada is going down a dark, dangerous road with that bill. It is shocking how many countries seem to be fine with laws that essentially silence their citizens from speaking their opinions. Do they really want to live in a world in which they can be imprisoned for saying something that doesn’t fit the government’s narrative?

    This is why America has long been a breath of fresh air against tyranny, because it stands for freedom and individual liberty. Or it used to. I hardly recognize the America of today. We are on the path to ending up like one of so many socialist or communist countries that are run by elitists dictating to their citizens aka “serfs.”

    The opening segment of Fauci was laughable. Pot meet kettle.

  5. HOW IN HELL CAN ELECTRIC CARS MAKE SENSE? Their total cost must be at least twice that of a gasoline powered vehicle
    per mile driven.
    Anyone else also notice that Rand Paul is ALL TALK, and no action?

  6. love rand paul. got onto his father back when he was making a run for president. he was the only guy during the primary debates making sense and not talking down to people. read his book. and rand paul has been amazing during covid not giving fauci a pass. wish i lived in kentucky so i could vote for him.

  7. What will they do with real criminals if their prisons become overcrowded%? Do they want to lock up everyone in the world? Anti-Christs.

  8. Rand Paul?!!!…you have got to be kidding! This guy is a fraud…HE had documents in his possession that verified Fauci was lying…and yet…beyond the hyperbole…HE did nothing.
    Lets not forget these frauds(politicians) were exempt from the “COVID” jab…I don’t recall Rand Paul mentioning that hypocrisy.
    Hey Del…why don’t you get a more credible source to interview…like…Dr. David Martin.
    The very individual who gave Rand Paul and every dirtbag politician and D.A. in the country a packet of information exposing the criminal cabal of conspiracy to release onto the world a biological weapon that had the potential kill.
    To this day no one…NOT ANYONE…of these spineless politicians have stepped up.


    1. Rand did more than any other person in Congress. They cannot file charges against a candidate. That’s up to the DOJ. Rand at least exposed Fauci for the lying sleazeball that he is.

  9. I appreciate Rand Paul’s courage in going after Fauci multiple times, but it was frustrating to watch those clips of Fauci lying his butt off. NO consequences for him EVER!

    Hearing that a limo picks up the guy every day and he has his own personal detail … ticked me off.

    I agree with Rand. Nothing will happen to Fauci under this administration. He’s aligned with them.

  10. Some thoughts about THE BUSINESS OF SCIENCE:

    Rand did step up. He grilled Fauci numerous times. He did more than any other person in Congress.. They cannot file charges against a candidate. That’s up to the DOJ. Rand at least exposed Fauci for the lying sleazeball that he is.

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Anthony Fauci is Tackling Misinformation?!; Jefferey Jaxen Reports ON CDC Now Saying Treat COVID Like The Flu, Nine COVID Shots to Bring you Up-To-Date, the Failing Electric Vehicle Market, new Draconian Laws Carry Severe Penalties For ‘Hate’; Kentucky Senator Rand Paul Exposes the COVID Deception and the Business of Science in Stellar Interview with Del; ICAN Legal Update Exposes FDA Circus; Make Sure to Attend the Spring MAPS Conference

Guests: Senator Rand Paul

AIRDATE: March 7, 2024